Monday, September 21, 2015

The Clock Boy Hoax

Another day, another racial hoax. This time it was some Muslim kid who took a "clock" to school in a box. His goal was to scare the teachers into thinking it was a bomb. He was successful. And he instantly became a hero of the Left. A brilliant Muslim kid who was prevented from inventing a new type of clock because of those evil, White raycissss in Texas.

Because he was a Muslim, Obama wet his pants in delight and invited him the the White House. He also received much loot from MIT due to his heroics and brilliance.

The only problem is that the "clock" was a hoax. All this Muslim kid did was break apart a store bought alarm clock and stuck it in a box. Seriously, a fucking Chimpanzee could do this.  If you want to learn how to create such a clock for yourself in 20 seconds, watch this video:

And these teachers are condemned as "racists" for reporting their suspicions. Of course, we have had non-stop propaganda from Homeland Security that says - "If You See Something, Say Something". But based on their video, what they really mean is - "If You See Something A White Person Does, Say Something". Reporting Muslims is RAYCISS. As everyone knows, Muslims are peaceful and never engage in terrorism.

The government video warning about White people:


  1. Replies
    1. It is hard to do satire, as real life is more absurd.

    2. The absurdity level has reached new highs recently.

      I don't know if Americans are simply stupid, duped, or both, There's insanity everywhere.

  2. At least this can be said for America: This kid was quickly released from custody and got an apology (as well as public recognition).

    There's another Muslim teenager in Saudi Arabia who has been sentenced to death by crucifixion. His crime seems to be that he chose the wrong family to be born into:

    All these people who are offended by the Texas high school administrators and are so concerned about human rights maybe should focus some of that outrage on what's going on in Saudi Arabia.

    1. Yeah, that little prank of his would have a different result in Khartoum.

      This whole thing was a publicity set-up. A White kid would be in prison for pulling this stunt.

      But the absolute idiocy of the media hailing him as a genius for taking apart a store bought alarm clock is both hilarious and sad.

    2. But, of course there will be no outrage against Saudi Arabia because, unlike Syria, the Saudis are allies of Israel and the West.

    3. Correct. Our outage is very selective. It is amazing how many people forget that the 9/11 attacks were primarily Saudis.

  3. So a White boy bites his pop tart into a gun shape and says 'bang bang' and he is rightfully suspended from school. A White boy writes a story about shooting a dinosaur and he rightfully is put in a prison cell. A brown boy brings an actual hoax bomb into school and he rightfully is congratulated by the President and offered a job and Facebook.

    Got it.