Monday, November 2, 2015

Why do White people hate themselves?

The death rate is rising for White Americans. And it is not due to heart disease or cancer. The battle is with drug addiction and suicide.

What is the cause of our depression? Is it financial? Or something else?


  1. Pity this vid cannot be shown in all Schools, Ramz.
    I woke up some time ago and I now try to be honest or say nothing. You loose a few 'friends' , but I figure it's just cleaning the friend-pool.

  2. People are dying nowadays in part because of a mix of cultural marxism, loss of traditional values and compulsive consumerism. That ideology is poisonous and deadly. We live too fast and we are never satisfied.

    My parents' families come from the northern mountains of Spain, and they were ranchers and farmers. They were poor, but they worked hard and people in the village of my mother lived about 90-105 years. They were hard fighting peoples and they lived at a normal pace. They hadn't much, but they were happy.

    The lives we live today, in the midst of this cultural marxism, are breaking spirits. It is true that we live in a society, I think, worst than the society that Orwell depicted in his book. In fact, I think that we live in a society that has the worst things of Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World.

    About leftists, any person with a brain and a little willpower can't believe such ideology because it's contradictory, defies common sense and it is illogical and absurd. When I was very young I tried to be tolerant and to understand leftist's points of view, although in my mind I knew their points were pointless and absurd. I feared being called a fascist, a franquist or a nazi. I had a need to be accepted and not be reproached. But today I don't care at all what people think about me. If I offend someone, I don't give a shit; and I don't have the necessity to be accepted because I don't want anything to do with shitty people. I don't fall back an inch and never will.

    And there is something that I learned the hard way, and that when I started watching your videos I felt supported: never apology. Even if you hurt other people's (leftists) feelings.

    And yes, you are right: when you act like this, you feel liberated. You feel free. You are free.

    About Scandinavia, it's hard to believe that they are the descendants of the terrible Vikings. Fucking cultural marxism has taken Sweden by storm.

  3. This is why race realism alone cannot save the white race.

    One can argue that the white mother of this story is a race realist. She noticed that black men are tougher, more muscular, and bigger donged. She must have jungle-fever, and she encouraged it on her daughter, and even encouraged black male athletes to have sex with her daughter.

    We have so many stories now of white female teachers having sexual relations with black high school and college students and athletes.

    The Cuck-stuff is becoming the New Social Ideal. It's even been promoted in a children's program about a female high school football player and her black lover.

    The Cuck Stuff is 'race realist' in a way. It says that white men are more responsible and better earners but black men are better humpers.
    So, the white female ideal is to have a white husband who brings home the bacon but have a black 'bull' lovers on the side to have more fun. And even white males are buying into it. How is this not race realist? It is completely race realist.

    The question is this:

    Should white men who take notice of this reality resist it as a danger to their pride/survival or welcome it in the manner of 'may the best man win'?

    Should white males see black males as a racial-sexual threat and fear white females turning into race-traitors, and should white males therefore unite to fight off the black race to keep their white women for themselves?

    Or should white males accept the outcome whereby they acknowledge black males as superior and they themselves take a beta-male position in society whereby they do get to marry white women and provide home and hearth for their wives who act like Nicole Simpson and Heidi Klum and have affairs with black men?

    Both BIRTH OF A NATION and RAP CULTURE are race realist.

    Both accept the view that blacks pose a threat to whites.

    Like Public Enemy said, 'fear of a black planet' and 'it takes a nation of millions to hold us back'.

    BIRTH OF A NATION says that white men should see the danger posed by blacks and unite and fight them off.
    Rap culture says white boys should wiggle their sappy butts to rap music, worship black males, and be happily beta as black men take white women.

    Both are premised on racial differences, with black males being macho thugs over wussy white boys.

    And now, with millions of young black African men arriving in Europe yr after yr, it's only a matter of time before Western Europe turns into an extension of North Africa where the average person will be mixed race, largely due to white women having babies with black men.

    1. Your post is pure nonsense. The problem with the Europeans american today is they don't want to take responsibility.your blaming Africans, Asians and Latinos for all your issues today. Who run america? White men are even encouraging their wives to get fucked by African Americans men and guess what they paid them for doing so and instead of blaming your kind you want to make this black and white and talking about race war. Race war started the 2500 years ago when the Greeks and roman invaded kemet so you don't know what you talking. There are lots white guys who going to Africa and carribeans marrying Africans women and Africans aren't crying about it but for your is always about skin color . the best you can do is tell your people to stop the race mixing and stop blaming Africans .who own all the interracial dating sites? Black or white? Who promote black women to hyllywood ? Black people or white run media? You talking out of hate and don't know yourself. Research the truth behind ir marriages and you will never blame Africans again. There millions of Europeans living and moving to Africa so shouldn't africans do the same? Does this make any sense to you? I'm out and ypurselve and stop worrying what white or black think my friend. Much love


  4. The only difference between BIRTH and RAP is this:

    BIRTH says Resist!

    RAP says Surrender!

    Both are premised on the notion that black males are tougher than white males and pose a sexual threat to them.

    Cuck culture favors white female interest over white male interest. It prioritizes what white women want. White women want security and economic well-being, and they get this from marrying white men or co-habiting with white men. But increasingly, as white women are jungle-feverized via rap music, pornification of culture, and national sports obsession, they want to have sex with black males.
    Cuck culture says white women should have both: white men should take care of them, and black males should screw them.

    Cuck culture is the new feminism. White boys provide the bacon and black boys provide the sausage for white women.

  5. I don't understand this problem! All people are equal and they can live together like . Read it, I'm sure you'll like it!