Thursday, October 8, 2015

Canadian niqab kabab

In Canada there is a big debate if Muslim women should be forced to show their faces before becoming Canadian citizens. I would think that if they do not want to adapt to Canadian customs they should stay in their own homelands. After all, it would be considered "racist" for us to go to their homelands and demand that they change their customs for us. But when they flood our homelands it is "racist" if we don't accommodate their culture.

These Muslims immigrants don't really want to become Canadians. They want to keep their own culture with the associate "gibs me dat".


  1. The whole issue is phony, only about the swearing in ceremony. Once again, things like bans on burquas are fraudulent PR stunts aimed not at Muslims but at the native population. They're a way selling continuing colonization to those natives by pretending that they can mitigate the effects of making whites a hated minority in their own homelands with mere laws and pretending that they are concerned about Islamic extremism. They're only concerned with exterminating white people and are glad to use Muslims and Islamic terrorists as tools in that extermination program.

    Here's a good article at TakiMag about this Kanadian Kebab Kerfuffle that relates a horrendous story about the kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart.


    Hey, guess what?

    Jews are suddenly 'white' again.

    "They are overwhelmingly white, rich, older and male, in a nation that is being remade by the young, by women, and by black and brown voters."

    NEW YORK TIMES doesn't mention that a lot of these 'white male donors' are Jewish. Typical Jewish trick to bundle Jewish power and privilege with 'white privilege' and then blame it on 'white people'.

    Yet, GOP cucks itself out to Jews and American Conservatives try to appease Jews at every turn?

  3. Get a load of this:

  4. They don't want to integrate in Western societies, so why they come? Watch this video of immigrants behaving like western societies owed them anything:

    We are lettig these people into Europe and they demand goodies because we are morons that give them all they want.

    Germany or bust!!!