Monday, October 5, 2015

Germany threatens to take children from parents

Germany has announced they will take another 1.5 million "refugees" (mostly Arab and African young men). And if you should criticize this policy, German has threaten that they will take your children and get you fired. This is why we fought WW2! For Freedom!

The German (heh) woman to head up the police state styled spying is Anetta (((Kahane))).

She will be watching what you say

Previously, Miss Kahane stated in an interview that Europe was no longer to remain White. Europe must embrace the multicultural model. Nationalism will no longer be tolerated! Curiously, Miss Kahane was silent on Israel. But I am sure Miss Kahane agrees that Israel must embrace multiculturalism and accept millions of refugees.


  1. Anetta ((((({{{Kahane}}})))))

    Why is it always them? Always. Always. Always.

    1. If we didn't dislike them before, they're giving us plenty of reasons to hate them now. And this, coming from a man who hasn't been particularly obsessed with them.

      They certainly live up to the stereotypes. They can't help themselves.

  2. It is time for the German military to launch a coup and arrest the lunatic Merkel and her cohorts in crime and charge them with high crimes and genocide against the German folk. Then round up ALL of the invaders and put them in detention camps until they are processed back to their points of origin. Restoring secure borders should be the first priority.

    1. Someday there will be new Nuremberg Trials.

    2. Yes. I've been advocating a coup.

      War is coming.

  3. RAMZPAUL should have made it clearer that

    'Expressing a desire for violence against the migrants would constitute evidence enough for a family court to remove children from the home, according to Becker.'

    not merely objecting to immigrants as such.


    In a way, the article is right. It all depends on one's position and perspective.

    It's what Woody Allen's character says in LOVE AND DEATH:

    From the position of the elite owner class(especially the elite minority class), more immigrants means more workers, more servants, more voters, more cannon fodder, more suckers. Their main interest is their own power and privilege. It's about empire. And empire cannot sustained by nationalism alone. It's like how Romans went from a republic to an empire.

    For the owner class, it doesn't matter who the sheeple are or where they come from. Since they monopolize the power, they don't see the newcomers as a threat. And if some of the newcomers were to rise to the top, their kids can intermarry with the kids of the owner class. The owner class mix in blood lines but the power will still be theirs. Who cares about identity when you got power and privilege? It's like Tony Montana didn't care about Cubanness as long as he had the money and the blonde chick and wasps doing business with him, and wasp bankers didn't mind as long as he was shoveling money in their direction. Globalism is elite-imperialism where all the peoples of the world -- white and non-white -- are subjects. It is not true that ONLY white nations are subject to massive migrations and mess-ups. Look at the Middle East.

    1. The owner class may use ideology but in a very flexible and adaptive way so that 'progressivism' can mean just about anything. They can turn mayday into gayday or convince women that 'twerking' is empowerment. Most people are dumb.
      So, people are interchangeable. Whether US fills up with Mexicans, blacks, asians, etc, the owner class will still got what they got.

      But the non-owner class have little in terms of power and privilege. They just get by, so their meaning of life comes from identity and values and territoriality. Even a lower-middle class American can feel pride of identity, feel morally worthy with solid values, and feel proud to be part of a collective owner of this land called US of A.
      For the non-owners, it matters who is on the team. It's not just about winning and losing but about being part of the team, win or lose, rich or poor.
      Suppose there's a white team. It matters to the team that it is white even if they lose the games. At least they got the team and are part of the team.
      But to the owner of the team, the priority is to win. And if he can get rid of many or even all of his player and get new players, that is what is most important.
      Owner-centrists think in terms of hiring mercenaries; the team-centrists think in terms of patriot-soldiers. Mercenaries can be bought for any price. Patriot-soldiers will only fight for their own nation and righteous cause; they cannot be bought, especially to fight their own people.

      Now, both perspectives are valid. A team of white players understandably wanna keep it white as the team's identity is what the team is about.
      In contrast, an owner understandably prioritizes a winning record over who is on the team.
      As sports is a business owned by owners, it is understandable that owners should choose.

      But is a nation more like a collective team of those in it or is it like a company owned by a few big owners who get to fire and hire the members of the team? If we see nation as the latter, then the editorial is correct. If it's good for the owner class(as the true masters/owners of the nation), why not go for it? More diversity means more for the owner class to choose from.

      But if we see nation as a collective team of a certain people, then national policy must prioritize the racial ownership of the nation by the people whose history is embedded in the land.

      As US is ruled by an elite minority, it doesn't identify much with the majority white population. But what is truly horrifying is this mentality is spreading to Europe to the point where even a white gentile leader like Merkel is acting more like a member of the owner-class than a representative and defender of the German racial team.
      She is actually worse than Jeb.

      It is time for sheeple to turn into wolfen and take a bite out of the owner class.

      White folks must go Indian like the creatures in WOLFEN, which is like Blade Runner.

      PS. Israel is course run as a racial team for the Jews than a property of the owner class.

    2. Merkel is Jewish
      look at the honors the received from what groups,
      Some are very specific in terms who is eligible to receive those

  5. To top it off.. she is a former member of the Stasi. Reality is not out Onioning the Onion.

  6. You know, this is true about supporting countries from being exterminated by an immigration stampede. Did you see the Breitbart article on an activist in Europe who is part of countries without borders? She was raped sometime last month but was coerced into not reporting because it would damage their cause.

  7. You know, this is true about supporting countries from being exterminated by an immigration stampede. Did you see the Breitbart article on an activist in Europe who is part of countries without borders? She was raped sometime last month but was coerced into not reporting because it would damage their cause.

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  9. Indeed, we Whites really need a spiritual rebirth if we are to shake off viruses like the "German" Anetta Kahane. And I think art is essential to that rebirth. Great European art--music, literature, visual arts--can remind us of our roots, awaken us to beauty, and make us understand the true values--and value--of European mankind. I know that great art has helped me tremendously in giving me a sense of purpose and motivation, and driving me away from filth and decadence. Another important factor, of course, is to tell the truth about race, immigration, feminism, Jewish power, etc. Ordinary Whites have so much to learn, and to unlearn!

  10. Commenter Hadrian wrote: «[The left's] goal is racial and national oblivion, and degenerate art works towards that goal.»

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  12. You can't believe any word of this person. She was inofficial member of the Ministry of State Security (of the GDR) for 8 years and snooped people of the opposition. Now she calls all Germans which are against the illegal immigrant invasion nazis and lives from taxpayers money transfered to her organisation by left wing politicians.

  13. 'Bar jeglichen Charakters, bar jeglichen Anstands, bar jeglicher Moral'
    Devoid of any charakter, any decency, any morals, what a spineless liar and traitor this stasi-stooge is...
    The hipocrisy of people like her is absolutely mindboggling,

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