Sunday, December 27, 2015

BuzzFeed News Interview of RAMZPAUL

The BuzzFeed article about the Alt Right was released!

I thought the interview was fair. She did not take anything out of context. (Always record interviews with the media. Helps keep them honest.)

She did say this:

Ramsey himself tweeted. Ramsey tweeted about my being “nice” and exhorted his followers to be nice to me in turn, but he also tweeted about how he planned to post the recording online so his followers could assess it — a not-so-subtle invitation to troll me.

I am not sure what she means by "troll." Saying mean things about someone is not "trolling." For being so young (she is 26), she seemed somewhat out of touch with the current vernacular. I was surprised.

But I was being serious. I don't want anyone to be mean to her. She is a sweet girl.


  1. Ramz.
    It was frustrating that you had to explain in such detail simple points that would have been self-evident to our ancestors even as children.
    I really do hope that she is genuinely searching after the truth, and not just hoping somehow to manipulate the interview to buttress her own PC beliefs and that of her close-minded circle of believers.

    1. I think she is sympathetic as she can be while still remaining employed by BuzzFeed.

    2. Well done RAMZPAUL! You handled her very deftly. Pray she starts thinking. I loved the way you brought up her boss; she didn't expect that right jab.

  2. Great article. Kind of like an introduction for people interested in the Alt-Right. These things are very helpful. Hopefully it will direct more people to our side.

    My one problem with the piece is, how can a "rare Pepe" also be "common"? This doesn't make sense.

    2015 has been an awesome year, and 2016 promises to be even better. It's highly satisfying to see various individuals, groups, and themes start to coalesce into a broader movement. Some of us have been working on this project for 10 or so years.

    1. 2015 is the year it all came together. That is how these things work. Little progress and then... BAM!

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  3. Bravo RamZ! The thing I admire most about the spokespeople for our cause is their ability to stay calm in the face of (what is for me) infuriating obtuseness (obtusidy?) Mr. ZPaul never disappoints on this score.

    1. Thanks. Mostly I find this amusing so I don't get upset. And I am smarter than most reporters. (No offense to her, she seems intelligent.)

  4. One important area the article missed was the role played by Game, PUA, and Red Pill sites in the Manosphere, such as Chateau Heartiste, Roosh, Mike Cernovich, and Vox Day. These individuals have been instrumental in introducing young White men to Alt-Right ideas, even though that may not have been their initial purpose. Teaching young White men how to be confident with (and act upon) their masculinity is very much like instructing them how to be confident with their racial and cultural identity as Europeans. Today, you can't really properly discuss the Alt-Right without at least mentioning the Red Pill community.

    1. I agree. I am working with both camps. We have the same goals. And girls are important.

  5. Ramz, what's with the 14/88ers giving you a hard time on Twitter recently?

    1. Mostly shills. That is what they get paid to do.

    2. I bet most of the supposed "14/88-ers" are sock-puppet profiles run by leftists.

  6. Replies
    1. I was offended she did not believe me!

  7. Notice how the globalist mouthpieces always try and back us in a corner when it comes to "immigrants" who've already been let it. They act horrified and start looking for Hitler in the shadows at even the slightest suggestion of sending them back from where they came.
    White South Africans were in South Africa for hundreds of years and built a 1st world country from a wilderness. Yet, they believe it is perfectly justifiable that they be brutally exterminated because they don't belong there.

    1. I have White friends born and raised in Africa whose families were effectively kicked out after Europe gave up its colonies. No one bats an eye at hundreds of thousands of Whites having been forced out of Africa.

  8. RamZPaul - I'm thankful that you have the tolerance and sense of humor to repeatedly try to "explain" the alt-right to ignorant (or faux-ignorant) people who are out to get us. I used to have that sort of patience, but lately I've seen to have lost it; I can't even be bothered talking with the anti-White leftists anymore.

  9. The Trump phenom goes to expose the total sham that is American Conservatism.

    Now, I'm no fan of Trump even though I prefer him to everyone else by a margin of light yrs.

