Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Adolf is still dead. Let him rest in peace

I hope everyone has a happy 2016!

We have seen an explosive growth of the Alt Right across the world this year. the energy and excitement is amazing!

My goal is to look to the future and help establish self-determination for all people. I believe that can best be done by looking toward the future instead of being stuck in the past.

However, every few years I tend to get embroiled in a debate with the 14/88 crowd claiming that I have some moral duty to advocate for their notion of Nazism. I keep telling these people that I do not share their values and they should go away and do their own thing. But for some unknown reasons, they keep latching on to me. And then they invariably will watch a video or hear an interview and get all butt hurt again. They think that I have some sort of obligation to advocate for their Sieg Heil nonsense. I don't. And I won't.

Of course, I suspect I know some of the reasons. Based on the history of "neo-nazis" we know that many are shills and informers. Just a partial list is below:

The goal is an attempt to ALWAYS tie White identity to Nazism to discredit the movement. They know that most normal White people have no desire to become "Nazis".  So whenever a successful movement starts they are quick to try to push in and wave the metaphorical swastika. Then they are happy to say things like GAS THE KIKES! to the media. And then the media is able to say, "See? We told you they were nothing but Nazis."

Yeah, I am sure the media will say bad things about us anyway. But personally, I don't want to advocate such self-defeating silliness. People that want to scream "Racial Holy War!" and "Heil Hitler!" can do so on their own. They do not need my help.

The real history of Hitler is an interesting topic. And David Irving's, "Hitler's War" is an excellent book to begin such a study. And I know that there are genuine and serious people that advocate National Socialism. But even with those people I respectfully disagree that we can recreate German National Socialism.

Does this mean I will shy away from NS symbols? Not at all. They can be used in an ironic manner to defuse their shock value. But a serious White identity movement in 2016 (yes, the current year) cannot resurrect the corpse of Hitler. It is time to move on from that. At least I have.


  1. I love your videos. But, sometimes you remind me of Nick Griffin when he appeared on Question Time. He and the BNP were doing so well. But, once he got a bit of BBC (mainstream attention) he floundered and made a total ass of himself. He tweeted a string of retarded messages about evil Nazis and just tanked.
    If you don't like a subgroup just ignore them. Yes, many of the "I love Hitler" crowd are fucking annoying. But, like Trump, be dignified and smart about it. You simply ignore their shenanigans, pat them on the head and carry on.
    Videos like this only make you look like a PC fool. It's okay to ridicule the "14/88" to prove you're not an "evil NAZI". But, then you state your goals as the same.
    You look like a phony.
    Love your vids. But, keep the end goal in perspective.

    P.S. Go Scotland Independence!! Yea, we're more self-hating, suicidal than the UK elite!!

  2. Maybe Trump should try to hang the extremists at Salon around Hillary's neck:

  3. The only thing you need to support Ramz is the truth. The vilification of Hitler servers to vilify all Whites who exhibit any sort of racial self interest. The falsification of history has brought us to this point where most white people are afraid to defend themselves least they be called a racist or homophobe or any of the other shaming word used to silence us. This is why it is important to set the record straight on Hitler and WWII.

  4. Most of the people that you have in mind when you say "the 14/88 crowd" are very unlikely to be national-socialists. People in the USA today generally are much more influenced by Hollywood depictions than by what National-Socialism in Germany actually was.

    Most of them, I think you would find if you analyzed their thinking, are really just "conservatives" of the Rush Limbaugh/Fox News variety who bring the underlying racial motive of that ideology out into the open, and then add to that the observation (which many conservatives also seem to know but avoid discussing) that Jews have been behind the racial problem to a great degree.

    To know what National-Socialism really is requires research. Most people won't do it. They don't even see the need. But they know that they can shock people by displaying a swastika.

    A friend of mine knew an old man who had been an Italian Fascist. Just yesterday, my friend was recounting to me some things that the old man told him. He said that 99% of the right wing in the USA were idiots, and that the "fascists" in Latin America were even worse.

    I guess that's why you used the (perhaps carefully chosen) words "their notion of Nazism."

    1. And it just occurred to me that you are also doing an injustice to Adolf Hitler by using his name in the title as if he represented what you probably mean by "the 14/88 crowd."

      I guarantee, nobody in National-Socialist Germany ever said, "14/88!"

    2. Star example of somebody that you probably mean by "the 14/88 crowd" but who is not a national-socialist: Alex Linder.

      Linder worked for Robert Novak and for the American Spectator, and that Reaganite "less government" ideology is still his fundamental view, last I checked.

