Monday, November 16, 2015

Paris - Imagine a World without old Hippies

Generation 1968 was the hippie, anti-establishment movement that was popular in North America and Europe. The movement was creative and full of weirdos and brilliant people. Eventually this movement won and became the establishment. So now we have the aged people like Hillary Clinton who was previously "against the man!" now running the show.

As such, when the terrorists attacks hit Paris the establishment didn't know what to do other than cycle the old crap from the hippie generation. So they got together and sang a John Lennon song about imagining a world without countries or religion. Over the years France embraced the ideology of this song. The country of France was pretty much eliminated. Third World hordes swarmed in. And Christianity was purged. The result was a bunch of Muslims slaughtering like sheep a bunch of helpless French. The people who sang this song while holding candles failed to see the irony.

Generation 2015 is an anti-Establishment movement that is Right wing (Alt Right). It had to be this way as the establishment is now Left wing. Below is a vid of a bunch of young French demanding that the Muslim invaders be expelled from their homeland. Like their 1968 counter parts, they were attacked by the police as "the man" (in this case old cat ladies) cheered.

Below are the old cucks playing their song from 45 years ago.


  1. [@askitan Alex Strouss on Twitter]

    pls don't regard this as spam. I'm merely trying to make a case that's extremely hard to sell, especially in the alt right, because people rightfully hate libertarians and connect bitcoin to that ideology, which is plain nonsense, but understandable.

    if you 'look into it', as you said, treat it like looking into the JQ.
    there is information. but most 'accessible' sources you will naturally lean to, are just as accurate as a colorful BBC documentary on nazi Germany.

    you're technical when it comes to software.
    but even though bitcoin and crypto in general is 'software', it is extremely hard to grasp and easily dismissed, until you look at the things crypto makes possible.

    it's like inventing letters for the first time. most people set in the old thinking would say: neat. then move on.
    the implications are so amazing and world changing that to me (and many others who are long time crypto people) it seems obvious that Satoshi never imagined or planned for what bitcoin is actually.

    he wanted a currency. but bitcoin is not a currency. like iron is not a sword. you can make a sword out of iron, but also engines and guns.

    the ((( ))) have 2 ways to dominate people: narratives and money PLUS the whole economic structure they change over the years.
    the alt right is to narratives what crypto is for todays economy.

    censorship happens narratively by blocked accounts and financially with frozen bank/paypal accounts.
    only those who can evade censorship in both areas can be effective and free.

    bitcoin is an invention. it is not an evolution. it is one of the most radical things ever envisioned.

    and it has already taken over. people just do not know, because people are stuck in the past. mentally and due to usury structure of the economy.

    the current system is being replaced step by step. and like you noted today, and several times in the past, to the common citizen, it will happen suddenly. to me, and crypto, it's a slow daily process.

    and it is frustrating how people in the alt right are setting themselves up to be the first casualties of the coming collapse.

    we've seen first hand what happens in some anarchist communities, and it happened to them much earlier than to Andrew Anglin or white rabbit radio:
    they take your bank account, credit card and make it impossible to get donations.

    that's their last way to fight before jailing you.

    only bitcoin has given these people a hope.

    they will do this to you, to TRS and the rest of us, en masse, once they get just as scared of the alt right.

    crypto can't be confiscated (unless you allow it).
    they can't keep you from getting donations. they can't even keep you from spending and receiving anonymous, if you use crypto like Monero or Dash.

    a few months ago, I tried to warn Jared Taylor on twtter. he merely stated he does not understand Bitcoin after trying and implied that was that for him.

    it is an extremely prudent move not to get involved with investments you do not understand.

    BUT since he did not allow me to make my case, he merely assumed that was what I was wanting him to do.
    if you assume... you know the saying.

    he's a perfect target for them and I had shown him proof how it is now legal to shut down any business or entity AND make it illegal for them to even talk about what happened AND freeze their bank accounts.

    all I want is to get in ANY crypto. some even peg the dollar 1:1. [NuBits]
    and not with tons of money, but enough so people can LEARN and understand the new space.

    I want people to be able to quickly convert $ to crypto if the shit hits the fan, to know how to safely accept donations in crypto, not paypal.
    [comment 1/2]

    1. I do not endorse NuBits. I'm a bit unsure how they hold the peg.
      bitUSD does the same but a bit more transparent. 1:1 peg to the dollar

      both can be traded instantly, without account creation in seconds on e.g. along with 25 other crypto

  2. paypal / CCs/banks are a deeply anti-white and hostile system.

    many people are utterly unprepared and trusting in the supposed fairness of banks and donation services, even those who tweet about usury all day...

    after they lose their bank accounts and credit cards, these people will be done for.

    a few numbers:
    106,000 merchants directly take bitcoin worldwide.

    credit/debit cards based bitcoin exist now [Xapo, e-coin]

