Monday, November 9, 2015

University of Missouri's Bowel Movement

So a swastika made out of human poop is seen on a dorm wall at the University Of Missouri. This triggers a student to go on a hunger strike until the University President resigns.  Then the African American "students" demand that there be "safe spaces" (i.e., segregation) at the university.

Has a bowl movement ever created so much news?


  1. "swastika made out of human poop is seen on a dorm wall????" Rather than a swastika, which as we all know is a 1000 plus year old Hindu sun sign how about a Star of David mysteriously appearing on the wall?

  2. My guess is that the student responsible for the excremental swastiks is none other than Butt-
    ler himself.

  3. How soon before we get to call it a swasti-kaka?