  5. Okay, my comments above were based on the text. What I am writing now is based on the video.

    You seem to be panicking here about the possibility that somebody might call you a "nazi." That's not good. It's like blood in the water for sharks.

    I would never call myself a "nazi," and I try to avoid ever using it at all, because it is a term of hostile propaganda that the NSDAP never applied to themselves. "Nazi" was convenient for leftist opponents of National-Socialism (like Konrad Heiden, who may have coined the term) because it was a way to avoid saying anything descriptive of the NSDAP's ideology.

    But I don't panic and run away if somebody says that, either. Instead I endeavor to transform the regurgitation of stereotypes into a discussion of facts.

    I don't think that you are helping with this video. We have too many scaredypants in this cause as it is. I mean that. It's a serious problem and getting worse.

  6. As for the idea of copying a bygone era, I somewhat agree, but I wonder how far you mean that. Do you mean that there is nothing to be learned from The German model?

    Taking inspiration from a bygone era is perfectly respectable, if that bygone era happens not to be Germany 1933-1945. Why do you think that there are so many Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns on government-buildings in the United States? Those silly Founding Fathers were taking inspiration from something that they read from the ancient world.

  7. Agreed. Certain elements in the '14/88' crowd are probably informants. Others are annoying kostume klowns. Still, no enemies to the right.

  8. I've always assumed most if not all NAZI movements we at least in part kosher psy ops bs.

    The real NAZIs themselves always struck me as an extreme form of Jewish messianic nationalism.

  9. There are no "real NAZIs." "Nazi" is a figment of Jewish propaganda. The NSDAP NEVER CALLED THEMSELVES THAT.

  10. Funny thing is that RamZpaul did a video with Tubby Tubbington recently, who is a Hollywood Nazi from way back. The cluelessness of doing that, and then making this video, is mindboggling.

    I could say more but that should be enough.

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    2. I just looked at the "jewise" link.

      I guess Ramzpaul doesn't realize that Harold Covington was with Frank Collin's NSPA at the time of the Skokie controversy. Here's a picture of Tubby standing next to Frank Collin:

      It's really confusing, trying to figure out who in hell Ramzpaul could be talking about. Obviously he's not talking about his friend Tubby. So then who's left?

      The only group of which I am aware these days that actually calls itself "Nazi" is Rocky Suhayda's group, and they seem to be good guys and ideologically serious, actually, even though I disagree with them about labeling themselves with a word that was always intended as a slur. Their explanation of why they ended up using "nazi" was that when they said "national-socialist" nobody knew what it meant, and assumed that they were some kind of Marxist.

      I think instead of being so vague you should say exactly what the hell you're on about, because the confusion is making enemies for you, and you also look like an idiot attacking "nazis" when you've made a video palling around with one.

      (I had to redo this post because I got the name of Frank Collin's org wrong.)

  11. Nice article Ram. I like the way you think. I think you are a very reasonable and decent person. I also liked what I heard you say once on a radio program regarding your view of White Nationalism; that it's essentially a preservation of a people, but if a white falls in love with a Japanese girl for instance and their is one Japanese in the town, who cares. That is how I feel.

  12. The Hitler-as-a-Confederate-romantic analogy was a pretty good one to drive home the most important point: whatever you think of the German Fourth Reich and all the things that have been said/claimed/propagandized about World War II, we must forge a modern movement to protect our White identity and we cannot live in the past.

    I'm not into the 14/88 stuff either, but I have some empathy for some of the viewpoints from that crowd because I realize that they are trying to undo some of the anti-White propaganda about that era.

    That said, here's the "equation" RamZPaul mentioned in his video"

    White identity = Nationalism = Nazis = Holocaust = Evil

    Those of us who prefer to avoid the whole Fourth Reich romanticism basically want to cut off the equation at "White identify = Nationalism" . . . nothing more

    The 14/88 crowd seems to want to cut off the equation at "White identity = Nationalism = Nazis" . . . nothing more (i.e., making the point that the so-called Holocaust was an overblown propaganda move against all future White nationalism).

    But I think the point is, why bother trying to disassociate Nazis from Holocaust/evil when we can more easily disassociate our White identity movement today from the German Fourth Reich of nearly a century ago? Avoiding the "Nazi" trap is just easier and likely to be more successful in the end.

    It doesn't mean that you have to buy the official story about the so-called evil Nazis. It doesn't mean that you can't name the Jew when pointing to the forces at work against White identity today. But if you just avoid tying yourself to a movement from nearly a century ago, you give your anti-White enemies less of a target to shoot at.

