Friday, September 11, 2015

European Invasion - Drowned Kiddy Propaganda

Europe is being over run by the Third World in a manner that was eerily predicted by the novel The Camp of the Saints.

This is not an invasion headed by tanks and troops. This invasion is headed by the unlimited reaching hands of Third World beggars, demanding that The West submit to looting. As locust, this human swarm will devour all in its path, leaving nothing but ruins.

The Third World is learning that the West while powerfully militarily, is weak willed. They are counting on our sense of altruism from gunning them down as they attempt to invade our lands. So more and more will flood into Europe until Europe is gutted and there is nothing more to loot.

The solution is for us to have our own lands that we protect.




  3. The weapons of Genocidal War are as follows:
    Mass destruction, mass murder, mass rape and mass immigration.



    A certain Narrative that is poisoning the West. This holocaust-centrism or Holocentrism forbids all other considerations. If Jews invoke the Holocaust, we are compelled to see everything in terms of how it relates to the Holocaust(as Jews frame the debate).
    So, if Jews keep refugees out of Israel, it is to prevent another Holocaust. But if Europeans try to keep refugees out of Europe, they are committing another Holocaust. It's very fluid how Jews employ their moralogy.

    For this reason, Europeans must form their own historical narratives and invoke them to push back the tide. Eastern Europeans must talk about how they'd been under foreign rule for many decades or even centuries. Therefore, they have a historical duty to ensure their survival and sovereignty.

    After all, much of Eastern Europe was once threatened and even swallowed up by Muslim invaders. Parts of Yugoslavia, such as Bosnia were once Muslim territory. Kosovo, once a wholly Christian territory, was totally lost to Albanian Muslim. Of course, at one time, even all Albanians were Christian before they were more or less forcibly converted to Islam. And Greece was under Ottoman rule for what seemed like forever. And Spain was under North African rule. And in some of these cases, Jews collaborated with Muslims in the invasion of Europe and even sold Europeans as slaves to Muslims for work slaves and sex slaves.

    This Holocaust business is a German and Jewish thing. Why should it be used to frame every political and moral issue in Europe(and even Japan)? This is a form of imperialist moralism or imporalism. Imporalism forces the moral issues pertaining to one historical event onto everything and everyone else. But this is crazy. This is how Palestinians got burned as the 'new Nazi terrorists'. Never mind that Palestinian violence toward Jews was a response to Zionist imperialism and ethnic cleansing. But because the Holocentric morality was exported outside Europe, anyone who came to loggerheads with Jews were called 'new nazis' or 'new antisemites'.

    What Hungarians and Romanians and Serbians are doing have nothing to do with the Holocaust. If anything, what is happening today is like the war between Islam and Christendom long ago, a time when Muslims had the upperhand and conquered a huge chunk of the Balkans. And just like in those times, the enablers of the Middle East hordes are Jews. Europeans are being made slaves in their own lands of foreign invaders.

    So, if Jews say 'you are like Nazis for not taking refugees', Hungarians and other Europeans should say to Jews, 'you are like Jewish slavers who sold Christians to Muslims during the Muslim conquest.'

    Move out of the orbit of Holocentrism and choose your own national narratives. No more imporality of the Jews.

  5. No! Never ever apologize. If you do they will go into a feeding frenzy and devour what is left of you!

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  7. This is what we need to know.

    Jews are like the new British Empire. We live in a world of Pax Judaicana. Or more like Bellum Judaicana.

    British understood one thing. Nationalism is the greatest source of power. It means the unity of the elites and the masses and the unity of the masses with each other.
    So, Brits promoted nationalism among themselves but discouraged and even forbade it in their colonies and imperial subjects. Power for them, no power for their foreign subjects.

    We see the same dynamic today with the Jews. They promote Jewish unity around the world and Jewish nationalism in Israel. But, Jews will dissuade, shame, deride, and attack gentile nationalism in gentile nations(with temporary exceptions like in Ukraine where Ukie nationalism was used against Russia.)

    Nationalism is not only a great source of power but the most powerful weapon of resistance.
    When Indians began to gain nationalist consciousness, the British goose was cooked in India.
    Nationalism was why the Poles resisted through the Nazi and communist years.
    Jews fear Palestinian national consciousness. Without it, Palestinians would totally be a subject or subsumed people. It's like Chinese try to subsume Tibetan nationalism into the Chinese one. The reason why Jews really hate the Confed flag is because it is a symbol of a speficically white consciousness and resistance. True, the Old South had oppressed blacks but it also resisted yankee globalism.

