Saturday, September 5, 2015

White privilege and original sin

One of the popular Social Justice Warrior memes is that of "White Privilege." The basic idea is that White people are born inherently wicked and need redemption for past injustices such as slavery, etc. This idea is a warped version of the Christian concept of "original sin". In Christianity all people are born sinners and we need the saving grace of Jesus Christ. In Cultural Marxism, all White people are born wicked (i.e., White Privilege) and must be atoned by doing such things such as praising Martin Luther King Junior and making loud proclamations of how they hate "racism" and love "diversity". Good Whites have longed hoped that by doing such grovelling, they will be redeemed from their "White Privilege".

MTV created a documentary explaining the wicked nature of Whites:

I gavea speech at Amren that explained the religious nature of Social Justice Warriors:

The blog The Right Stuff is doing an interesting series on the concept of White Privilege:


  1. hmmm white people what have they invented?..... hmmmm..... everything! nothing to feel ashamed about there.

  2. I guess the beaner on tv doesnt understand if it wasnt for the technology whites invented he would be picking lettuce, something he might be actually good at. Guilt through religion a little to jewy for me.

  3. White privilege? So what? If the blacks, browns or even orientals had done the good things whites have done they would be entitled to be a bit uppidy too! And just whose footprints are on the moon? White peoples!

    And concerning this tiresome guilt trip over African slavery? Blacks should just consider it the price they had to pay for being brought into civilization and away from the barbarism of black Africa. And even today thousand of blacks risk their lives in rickety un seaworthy boats to reach white Europe to be on the white man's plantation so they won't starve to death or be killed in one of their endless civil wars and political juntas.

  4. Shameless article plug.
    The Theology of Political Correctness: Original Sin

    This article talks about what you mention, but in a bit more detail. "White Guilt" is just "Original Sin" rebranded. Like Original Sin, it is something you inherit as a function of being human/white. Like Original Sin, you have to sacrifice yourself to cleanse yourself of it. At least Christianity put the sin on Jesus, who died so we don't have to. Political Correctness doesn't allow a redemptive saviour. ALL WHITES must go by means of mass immigration, assimilation and racial interbreeding.