Saturday, October 17, 2015

UVG: Girls Pushing for Suicide

Below is a video that should have a trigger warning. The Icelandic Left Green Youth created a video advocating the suicide of Europe. The question is why would people who live among beauty and peace want to import ugliness and violence? Do the kids of Iceland really want to turn it into Somalia?

One of the things that struck me in the video was the weakness of the boys. And I am not talking just physical strength. They look weak spiritually and emotionally. As if they are full of guilt and fear.

Below is a vid cap of one of the weepy looking boys:

Now compare the above picture to that of the guy below.

The above is a mug shot of a young John Dillinger. Dillinger was not a physically imposing man - he was only 5'7" and 150 lbs. But he had that look that said "don't fuck with me".  The Icelandic boy has the look of "fuck me in the ass if you want".

The problem with the West is that after a generation of feminism, too many of the men look like the top photo. And such men don't exactly inspire confidence in women.

This is why you tend to see a correlation between feminism and an acceptance of immigration. In countries that are feminist (such as Sweden), you see men and women celebrate the death of their nation. Countries that were not infected with feminism (such as Russia and Eastern Europe) naturally resist the invasion.

On an individual level this dynamic works the same. In the story below, a young girl literally nagged her weak boyfriend into committing suicide.


  1. Alpha-male President Putin, again, small in stature, has the same "DFWM" look as Dillinger.

  2. Haven't any of these pro suicide of their Europe ever read the book published way back in 1976 called, "Camp of the Saints?" What is happening in Europe today is caused by illiteracy about race not by just plain stupidity.

  3. How is it that feminism took over the west? I've read Peter Frost's info on the Manning study on digit ratios and gender equality. But has western Europe always been feminist going back to ancient Celtic and Germanic tribes that boarderd Rome? It seems these society's also allowed women more status socially. But even in the east the Scythians and saramatians had female warriors due to mounted archery. And during pagan Norse times women seemed to punch above their weight CV ompared to non European societies as did Lief Erikson's wife in her fights with skraelings. How did we get here? Who did this to the west and why and more importantly how did it happen?

  4. The solution:

  5. Ramz, Along with your image posts, here are the new 'Mercantilists', the industrial masters of today's world. We are in a new age of Mercantilism. "No empires failed under mercantilism, no empire survived under capitalism"-Hoyle. I'm sure you'll see that 'look in their eye's' of people in power. Chairman, China Futures Association: , General Manager Daye Nonferrous