Monday, September 14, 2015

Joshua Goldberg 1488!

A "Neo Nazi" was arrested in Florida. It turns out that this "white supremacist" was named Joshua Goldberg. At the time of his arrest he was pretending to be an ISIS member and he was trying to give bomb instructions to what turned out to be a FBI agent. Oops..

Joshua Goldberg wrote for the Daily Stormer under the name Michael Slay.  Who could of guessed he was a fake? I am shocked!

Mostly I am sad about the low quality of Jewish trolls pretending to be evil "White Supremacists". It seems that back in the day they put more effort in their deception. Now they just seem to be phoning it in. He described himself as an "advocate for the extermination of all non-Whites". Really? Come on Joshua. If you want to troll you have to TRY to keep it somewhat realistic.

In the 1970s there was a famous evil Nazi who wanted to march on the poor Jews during the same year the Holocaust mini-series was released. (What fortunate timing!).

Frank Collin (real name: Frank Cohn)

Then in the 1990s we had this scary Nazi:

Davis Wolfgang Hawke (real name: Andrew Britt Greenbaum)

Pretty much the entire White Power and Neo Nazi movement from the late 1940s to the present has been composed of informers and ADL shills).


  1. The Skokie march was canceled at the last moment. It was a media stunt more than anything else.

  2. Hey RamZ, I'm the guy who sat and had a cigar with you a couple of years back at AmRen. I think you missed the boat on this one. You yourself have been falsely associated with things and ideas that you never intended by certain groups and I do not really understand the desire to do so to another person who is defending the West, whether you agree with them or not. People you have fought with side by side (you know what I am referencing) read, have written for and comment at DS. I know the humor is different compared to yours but think it is just as valid, and in some ways more effective. I still support you, but would like you to think about refraining from attacking others, especially when it seems a lot of info was unknown to you. Anyway, here is Andrew's response. I hope to see you again soon at another conference. Peace.