Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Republican Presidential Debate

I watched part of the Republican Presidential Debate. I would have watched it all, but Wednesday is my night to study the Constitution and watch Japanese pr0n.

Pretty much the start of the debate was Israel, Israel, Russia, Israel, Iran, Syria and Israel.

The old lady who ran a high tech company in the ground (she reminded me of Skyler from Breaking Bad), mentioned that if she was elected president she would immediately call the Israeli Prime Minister for a booty call and then declare war on Russia and Iran. Or something like that.

It was a chaotic debate with these clowns trying to get their rehearsed sound bites out. As such, they frequently talked over each other. Well, except when Ben Carson spoke. When Ben spoke they all got real quiet and respectful.

Jeb Bush was trying to act like a high energy Alpha Male. He failed, but it was cute to watch.

Donald just had his usual "I don't give a fuck" attitude. At one point he insulted Rand Paul's looks. Why insult a candidate's look? I think Trump just does it for the lulz. Good enough reason for me.

The debate ended with Trump and Carson becoming soul brothers.

I could see them doing a Blues Brothers revival.


  1. Of all the many pressing social and economic issues facing the US Jeb Bush could have talked about with The Donald, what did he get totally fixated on? Wanting an apology for his lameass wife. Maybe he would not even have accepted it unless The Donald said it in Spanish?

  2. The face Jeb made during Donald's imposed high five was priceless. Anyway, why were there two people asking questions, I guess they just needed a vagina there too to help balance all the male privilege? I never remember seeing two reporters present to ask the questions before. That being said idk who this Carly Fiorina is, tonight was my first time seeing her, she looks like a bitch, but she kind of has that whole milf thing going on too, I'd fuck her. lol

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  4. I don't trust Trump, I think he isn't being honest. Be very careful about him. Yes, he speaks his mind and tells the things that nationalists and patriots want to hear, but he has some contradictions, even if he admits and explains them. He says he wants a strong economy with strong american corporations and american jobs and tariffs; but he manufactures his clothing in China and Indonesia.

    - Hey, Donald, you are manufacturing your clothing in China and Mexico.

    - Well, you know, you can't do otherwise in the current state of affairs, but if I was president, blah, blah, blah.

    - Hey, Donald, you say you want to close the border with Mexico to avoid illegal immigration, but some of your family were immigrants.

    - Well, you know, they were legal immigrants, because we need some kind of immigrants, but not another kind of immigrants.

    - Hey, Donald, you gave money to the Clintons. And they were marvellous. Now, Hillary is the worst secretary of state. You have given money to the republicans and to the democrats. That's not very honest. Do you support the democrats or the republicans?

    - Well, you know, if you want to make business, that's what you have to do. And that proves that the system is corrupt.

    - But, Donald, if you give money to the politicians, you are contributing to the corruption of the system.

    - Well, if I become president, blah, blah, blah.

    - Donald, you said you are pro choice about abortion, but you say now that you are pro life. How is that?

    - Well, you now, people change their mind.

    - But, Donald, people change their mind when they are 30 years old. You are 69; you should have your opinion formed a long time ago.

    - Well, you know, you have to please potential voters.

    - Well, Donald, we call that in my country being a vane. Now you have this opinion, and then you change it; and later, you change it again. Is this the politics you are going to apply to the United States of North America? You say one thing and, then, you do the opposite thing?

    Donald is pro Israel. I know that his daughter converted to Judaism, but that is not a reason to support Israel. I thought Jew Americans were Americans, not Israelis. Well, we can see where loyalties are. He is another politician that bows to his Zionist masters. And he doesn't want to cut foreign aid to Israel, but to reinforce it, so more money from the American tax payers to Israel.

    Donald wants to reinforce the armed forces, and that means more money from the tax payers to the military-industrial complex and more wars abroad. And, of course, more wooden coffins for young Americans fighting wars that don't concern them. Fighting for the elite's interests... And for Israel, of course.

    He is an actor. He is playing a game. Maybe for the Clintons to win the elections, frightening potential republican voters, maybe for himself because he sees a chance to win and to gather power, or maybe for the system, to divide the people and conquer because, you know, people is pissed off about politicians and banksters, so the system needs controlled dissent to appease potential nationalists and potential popular movements and funnelling their rage and anger.

    Ye shall know them by their deeds.

    Donald, you are a liar.

    You are maybe a puppet or the puppeteer. Or both things.

    1. You've got it all wrong.

      Trump is clearly the puppetmaster here.

      The other candidates and the media dance to his tune.

  5. Thanks Ramzpaul. I now have an indelible image in my brain of a drunken and confused Ramzpaul jacking off to the Constitution.

  6. RamZ, I think your Secret Service Code Name should be: Ramzbunctious.