Saturday, November 28, 2015

Will Wicked Girls Ruin the Alt Right?

The Alt Right has been good at identifying feminism as an anti-woman and anti-White movement. However, there has been a tendency of some in the movement to view women as the enemy.

A recent ROK article shows some pics of Eastern European girls (random Google pics?) as skanky hos. In some cases that is probably true. After all, they are not another species over there. And, yeah, many young girls like to attention whore for the camera. But is that really new?

A 1930s selfie.

Just to be clear I like the work that Roosh does. And I like to read ROK. And I am not even sure that the ROK is considered as part of the Alt Right. However, the "girls are all worthless whores" sentiment does seem to be common. And I do get it. But we should avoid becoming the new Puritans. Let the SJWs be the Puritans that regulate sex and speech.

Maybe it is my libertarian background. But if some Russian girl wants to dress up as a witch for Halloween, that does not really concern me. And if a bunch of Russians want to have a blonde parade and act silly, whatever. Throughout history young and pretty girls have "attention whored". Young and pretty 14th century French girls scandalized the French court with see through blouses. As such, I think we have a tendency to idealize the "good old days" as something that was not true. I believe it was Tolstoy that commented that every new generation thinks they are the first to have discovered sex.

What we need to unite on is that feminism is an enemy of our people. Below is an article that shows that feminism has nothing to do with protecting women.

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  1. Good piece. I agree with you. I adore women--as any good red-blooded AltRight fascist would--but we need to be aware of three facts:

    (1) the popularity of feminist assumptions among Alt-Right and WN women (at least on social media); and

    (2) White women who go with Africans (and East Asians, in my recent experience); and

    (3) the apparent disproportionate number of women seen welcoming refugees in Europe.

    These issues need to be addressed.