Sunday, October 25, 2015

#ISaluteWhitePeople Escalates The Race Debate

On Twitter the hash tag #ISaluteWhitePeople started to trend. This caused the usual Leftist butthurt and claims that if you support White people you are a FASCIST and a NAZI!

This is the tactic of that has been used by the Left to shut down Right wing debate for 70 YEARS. The fear of being called a "NAZI" has resulted all Right wing organizations moving to the Left in an attempt to appease the usual suspects.

So what is the answer? We could become Hollywood Nazis that run around and look like idiots. The SPLC pays for people to act in such a manner knowing that it helps discredit serious Nationalism. So joining silly groups that are composed mostly SPLC plants and FBI agents is probably not the answer.

The answer was give to me by a right wing girl in Eastern Europe. She said the key was to "normalize" or "demystify" the National Socialists. What she said really stuck to me. For that is what the Left has done for years concerning Communism. Due to the Left's efforts, Communism is now mostly seen as a quaint ideology that while good in theory had some poor leaders. The Left demystified Communism. As such, the Left never runs in fear from being called a Communist.

The Alt Right is now doing the same with Nazi and fascist memes.


  1. RZP, guess who has called Bernie a Communist multiple times. That's right, Trump. He called him a communist at a rally last week and called him that again on Fox News Sunday a week ago. You can find the video clips on the YouTube.

  2. The movies have overused the Nazis as the ultimate evil, and some portrayals of Nazis are honestly almost comical, even in European movies (I'm thinking of "Zwartboek 'Black Book'").
    I agree with not trying to appease or prove anything, you have to hold frame and maintain a position of strength.

  3. "She said the key was to "normalize" or "demystify" the National Socialists."

    Exactly. Some of us have been engaged in this for years.