Saturday, November 7, 2015

Did 6 Million Die On A Flat Earth?

I have heard of the Flat Earth Society. But I always thought it was a tongue in the cheek type of thing. But I guess there are many people who really believe the earth is flat.

The problem is when kooky theories are mixed with legitimate questions. If I were paranoid, I would believe sometimes kooky theories are introduced to discredit other positions.


  1. So, as I gather, you see valid reasons for doubting the Holocaust (the use of the magic six-million number, suppression of debate), so that when you refer to kookiness that ought to be avoided, Holocaust Revisionism is not part of that.

    It's important to be clear about that, because there are people in our circles who still think that questioning the Holocaust is kooky.

  2. I recall this from a few years ago:
    PS. It would be spectacular if you added a "search" function to your sidebar.

  3. The ball doesn't fly past you because at the instance when you throw the ball up, the ball's initial velocity (in the horizontal direction) is also at 600 miles per hour.

  4. I learned about the Holodomor from you. (Which is interesting, although not surprising, that someone with 19 years of schooling had to come to your blog to find out that piece of history. However, I think that's your point.) I would post this comment on your video that it is related to. However, ehem, you don't have a "search" function. (Please.) I thought this would interest you.

  5. Is flat earth theory any sillier than Creationism?

    Shiksa Goddess has to be trolling, right? If not, she's one big dumbass idiot.

    These SJW's are not warriors. They are whiners. They are crybabies. That's what they should be called CRYBABIES crying out for someone to change their diapers.
    There was once the Red Diaper Babies.
    Social Justice Whiners are Wet Diaper Babies or WDB's. They are going WAAAAAAHHHHH cuz their diapers are wet and want others to change them.

    1. Flat Earth and Creationism have the same origin: in Biblical literalism.

      Flat Earth is not a movement of skepticism, but an attempt to defend a rigid faith.

      In that regard, Flat Earth is much more similar to Holocaustianity than to historical revisionism.

  6. I wonder...

    should PC go after humor itself?

    So far, the theme has been humor shouldn't be 'racist', 'sexist', 'homophobic', etc.

    But isn't humor itself the problem? Humor ALWAYS works at someone's expense.
    If someone slips on a banana peel, we laugh at his expense.
    We laugh at caricatures that make fun of how people look. Consider all the politician cartoons with exaggerated features. That is so cruel.

    Also, there is the humor gap. The powers-that-be own the media and have more leverage to make fun of those without the power. It's like powerful Jews have the power to 'punch down' on poor hillbillies and 'white trash'.

    Whenever you are laughing, you are laughing at someone.
    People get awful angry when they are laughed at.
    Consider Tommy in GOODFELLAS when he thinks Henry is laughing at him as a 'funny guy'.
    Consider how GODFATHER begins. The aggrieved father says the two boys who beat his daughter 'smiled' at him. They found him funny and ridiculous.
    Consider how Angel goes nuts in THE WILD BUNCH after Theresa laughs at him.
    Consider how the fat guy gets angry in UNFORGIVEN cuz the woman laughed at his tiny wiener.
    Consider how the girl loses it in CARRIE when she sees all those kids laughing at her after she got splashed with pig blood.

    Consider how Nurse Ratched got hurt feelings when everyone began to laugh at her after Billy B-b-b-bibbit banged the ho.
    Consider how Tuco uses laughter as a weapon in Good, Bad, Ugly. Vicious.
    Consider how Joe Frazier got pissed at Ali who always made fun of him and laughed about how Joe is a 'big black ugly gorilla'.

    Consider all the evil laughters in movies and cartoons. All at someone's expense.
    Like in PULP FICTION that made my stomach ill. Making us laugh at sick stuff.

    So, humor is inherently mean, nasty, cruel, sadistic, uncaring, mocking, and etc.
    Consider how the little girl laughs at the dead man's boot in LEFT HANDED GUN(the Paul Newman movie). So nasty. So cruel. Good thing her mother slapped some sense into her.

    Puritans banned music in churches because music is inherently sensual and gets in the way of spirituality. Music excites the lasciviousness in us. It turns women into sluts and men into hornballs. To prevent slut culture and rape culture, puritanical churches got rid of music and just read hymns in steady rhythms.

    Same goes for humor. We want to be caring, concerned, and sensitive, but humor(any kind of humor) makes us feel mocking, mean, nasty, smug, irreverent, sarcastic, caustic, aggressive, sneering, and etc. Humor is eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

    This is why North Korea is the most justice nation on earth.
    Vile comedians are not allowed to crack too many jokes and hurt people's feelings.


  7. And consider all the nasty joking about Emma Sulkowicz, the noble heroine of our age.
    If there's any justice in this world, Mel Gibson should be given a second chance and allowed to make THE PASSION OF EMMA where she lugs around a mattress and is crucified on it to the mocking laughter by her oppressors while, in the background, we hear the uplifting chorus of "fuc* me in the butt" from angels above.

    Life is no laughing matter, and it's wrong to laugh because laughter always comes at someone else's expense.

    I admit I've been guilty of this. I admit I laughed at fatsos, dwarfs, fruitcakes, Negroes, dotters, raggers, chiners, Jews, women with hairy chest, and etc. I now realize it was wrong.

    A wise Indian Chief once said, "I will fight no more, forever."
    Well, I make a pledge, "I will laugh no more, forever."

    Humor is nasty, and laughter is cruel. The problem isn't making fun of certain groups but making fun of ANY group or anyone.

    Humor is a form of Hate. It is Happy Hate. It is Hape. We must end Hape.

    The problem isn't only Hate Speech but Hate Laugh. But laughter is worse than speech. While not all speech is hateful, all laughter is inherently mocking, contemptuous, and hateful. All laughter is at someone's expense.

    That is so wrong. Who is the most wicked person in DAZED AND CONFUSED. Parker Posey's character. And what does she do? She laughs at everyone. No good bitch.

    We've made some progress. We banned Clint Eastwood from cracking a joke about Caitlyn Jenner for instance. And anyone who cracks a joke about MLK will lose his job. Progress!

  8. It is a little after 10PM on 11 November 2015 and I happen to be listening to Republic Broadcasting Network, not having listened to it for over a year. The host of the show currently streaming, "Outsider Radio," professes to believe that the Bible is literally true, that the Moon-landing was a hoax, and ... that the Earth is flat.