Saturday, November 21, 2015

Interview with Irish Identitarian radio

I will not have a video tonight as I have some conflicts. Expect my next vid on Monday.

So I thought I would include an interview I did with Irish Identitarian radio. It was a long interview (over 2 hours) so we were able to get in-depth on many topics. It was a different format than the usual fast paced approach of American radio. Sort of reminded me somewhat of NPR.

I appreciated being on. And it is good to see I have some Irish viewers. And I love the look of Irish girls. I hope Ireland can remind Irish.


  1. Trousers are of Celtic origin. That's what the Gauls were wearing when Caesar conquered them.

    The kilt of Scottish Highlanders was originally a big draping cloth, more like Greek or Roman garb. The short walking kilt of Scottish stereotypes is actually of modern origin.

  2. Around twelve minutes in you made clear to me that the former Soviet states escaped Social Marxism because they accepted the original socioeconomic Marxism and therefore did not have to first have their societies destroyed with multiculturalism, feminism, homosexuality, etc. Thanks for the epiphany.

  3. On the religious question, I honestly think it would have to be Christianity, wherever you see a decline in Christianity, you see an increase in pozzery. But it would have to be an old school, medieval kind of Christianity that would unite and not divide people. I don't think that paganism/atheism/modern Christianity can unite and/or spiritually support us.

  4. Another SOO or Son of Obama at work.

  5. "Red hair and black leather, my favorite color-scheme."