    It's true enough that Trump is acting a bit loony at times, but he is tapping into something real. He's stirring up something that has been either dormant or suppressed for so long.

    Now, the GOP establishment and mainstream Conservatives have right to be upset with Trump's tactics and proposals, but surely they should recognize that Trump has given the 'American Right' a great opportunity for some real soul-searching.
    Even if they don't endorse Trump, they can ask key questions such as:

    1. How come the Establishment favorites like Jeb are such duds?

    2. How come so many Conservatives are connecting with Trump like they've done with no one else for a long time?

    3. How come the media attack on Trump has had little effect on him?

    4. In what ways has the GOP failed that has led to the Trump phenom?

    5. etc.

    Instead, the GOP establishment and mainstream Conservative types are doubling down, swinging their batons, and giving us the same horseshit that no longer sells.
    If anything, the so-called 'mainstream conservatives' are not mainstream at all. 'Mainstream' implies something that represents the majority. Well, we are told that Jeb Bush is 'mainstream' whereas Trump is a fringe candidate, but Trump seems to be doing better with your average Conservative than Jeb is.
    It's like the term 'mainline' Protestantism. It suggests the main bulk of Protestant believers, but in fact, 'mainline' means nothing today as their churches have totally dried up. There is no blood, soul, and passion in the movement. In contrast, Evangelicalism is still alive cuz the faith still remains.
    Now, Trump is no religious figure, but there is real passion among his supporters that simply doesn't exist among supporters of the likes of Rubio, Fiorina, Jeb, and etc. Trump may be a swindler, but his fans and supporters are genuine conservatives and patriots. They really believe in America just like Evangelicals really believe in Jesus as the Son of God.
    In contrast, Mainline Protestants regard themselves as too sophisticated, educated, and aloof to literally believe in God and Jesus. They just value the abstract 'essence' of that stuff so that it can be used to serve secular causes... like 'gay marriage'.

    Likewise, the so-called 'mainstream conservatives' of the Establishment no longer believe in core conservatism, patriotism, Americanism, and etc. They are 'secular patriots' than 'spiritual patriots'. Their idea of America is an abstraction. It is not about American history, people, culture, and power. It is about America as some abstract proposition cooked up by Emma Lazarus Sulkowicz and the Neocons.
    Their reaction to red-blooded patriotism is like mainline protestant reaction to Evangelical faith in God as the real Lord than some abstract idea.

    1. Given that populist red-blooded conservatives have been rather unintelligent and un-educated, they've been easily manipulated by the elites. They were thrown some red meat on occasion at least in symbolism: pledge of alliance, bogus controversies about prayer in school, etc. Mostly, their passions were stoked only during election time only to win some votes for politicians who were really in the pocket of globalist elites.

      And over the yrs, US has become less white, less conservative, less spiritual, less moral, and etc. despite all the promises of GOP elites(even when GOP held the presidency and both houses). Also, populist conservatives were led to believe that if they support the rich folks, the rich folks would reciprocate and fight leftist Big Government and support American patriotism. But that was all bogus. American populist conservatives are waking up to the fact that the super-rich(whom they'd supported) are pushing the very agendas that are doing the most harm to the vast majority of middle class, lower middle class, and working class white Americans.

      But we don't see any soul-searching from the likes of George Will. My beef with Will is not that he dislikes Trump. There are many good reasons not to like Trump, to distrust him, to even despise him.
      But at the very least, Trump has provided us with an opportunity to discuss serious matters about the future of American Conservatism. He has blown the cover that there is indeed a HUGE discrepancy between the Establishment and the duped conservative masses who are now fed up and sick to death of guys like Lindsey Graham and John McCain who schmooze with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

      If Trump is the destroyer of the GOP, it's only because he lifted up the hood and exposed the shoddy machinery. GOP has been like a sleazy used car salesman for some time. It's been trying to fool America, especially populist white voters, that the engine is still powerful and ready to win the race and serve American interests.
      But then, Trump comes along and opens up the hood, and it's obvious that the so-called pistons are made up of noodles like Jeb, Rubio, Carly, Lindsey, and the rest. Trump does the Tucker thing in the Coppola movie, and the establishment just can't handle it.
      Still, we have now seen the GOP under the hood, and we can't buy it anymore unless it gets a real new engine. And this is what the likes of Will are bitching about. They don't want a new engine. They wanted to sell us a souped-up version of the same bogus engine hidden under the shiny hood. And instead of blaming themselves for the crummy engine, the Establishment types are blaming Trump for having lifted up the hood to reveal the truth.
      Now, the Grease Lightning that Trump is selling could be a bogus junk car too. But we should credit Trump for exposing the GOP for what it is.


