Saturday, December 5, 2015

Betsy Woodruff, the Alt Right and RAMZPAUL

So I see I was in the news!

The article was about the Alt Right and Rush Limbaugh. What was weird is that I was quoted without any prior contact with the reporter. But what is ironic is that my quote that she stole basically predicts what she ends up doing in the story - screaming the usual slurs. The whole story was about Alt Right being "White Soooopremicts" and yet she did not bother to interview the subjects of her article. Weird.

Below is a pic that was used in the story.

I guess that us supposed to suggest that people who identify in the Alt Right are KKK members? And Rush Limbaugh is our secret leader? This is bizarre as I have never met a person in the KKK. And the Alt Right conferences I have attended wouldn't even allow someone in wearing such a costumer.

It is usually considered rude and somewhat biased to label someone in a way that they find offensive. I know if I was a reporter, I don't think Betsy would like for me to label her as a "Communist". I would report on whatever label she chose to identify herself. And then I might interview people who have a different opinion and claim that yes, Betsy is a secret Communist. But I would make it clear in the story that such is just their opinion.

I am sure she is not a bad reporter. She must know that Jews, Hispanics, Asians and Africans have all attended Amren. So what is up with her claiming as a fact that the Alt Right is "White Supremacist"?

I can only assume that this was her way of plugging my videos while maintaining plausible deniability.

So since she gave me a shout out, I thought I would return the favor. Below is a vid of her on TV. I suppose it is an obscure show as the vid only has 211 views (I think 3 were mine).


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  2. Just so you know that daily beast link is broken.


    PC has to be trolling at this point.

    Colleges are no longer about ideas. They are about slogans.

    'Inclusion' is the magic word now.

    Funny since the very nature of higher education is to exclude those who can't make the grade.

  4. Would not bang.

    "Betsy Woodruff"...a classic preppy, WASP name. Years ago people like her would have been defending Whites. Now, they throw them under the bus.

    Let it burn.

  5. Found you during a surfing expedition, and have returned several times. I sure hope Betsy understands her peril. She is swimming with a shark! :)

  6. Betsy should wear a high neckline to cover up her frightening Klingon ridge on her chest. A Low cut top is for a cis woman with a cleavage, or at least a cool tattoo, (of a cleavage.)

  7. Is Betsy Woodruff the daughter of the awful Judy Woodruff?