Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Your Father (30s) | Campbell’s Sodomy Soup

Campbell's Soup has a new ad. At first I thought it was sweet - a boy with his father and his uncle. Nice to finally see an ad where White fathers are not portrayed as buffoons.

That is what I really thought for a minute. Then I realized it was a soup ad celebrating sodomy.

We will need more ovens.

Below are a couple of #realreallife gay dads:

These two raped a 20 month old boy. They look oven ready to me.


  1. Here is a wholesome image of two dads with their son. One is openly affectionate with his son. It reminds me of all the times I kissed my dad on the mouth. Just melts your heart. /

  2. When we have our own country again one of the first things we must do is bring back the death penalty for child rape, now in the age of DNA they should only get a year to appeal, then swiftly to hell.
    That video is so disgusting, especially sickening to have the psychologist and the attorney try to humanize and excuse pure evil.

    1. In our country, these fuckers would be dead. Raping a baby? To the oven.

    2. What the fuck do you mean "Leave the fags alone..."
      You people (I take it you are one) are in our faces 24/7 - damn well leave US alone!

      Keep up the good work, Ramz - going by the creeps response you're obviously hitting a nerve.

  3. Until this story came along I had thought child rape could not get any more stomach churning than the Jesse Dirkhising case.

    Two generations ago no one would have wasted even a trial on these two pos. River bottom fish food from the get go.

  4. It seems the ghouls have been let loose on us. Sociopathic creeps that use pretty images to prey on children. I am glad all the names of the people participating in this are a matter of public record.

  5. LOL @ "We will need more ovens"

    What an understatement...!

    I prefer putting them before a firing squad or taking them on a helicopter ride, myself.

  6. In a quest to have children, my wife and I looked into surrogacy. Countries such as India, Thailand, Nepal have been severely restricting surrogacy or shutting it down all together. Why? Gay men utilizing surrogacy as a means to have children. The one case of the Thai surrogate refusing to hand over the baby has been reported in the West as, "evil homophobe Thai woman destroys the dreams of gay men".

    My wife (who speaks Thai) listened to an interview of the surrogate, which tells a different story than the Western press:

    The surrogate became alarmed because the men had hired another surrogate at the same time. She found it alarming they were having more than one child at once.

    One of the men when seeing the baby came off as extremely creepy and cold. His mannerisms disturbed the surrogate.

    The surrogate put the two issues above together and (rightly) feared these men where buying babies for sex and human trafficking. She refused to turn over the child because she doesn't feel safe doing so.

    1. Well, no. Surrogacy is being banned because it turns children into saleable commodities because in Modernityland everyone "has a right to be a parent". Several cases before these popped up where surrogates decide to keep their babies after going through pregnancy and being litigated by their western benefactors, even after the money is returned.

  7. In real real life, a child is created by mom and dad. So, where is the mom?

    If a child is an orphan, shouldn't he be placed in a home environment with a mother figure and father figure?

    I don't think most homos who adopt children are child molesters. There are plenty of step-fathers who've molested their step-daughters.

    What I find sick is the very idea of 'gay parents'.

    If homosexuality is just as good as real sexuality, why don't homos use homosexuality or fecal penetration to produce their own children. Of course, they can't, so they have to take children created through real sexuality. BUT, they, with the help of the Jew-run media, make believe that the kid was produced by homosexuality.

    It's life-cheating. It is like me taking something you made with science and pretending that I made it with magic.

    1. "In real real life, a child is created by mom and dad. So, where is the mom?"

      In gestational surrogacy, the birth mother has no genetic relation to the child. The egg is from another woman (anonymous donor).

  8. Fuck this whole stomach churning cluster fuck.
    I am pretty rough around the edges, but this is beyond the pale.
    And that poor kid is done.

  9. Jeesus H Fuck thats as bad as it gets


    This man is in prison for having sex with children.

    Having sex with children is still illegal in the US.

    But consider how the entertainment industry is encouraging children to dress like hookers and hustlers. Rap music sexualizes young children with raunchy lyrics and beats. Pornography is now available to children all over the net. Walt Disney promotes slutty fashion for kids.

    US education teaches kindergarteners and elementary school children that homosexual fecal penetration is wonderful.

    When children are being so sexualized, it means children are sexual creatures too. And if we go that route, it means children should have the right to have sex. When that happens, will pedophilia become legal? Everything that is happening in our culture in entertainment and schools is headed in this direction.

    And there was a piece in Salon that tried to normalize the feelings of a pedophile.

    And there's always been a close link between the homosexual community and the pedophile community. Many prominent homos have also been pedos. Like Allen Ginsburg.