Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bill Maher claims Trump is Hitler.

Is there anyone on the Right Wing who is not Hitler? When the Left uses the name "Hitler" they really mean "Satan". But since they are secular they had to invent a new name for Satan. So Hitler it is. After all, it would sound funny to modern ears for Maher to call Trump Satan. So Hitler transformed from a real historical person into a cartoon figure of ultimate superpower evil. So based on that, even the real Hitler was not like Hitler.

Maher claimed that Trump was Satan, I mean Hitler, because at a recent event Trump refused to correct a trollish question from an obvious plant. You can't stump the Trump. Trump knows better than to get into a spat with an obvious troll.

Below is the question from the plant.  Notice the over the top manner in which he tried to act like an ignorant, red neck Christian.

This plant was busy two years ago trying to discredit the Tea Party movement. He would dress up and act funny much to the amusement of the Left wing blogs.


  1. Or, maybe he just really hates Obama, a lot.

  2. Maher and his entire shitck is that of a troll.

    Taking him seriously has been his greatest flim-flam.

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  4. I used to know this nutty Jewish guy who thought everyone was Hitler, which was kinda funny since he was from Russia and apparently had no idea that Stalin was a lot worse than Hitler.

  5. Reminds me of this SJW girl from my hometown who has started a crusade against me for posting the Helmuth Nyborg study to Facebook in reference to some praise they gave for the current policies of the Danish government supplying newcomers with free public services. They set up a fake twitter account and a tumbler account in my name and began spouting forth statements to make me look like some form of "white supreeeeeeemist" bogeyman. Do you have any info on how to force sites like Tumbler and Twitter to take down accounts like this? Tumbler has so far refused to remove the information and I have yet to hear back from Twitter. This person even linked these pages to my work in attempt to get me fired. Luckily I work for a boss who shares similar sentiments.