    VC investment in bitcoin: 921 MILLION dollars

    pure bitcoin ATMs: 475
    mixed ATMS: several 10k in Europ&Asia
    shops selling BTC for cash: ~30k in Asia

    the BTC market cap is 3.5 billion $

    bitcoin tops all other start-up sectors. (!)

    the most important issue I see is this:
    in a purely decentralized space, the community creates the direction things move to.

    if alt-right moves into crypto, and related services, we can be utterly uncensorable.

    p.s. tech like openbazaar and similar projects make P2P trading a reality. i.e. ebay w/o the company, w/o websites that can be shut down, but only a client software and the web.

    the enemy cannot censor us in a decentralized environment.

    talk to me any time on twitter. I can give you my skype handle on twitter DM

  3. ((( paypal ))) logs every donation and every donor. it's a doxing campaign.

    it drives me mad that people don't think of this... and I don't want to constantly mention this because people may get pissed I scare off donors....

    1. Ramz - one of your best and (dare I say) inspiring vids. Many thanks.

      BK - I had hoped bit-coin would be entirely asset based and have real value, ie had a value based on trade in goods and services etc and would grow in real value accordingly. I'm a worried about the recent speculation that zoomed the price(not actual value) up - only to crash later on. As for bit-coin 'mining' - It just does not feel right and looks to be open to hacker corruption. I admit to having no real experience or knowledge of the subject, but I really do like the idea of transactions being anonymous and out of the reach of governments - which is going to be necessary for the reasons you outline.

    2. Bitcoin is a glass house. it is NOT anonymous at all. and it is monitored. it is pseudonymous.

      bitcoin is a scaffolding. a material, along something can be constructed. it is not a currency, though it can act like one.

      crypto is not bitcoin. crypto = all crypto currencies (none are currencies... long story... no technical term in the crypto space is correct... it's all misleading)

      there are literally thousands of crypto currencies. all with widely diverging goals, abilities and ways of working.

      the Bitcoin 2.0 'crypto' is even more complex... e.g. ethereum is to bitcoin what bitcoin is to $.

      price is nice. not much works, if bitcoin was at 0$. but it isn't. and if it is at 1000$, 10000$ or 200$ doesn't really change the value of a frictionless, instant, international, free and uncensorable way to pay, if we only look at the currency side.

      I have not mentioned mining, because it's nonsensical to discuss something neither ramzpaul, nor any alt-right person would ever do.
      mining is for million dollar farms in Iceland or China.

      and it is only valid in "proof-of-work" crypto like bitcoin and is irrelevant in "proof-of-stake" crypto
      mining secures the network. it is essentially guaranteeing that no government, no supercomputer or shadowy organization can hack the network.

      bitcoin hashing power (computing power relevant to influencing bitcoin) is 5000x all top 500 supercomputers combined due to mining.

      to hack bitcoin you need to break 3 state of the art encryptions or compete in computing power.
      if the bitcoin encryption fails, then the world has bigger problems, since classic finance uses the same techniques.
      if you want to outperform 517,502,426 GH/s then good luck


    4. you can of course buy a mining rig, and use it like a lottery...

      if you happen to mine a block, you get atm 25 bitcoin, which is about 8425$

      it's still better than playing the lottery, since your mining (even if you find nothing) secures the network

    5. once you connect an address to a name, it is back-traceable. because of the open ledger.

      but if you do not do that, you can be anonymous.

      it's a much better idea to simply convert bitcoin you want to spend anonymous to any other anon crypto at e.g. (no account needed :D directly, instantly online. try that with classic banking)

    6. bitcoin is not asset based, it is intrinsically valuable for the things it enables.

      e.g. sending money internationally is at minimum 10€ for me plus a % fee and it takes days.

      using bitcoin, I pay ~nothing as fee and it's done in seconds.

      I can send 0.1 cent to anyone in the world and it costs 0.0001 cent (or nothing if I decide not to pay anything and risk that it takes a good while to arrive)

      i.e. you can truly do micropayments in fractions of cents. you can design a system where visits to a website costs the user 0.1 cent or a cent.

      better than ((( ads )))

  4. if you want to talk w/o listeners, use

    AES256 end-end encryption. no accounts. browser based. open source. choose channel name, DM channel name

  5. We need to oppose race-mixing, especially when white women have sex with non-white men.

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  6. I have an an idea for a future video. It would be funny if you wore a body cam and walked around wearing a burka to troll. Seeing a tall guy like you in a Burka would be hilarious.

    Burkas can be ordered on Amazon:

  7. LOL!

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  9. Imagine there's no countries? What a dull world it woul be. There would be no where interesting to go to on vacation!

  10. Even Lennon didn't believe that crap at the end of his life. He had become the dairy cow king of the eastern seaboard.