    Just my two cents.

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    2. You're all over the map, but just to address one thing that you said:

      "But I think the point is, why bother trying to disassociate Nazis from Holocaust/evil when we can more easily disassociate our White identity movement...."

      This is what a number of the "Alt Right" cowards advocate. It's a form of running away, but you really can't run away.

      Enoch Powell certainly did not go out of his way to be associated with Hitler but he had to endure it anyway. Most of the political figures attacked with Hitler-comparisons have deviated only a little bit from mainstream. Comparisons to Hitler are usually based on some flimsy premise. I recall a cartoon from a couple of years ago that had Hitler's face with a moustache in the shape of Arizona, because Arizona was trying to solve the problem of illegal immigration. There's no way to escape being likened to Hitler if you happen to have an enemy who thinks that it will be an effective way of attacking you.

      I think that this is a problem that is not really solved until being compared to Hitler is no longer something that would bother you.

      Ramzpaul by contrast is obviously still very bothered. So, if someone wanted to attack him effectively, it would be necessary only to post his face with a little added moustache repeatedly over a period of time, and he'd probably fall to pieces.

    3. "I think that this is a problem that is not really solved until being compared to Hitler is no longer something that would bother you.

      Ramzpaul by contrast is obviously still very bothered."

      I don't get that from RamZPaul's statements. I think he would laugh off any comparison to Hitler, effectively saying that any such comparison is nonsense. I don't think he would say "well sure, but Hitler and the National Socialists were actually not bad, and let me explain why . . ."

      Of course many of us, myself included, could make an argument that Hitler and the German National Socialists were actually right/good, and one could make that same argument about the Confederacy. But doing so is an uphill climb and it's not necessary. Modern White Nationalists aren't advocating for the same positions as the Confederacy or the German National Socialists, so why tie yourself to explaining why THOSE groups were "right" or "good"?

      Just engage your critics on the merits and laugh off any "Nazi!" or "White Supreeeeeeeeeeeeemist!" name-calling.

      We can engage people in the let-me-explain-why-German-National-Socialists-weren't-evil discussions as a separate issue, but many of us, myself included, don't think we should be leading with that.

    4. the jews and their troops, the SJW, base their belief of moral superiority on the holocaust. I had an educated woman tell me we ought to let the Syrian refugees in the U.S because of what happened to the jews when we didn't let them in. And that same "logic" is applied to the acceptance of all types of perversion. The holocaust can not be stepped over because it is the foundation of their arguments. It must be de-constructed. Once the lie is exposed the anger people will have can be channeled into energy for their interests.

    5. Another way to think about the "Nazis" is that Zog has spent a lot of time and money working up the "Nazi" brand and it has been very effective. They did this for the reasons I stated above, why would you allow them to continue to use it against us?

    6. Well Matthew Jacobs, if you say that you are not competent for a discussion of history, I believe you. Your references to "Fourth Reich" are evidence of that.

      Maybe this will help you. This guy is a Christian pastor who seems perfectly comfortable dismissing the Holohoax. He was dragged into discussing the Holohoax through criticisms of his theological rejection of Christian Zionism.

      The un-demonization of National-Socialist Germany is not something that we can or should avoid. If there are people who do not want to deal with it, they should be thankful for the others who do.

      What especially bothers me is the cowardice proselytized by Mark Weber (See R. Faurisson for Weber's history of cowardice), and parroted by various "Alt Right" personae, that the Holocaust does not need to be addressed, that it is even counterproductive to address. Since this pretense of a principled stand is really a cover for cowardice, it ends up meaning ostracism of anybody who has the courage to say these things.

    7. You're right, my reference to "Fourth Reich" was a brain fart.

      I'm not saying one can't rebut the "but-but muh Holocaust!" argument by dismissively challenging the veracity of the so-called "Holocaust" when it's thrown in our faces.

      I'm not saying one can't point out that the German National Socialists weren't evil personified and that the Allies committed numerous war crimes and atrocities in their own right.

      I'm saying that since no one in "current year" United States is a German National Socialist from the 1930s-1940s, why the hell would we want to willingly adopt carbon-copies of the symbols and the leaders of that time/place?

