Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chris Harper-Mercer - First Black White Supremacist?

Christ Harper-Mercer murdered nine White Christians the other day on an Oregon Community College campus. The media claims that Chris (who was an African-American) was a White Supremacist. He was also an atheist who had radical Muslim friends and he supported the BlackLivesMatter movement. Oh, and he also liked Satan and the occult.

Chris was the product of a black mother and a White father. His parents divorced and Chris was raised by his single mother. His father turned gay and was sued for playing grab ass with male employees.

Chris represents the total poz condition of modern America. I nominate him as the patron saint of Dildoween.

Satire eventually becomes real life:


  1. Sure, it's possible to be black, or half-black, and be a white supremacist. After all, a lot of white liberals are white-hating racists. You know, like all of them.

  2. Yet another mulatto killing white folks. Just a short time ago in last August Vester Flanagan another mulatto killed those two white tv reporters and wounded a white woman being interviewed by them in Virgina. The confused and angry young white kid Dylan Roof shot up that religious meeting in South Carolina which caused the Confederate flag to be banned in many areas. So wouldn't it be logical to outlaw interracial copulation between whites and blacks like it used to be and prevent anymore killer mulattoes from exterminating white people just because they are white?

    1. The "supreme gentleman", Elliot Rodgers, was also mixed race. The most radical racially angry people tend to be mixed race. See Obama as an example.

    2. Still another killing of a white woman by a mulatto. This time it was in liberal Massachusetts. He raped and killed his math teacher in 2013 and is being tried this month as an adult for her murder. No hate crime charges were filed however.

  3. It's completely legit for Mercer to be called a White supremacist. Many "people of color" are White supremacists. Thats why all these non-Whites chase us White folks around the planet to live with & among us Whites for a better life. Evidently they believe in the supremacy of Whites & the 1st world civilizations we Whites build.

  4. Obama, the first black Jewish-Homo Supremacist.