    2. In a way, the fate of GOP is what happens when something becomes overly institutionalized. In some ways, such development is understandable. After all, people with the stuff of greatness can be mavericks and visionaries. They can do great things but also bad things.
      So, instead of having men of powerful personalities and leadership qualities, the system prefers those who go long and get along. After a spell under such a system, both the GOP and Democratic Party have filled up with pushovers, fakers, phonies, and slicksters. They are hand-shakers than world-shakers; they are puppets who take orders from AIPAC, Soros, Koch Brothers, and Adelson.
      And over time, such a system only produces one colorless and bloodless second-rater after another because anyone with any true vision or personality is purged and exiled.
      So, Citizen Trump's moment is truly remarkable in this sense.

      At any rate, the GOP may now be fatally broken like Tsar's power during WWI.
      It's gotten to the point where all the main talking points no longer hold any water or have any sway over us. It all sounds like empty rhetoric by professional hacks who just mouth the same cliches because they don't know and can't think of anything else.
      It's like the scene in DOCTOR ZHIVAGO where the deserters just about had enough of the war and have become deaf to the rhetoric.


    Ever notice that Buchanan talks about the coming secession movements? He see it as the rise of nationalism. But I think he's missing some key points.

    He keeps talking about Scottish secession. But Scotland is more 'leftist' than the rest of UK.
    If anything, it wants to secede in order to globalize even faster. Moronic Scottish 'nationalists' are attacking the Tory government for not being 'progressive' enough. They should be called Scottish globalists. Many lesser states want to split from their nations only to globalize even faster and adopt more PC nonsense.

    Look at Ireland. It has been independent from Britain for some time, but Irish pride now comes from globalizing even faster than Britain. Ireland has black immigrants and tons of Irish women reject their own potatohead men and have children with Negroes.

    Taiwan wants independence from China but only to globalize faster. Stuff like 'gay marriage' is catching on over there. Taiwanese want permanent split from China cuz they see China as too nationalist and conservative. Taiwanese wanna be deracinated and grow closer to the US empire.

    So, secessions are not necessarily nationalist. It can be globalist. After all, the national independence of Eastern European nations from Soviet domination didn't make them more nationalist but more globalist. Many got sucked into EU, and many are now waving homo flags. Georgian gives the nationalist middle finger to Russia... yet it has become a dog of the US empire. Georgia now has homo pride parades at the behest of its American masters.

    Many small states within the larger nation feel stifled and repressed by the national government. They prefer globalism over nationalism. So, they wanna split from the nation they are part of and join with the US-promoted global empire.

    Nationalism is useless when the culture and morality are disintegrating. Whether Europe remains in EU or splits into a 100 pieces, there won't be true nationalism and patriotism unless the culture changes. If Scotland splits from the UK but the joins with globalism and imports a million Negroes and make reggae their national anthem, what kind of nationalism is that?

    Ireland is independent but freely voted for 'gay marriage', the first nation to do so. Some national independence!! If Irish freedom and independence only made it cave to globalist homo agenda, its nationalism is useless.

    In fact, the culture and morality of the West are so foul nowadays that even nationalism and secessions cannot save Europe. Suppose Bavaria splits from Germany only to take in more immigrants and put on massive homo parades that have a demoralizing and deracinating effect. Some nationalism!

    1. Take a look at this news:

      One might say, ‘well, it’s nice that we can still be outraged by SOME thing.’ We still believe pedophilia is terrible.

