Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NRO and Salon Fight Pedophobia

Now that we have reached peak sodomy, the next Social Justice frontier looks to be defending and normalizing pedophiles. And, no, I am not talking about a 25 year old man who is attracted to 16 year old girls. This is a man sexually attracted to 7 year old girls.

Such a pedophile wrote about his "condition" on Salon magazine.

Of course the poor guy assures us he would never illegally act on his feelings (who would doubt the word of a pedophile?) But he has this "condition" that we must understand. You know, he was born this way and we should accept him as he is (sound familiar?).

The cuckservatives at National Review Online were quick to defend such a nuanced and heartfelt article from this self professed pedo. National Review won't tolerate the extremism of John Darbyshire, but pedos seem to be fine and dandy.

Since these articles were publish, some "Right wing extremists" said some things that hurt the pedo's feelings. Now Salon has an article that explains people who are intolerant of pedos are the REAL monsters.

Vox Day had an interesting article about Tolerance:


  1. "This is a bridge too far!"

    I've been saying that for at least a quarter century.

    The one silver lining in all of what has occurred recently is that Conservative, Inc. had been show to be little more than the rear guard of the progressive miasma.

  2. "This is a bridge too far!"

    I've been saying that for at least a quarter century.

    The one silver lining in all of what has occurred recently is that Conservative, Inc. had been show to be little more than the rear guard of the progressive miasma.

  3. Also this (from a commenter at the NRO article:

    1. Organize
    2. Humanize
    3. Legalize
    4. Legitimize
    5. Litigate
    6. Repeat

  4. And also this comment for Dingus Ratternberg:

    Step one is chipping away at the legal and social norms associated with pedophilia. Our attention is deflected carefully away from the monstrosity of adult-child sexual attraction (calling it an "orientation," for example), and redirected toward pity for the offender. Do our laws really need to be so harsh? Is the extreme social stigma really justified? After all, look at these poor fellows. They're very sad.

    Step two. Graphic tales of violence done against pedophiles or suspected pedophiles, usually by vigilantes (to shock comfortable bourgeois liberals) but also law enforcement (to shock civil libertarians), are rubbed in our noses. These cases will be easy to find, since reactionary pushback to step one is practically guaranteed. People who really hate pedophiles are nasty and evil and violent bigots will be the implied message. Meanwhile, "studies" conducted at state-sponsored universities will "find" that adult-child sexual contact really isn't all that psychologically harmful to children. Rather, our superiors will inform us, the reason children suffer post-contact depression is because of the "social stigma" attached to such relationships. We will be encouraged to be supportive and understanding "allies" of pedophilic relationships, since, after all, a simple attitude change on our parts will prevent depression and suicide.

    Step three. At about this time, the real legal push to lower statutes of limitation begins. New "studies" show that children in fact benefit, in some very loosely-defined way, from early sexual contact with adults. The most progressive and forward-thinking parents in the most progressive and forward-thinking states begin lending their children for "play dates" with pedophiles, framed as mutually beneficial arrangements whereby children are therapeutically socialized into sexual maturity. Why risk letting some stranger take your child's virginity in a drunken haze, when it can all be done with the help of a vetted accomplice in the comfort of one's own home? Win-win.

    Step four. Pedophiles will begin to emerge more frequently in pop culture and mass media. A record label, for instance, may promote an otherwise wild, hard-headed rapper's soulful ballad mourning society's unequal treatment of what is really the "same love." Mainline protestantism (if it still exists at this point) will ordain open pedophiles. The Catholic Church will be praised for its leading role. Cases involving the "rights" of pedophiles will have trickled up to the Supreme Court. You can fill in the rest.

  5. The leftists actually tried to push Paedophilia in the late 1970's as the next step of 'sexual liberation'.

    They got pushed back then. And now they are trying again.

    The Cultural Marxists never give up. They are not amenable to reason or debate, they are simply a plague who need to be stopped by whatever means necessary. That is something the cuckservatives can never understand.

  6. To be sure, the Salon article and NR piece indicated that pedophilia is wrong and harmful. The author didn't say he is proud of his 'sexual orientation'. He admitted it would do harm to kids if he acted out his fantasies. His point is that not all pedos act on their fantasies which come naturally to them. He agrees that active pedos deserve to end up in jail, but those who are capable of restraining themselves should be appreciated for their power to overcome their desires. I suppose it's like a 'good' kleptomaniac or pyromaniac confessing his sickness but also making a case that he is able to control his obsession.
    In one way, this confession by the pedo may be good for society. If pedos are frank like him, we will know who the pedos are by self-identification. And if pedos confess and self-identify, we can keep our eyes on them before they act out their fantasies and maybe they can be offered with help and therapy. And the NR piece praised the pedo not for being pedo but for his admittance of his sickness and his willpower to restrain his feelings.
    If society isn't overly hostile to pedos who don't act out their fantasies, maybe more pedos will come out and seek help.

    But Ramzer does make a good point, and this is why I don't trust Salon and its ilk. Given what happened with the homo agenda, any sympathy for pedos could lead to something worse and worse, until there is finally even talk of pedophobia.
    I mean who thought there would ever be 'gay marriage' decades ago? Or that people would lose their jobs or be fined for not baking 'gay wedding cakes' or making jokes about homos?

    Also, power is about having allies. Homos had powerful allies in Jews. And now that homos are powerful, groups that they support will also gain protection. There seems to be an alliance between the homo and pedo community. Not all homos are okay with pedos, but a larger number(especially homo men) are.

    Also, look at the sexualization of kids in America. Disney is now Jizzney. It turns young girls into whores. Kids are raised on porn and rap music. Progs may one day argue logically that since kids are so sexualized, we should treat them as sexual creatures. If it's okay to sexualize children, why shouldn't kids be sexually engaged?

    But then, most parents will surely feel uncomfortable with such logic.
    But then, what if the elites in media and education encourage parents to be sexually open and even touchy-feely with their own children, i.e. it's 'healthy' to allow your kids to touch your genitals(and if you don't, YOU are 'repressed' and 'sick' and 'harming' your kids with neo-Victorianism. Schools now teach young kids the wonders of sodomy and tranny stuff.

    If parents are made to be sexually frank with their own kids, might they not be led to think that such behavior is okay even between their kids and other adults?
    One thing for sure, Americans are now so stupid that they can be made to believe just about anything. Just look at the spread of ugly tattoos and piercing. A people cut off from roots and heritage will be slave to fashion.


    A mixed-race conservative republican wiccan with Muslim friends who shot Christians in the head.

    This tops Bruce Caitlyn Jenner as a ‘conservative Republican’.

    This is post-modern or pomo ideology at its best(or worst).

    I mean WTF.

    But then, Obama claims to be a Christian who’s for ‘gay marriage’.

    And Jebby says he’s a conservative who’s for illegals cuz their invasion is an act of love.

    And Merkel, the ‘conservative’ leader of Germany wants to turn Germania into New Syria.

    World is going batshit crazy.

  8. In Germany the Green Party are pedophiles. I wonder if it has to do with their love for islam an Muhammad and his 6 year old wife.

  9. all we need now is for the pope to approve, or did he?