Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why are nightclubs closing?

BBC had an interesting article stating how the nightclub industry is dying in the UK. From the people I have talked to (I never attend nightclubs myself) they say a similar thing is happening in the USA.

My theory is that the traditional clubs are dying for two basic reasons:

1. The Internet

2. Diversity

Girls no longer need to go to bars to meet guys. They can easier screen guys via texting and the Internet. And the guys that are left at the bars tend to be more vibrant and sexually aggressive by nature. This discourages many girls which reduces the number of girls who go to bars to meet guys. And, of course, this results in less guys attending which starts the death cycle of a bar.

Personally I love to attend pubs that focus more on other interests. As I am a gamer, I love a club called Nexus in Bucharest. It is a pub full of video games and traditional games. Geeky people can hang out without the loud music that prevents conversation.


  1. If you come to NYC I'll take you to Stone Creek Bar on East 27th Street. A couple months ago it was the venue for a live Dr Who podcast (I was there). How geeky is that? :)

  2. Hey RAMZ, don't all those Russian tanks poised to invade Europe make you nervous?

  3. I've noticed this too. There are only a few around here. Fun for an occasional visit. But they tend to be full of tacky playa-wannabes and flashy Arab/Persian trash. I'd rather visit live music events.

  4. Are you good at wordplay?

    You should do a parody song of Bowie's Kooks with 'kooks' changed to 'cucks'.

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