      I typically address the "muh Holocaust" arguments by dismissively saying I don't believe most of what I read about the Holocaust, lots of people died in WWII on both sides, I can show you photos of prison camps from the Civil War that you couldn't distinguish from the so-called death camps in Nazi-controlled lands, most of the deaths of inmates at German work camps were probably caused by desperation/starvation from Allied bombing, we firebombed German population centers and nuked Japanese population centers twice so what makes us superior etc. etc. etc.

      But I don't go around leading with 14/88 explicitly "pro-Nazi" arguments. Why tie that stone around our neck?

    8. Matthew Jacobs said: "I'm saying that since no one in "current year" United States is a German National Socialist from the 1930s-1940s, why the hell would we want to willingly adopt carbon-copies of the symbols and the leaders of that time/place?"

      I don't know anybody that does this.

      Matthew Jacobs says: "But I don't go around leading with 14/88 explicitly "pro-Nazi" arguments. Why tie that stone around our neck?"

      Here, I am puzzled about what you mean. The word Nazi denotes a caricature, not a real ideology or political movement that ever existed.

      If it is the clowns who imitate Hollywood propaganda with no higher purpose than attracting attention to themselves that one wishes to attack, then why say, "Adolf Hitler is still dead! let him rest in peace!" when Adolf Hitler has nothing to do with any of that?

      The thinking here is totally confused. The cause of the confusion is: running away from the matter instead of sorting it out.

  13. A very happy new year to you too, RamZPaul.

  14. The last person who should be talking about Hitler is the overrated suckup Ramzpaul. He actually says:

    "I love WW2, I have the game, I play Third Reich. I read Hitler's War, a great biography about Hitler. I think I know the era."

    Then he gives a condescending snigger. Knows the era? He's delusional. He's making a video about the "14-88 crowd" just to make another video, and throws in Hitler because "Hitler sells." In truth, a few such 14-88'ers might write to him from time to time, but for sure not the crowd he wants to make it out to be. He's a weasel - as in Elie Wiesel.

  15. Submission to Islam sucks, but submission to globalism(globmission or glubmission) is worse.

    Resist Glubmission.

    Globalism sounds harmless, as if all the world is sharing and influencing each other equally ,i.e, we all part of the global community with no single part of the world lording it over others. But globalism is really about the neo-imperialist domination of the entire globe by the Wall-Street-Hollywood-Las-Vegas-Silicon-Valley-Ivy-League-Pentagon-Tel-Aviv industrial-information-idolatry complex.

    It financially rewards the comprador elites of nations that comply, it economically targets nations with political sovereignty(esp if Jews hate them)such as Russia and Iran, it militarily destroys the Middle East(at the behest of Jews) all the while hugging clockboy to demonstrate that globalism loves Muslims, it promotes the homo-agenda and the worship of the 'gay' anus, it promotes thug-and-ho culture of the masses(thus making young girls the world over like Saigon hookers), it undermines the national identity and interests of native majorities, and it forces PC on everyone around the world. PC ostensibly blames whites, but it actually targets ALL normal values(like marriage) and undermines majority rule everywhere.

    If the French are 'submitting' to Islamism, it could be as a resistance against Glubmission.

    Bowing down to Glubmission is to bow down to the US that is ruled by Jews.

    What glubmission seeks to do to your daughter in all five continents.

    Globalism means domination of Jewish finance, US military, Hollywood, Chinese manufacturing, Ivy League PC, homo-created fashions, black muscle and pud, the NBA, Rap, McDonalds, MTV whore culture, etc. allover the world.

    It is not about the world learning from one another in back-and-forth manner but about the imposition of few dominant ideas, images,and influences over everything else.
    It is no wonder that a globalist like John McWhorther rejoices that so many languages are going extinct to be replaced by the 'lingua franca' of American-style English.


    The Trump phenom isn't just about immigration and nationalism. Closely tied to it is the CLASS WAR within the GOP. The donor class(the Adelsons and Koch Bros) vs the voter class.

    The paradigm of WIGFGMIGFA--what is good for general motors etc--is falling apart.

    For so long, esp because the Dems were seen as pro-labor, so many conservative voters thought that the rich are 'conservative'. Also, in the past, there were more patriotic national capitalists, esp wasps guarding their power against the Jewish challenge.

    But things changed, and Clinton's New Democrat policy won over the globolicarchs to the Dems.
    Jewish money and media permeates everything.

    And the cat is now out of the big. The rich are against the conservative white voter class.

    This is seismic in implication.

    It might lead to eventual merging of Sanderites and Trumpites. The National Left.

    I like capitalism but only when it is National. If capital goes Global, we must take up left politics.

  17. What black rampage should be called: Jiggernaut.