    Jews frame the debate about nationalism to emphasize how it is a reactionary instrument used by ‘racist’ whites to oppress non-whites. But what Jews really fear is that nationalism may be used as a revolutionary force of resistance against Jewish power. Nationalism can be atavistic but it can also be the avant-garde of resistance.

    While it’s true that the majority can invoke nationalism to oppress and mistreat minorities–as Turks have done to Kurds–, it is equally true that the oppressed can use nationalism to pose a challenge to the enemies and oppressors. Nothing is better at resisting foreign or globalist oppression and control.


    1. Nationalism means the unity of the elites and masses, and that is what the imperialists fear most.
      The French in Vietnam made sure that the Viet elites were cut off from their own people and working as comprador cuckois for the French masters.
      But then, Ho Chi Minh came along and reached out to the Vietnamese masses to resist the French. He created a united force of Viet leaders and Viet masses.
      Batista was a cuck of US neo-imperialists. He served the Americans than represented the Cuban people.
      Like the Shah of Iran, he was closer to the Pax Americana masters than a true leader of his own people. In contrast, Castro stirred up nationalism where he had direct rapport with the masses. Nationalism was resistance. (Unfortunately, they chose the communist than the neo-fascist path).
      This is why Jews really fear nationalism ,whether white American, European, Russian, Iranian, Asian, Palestinian, etc. It’s not because Jews are sooooooo concerned about victims of nationalism — Jews shed no tears for the Russian minority victims of the Ukrainian conflict — but because Jews are so very concerned about the gentiles uniting to resist the great power of Bellum/Pax Judaicana. Jews wanna deal with white Batistas and Shahs, not with white Ho Chi Minh, Castro, Ayatollah, etc. who decide to lead and train their own people than serve globo-imperialists.

      If you lose nationalism, it means you lose the connection to people of your race/culture and don’t strive for the unity of the elites and the masses. It means the masses will be leaderless and just be atomized individuals. It means the talented members of your race will not lead the people but serve as cucks to globalist overlords. Since Jews and homos control globalism, acceptance of globalism means subservience to the Jews.

      Since the Brits didn’t have the numbers to rule all, they recruited their subjects to suppress other subjects. Recruit Malaysians to shoot Indians, recruit Indians to control Africans, etc.
      Since Jews don’t have the numbers, they are using the migrants/minorities/non-whites as their shock troops of demographically and morally paralyzing the West.

      Notice the Brits use non-Indian troops to mow down the Indians.

      To undermine nationalism all over the world, Jews spread the decadent homo agenda so that gentile nations will be controlled by collaborator fruitcakes funded by globo-zionist money and media power. Shallow and narcissistic fruits use entertainment to get young people to fixate on celebrity culture than on history, culture, and nation. It's like EltonJohn reducing global issues to 'we homos are so lovely'.

      There can be no freedom and independence for a people without nationalism. Without it, there is no need for Vietnamese elites to serve their people, no need for German leaders to serve their people. And there is no need for the masses to unite for common interest.

      Some on the Left call for mass unity against the elites, but this is useless since the masses must always be led by the elites. Masses can never lead themselves. The real question is, “do the elites choose nationalism and serve their own people or do they reject nationalism and serve foreign/alien masters?” The ideas of white masses merging with non-white masses to attack ALL elites is stupid and unrealistic. No, white masses must seek unity with white elites and protect their race, land, and interests against others, esp Jews.


    2. Another danger is the elites turning so imperialist and expansionist that they come to favor ruling the ‘world’ than their own nation and people. Roman elites became like this. Gaddafi got needlessly involved in rest of Africa instead of focusing on his own nation/people. And the British elites lost their way when they increasingly came to identify with the ‘world’ they ruled than with their own people at home. Today, British elites see themselves as leaders of the globe than their own nation — and even the concept of ‘British’ has been globalized to mean just about anything.

      Before anything is possible, there must first be nationalism.

  8. Great, common sense presentation as usual. I also like the messages RAM sends with the books displayed on his bookshelf.

  9. Prophetic indeed.

  10. Peter Hitchens on this crisis.

    The Hitchens Brothers.

    Both were on the Left. One turned neocon, the other turned con. The con one has a better grasp of reality and limits.

    Ethnoconservatism is the only conservatism that makes sense. It is the only constant that is most permanent and stable.

    Look at Russia before communism, during communism, and after communism. What is the one thing that remains the meaningful constant: race and culture and historical sense.

    Ethnist or ethnicist is what we need to be.

    If you're afraid of the term 'racist', declare yourself a ethnist or ethnicist.

    In a way, 'ethnicist' is better than 'racist' because while 'racism' only focuses on biology, 'ethnicism' combines biology with culture and historical consciousness(and even land).