      But… I’m sure that some time in the future, the accused will be vindicated as a victim of ‘pedophobia’. With the Jewish-run media sexualizing little children at breakneck speed, American society will have to accept children as sexual beings. After all, even grade school children are now taught the wonders of anal homo ‘sex’ or fecal penetration. And Disney markets prostitute-style clothing to little girls. As children become sexualized, they will be seen as sexual beings capable of having sex with other children. And if children can have sex with other children, why not with adults as well? And in that manner, ‘pedophobia’ will be reviled and banned while pedophilia will be the law of the land. Homos and pedophiles are very close, and just as Jews helped the homos to power, homos will help pedos to power. Homos and pedos will march together in ‘pride’ parades.
      When the culture of a people is headed in such direction, it doesn’t matter if EU or US remains one or breaks up into a 100 pieces. The culture is sick and getting sicker.

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  12. Nothing to do with nationalism.....but in the name of GOD, why does ever female under the age of 30 sound like a valley girl?

    If I have to LIKE listen to one more LIKE second of a LIKE supposedly LIKE professional reporter butcher LIKE the English Language LIKE, I'm going to LIKE blow my LIKE brains out.

    1. We need you. Don't blow your brains out.

  13. We must support nationalism against globalism for the sake of decent internationalism.

    Globalism means domination by American financial and military power. It also means deracinated values centered around homosexuality and trans-gender agenda.
    Also, it should be noted that the globalist media controlled by Jews never pressure Israel to surrender its own nationalism. No, globalism only applies to gentile nations. Only gentile nations must open up their borders and erase their own historical, racial, and cultural heritage.

    Btw, nationalists are NOT opposed to international cooperation or world trade.
    Rather, they support border controls, preservation of national identity, and sovereignty.
    What they oppose is not trading or exchanging ideas with other nations. What they oppose is becoming the puppet of the US and EU that are controlled by Jewish oligarchs.
    Also, not all nations are equally influential under globalism. As globalism is dominated by the US, all nations must follow the dictates of Washington and New York. If US says YOU MUST HAVE GAY MARRIAGE, you must force the people of your nation to accept it.
    In truth, nationalism is totally compatible with international trade and cooperation. A nation does NOT need globalism to trade with the world or to cooperate with the world.

    Now, look at Israel, It has tight borders. It has tight immigration laws. But it trades with the world. It is part of the international community. It proves a nation can be nationalist and be a world player.
    Globalism is more than internationalism. It means that nations must surrender their national sovereignty and cultural identity for global pop culture fashions and dictates that come from the US state department. For culture, It means favoring Hollywood and Japanese cartoons over your own history, culture, and identity.
    Also, globalists are hardly 'inclusive'. They are only selectively 'inclusive' on the basis of conditions laid down by the US. They act like they wanna trade with the whole world, but when a nation like Russia or Iran refuses to go along with the Zionist-homosexual Washington agenda, the US-dominated globalism pulls strings to shut the economies of such nations from the rest of the world. Globalism doesn't treat all nations equally. Israel has 300 illegal nukes, but it is showered with 4 billion in aid every year. Iran hasn't invaded any nation and hasn't a single nuke. And it has developed only civilian nuclear power under international inspection. But Jewish-controlled US forced sanctions on it. So much for equal treatment.


    1. To be part of the globalist economic system, your nation MUST surrender its sovereignty to US demands as devised by Jews and homosexuals.
      Nationalists are not opposed to travel, trade, and exchange of ideas. They are for those things PLUS strong borders, pride of heritage, and sense of national community.
      Nationalists are the best internationalists since they believe that every nation has a right to exist and protect its integrity and sovereignty. And on those grounds, all the nations in the world can mutually respect one another and can get along.

      In contrast, globalists controlled by Jewish oligarchs demand that the sovereignty of every nation be weakened and destroyed so that American power can dictate values and policy in every nation... except Israel of course. Israel is allowed to be both nationalist and internationalist. Globalists don't pressure Israel to open its borders or to accept diverse immigration.

      Another thing. Nationalists believe that there are things of value(priceless value) beyond economics. Globalists judge the value of everything according to money, growth, GNP, and etc. According to globalism, a nation is better off if it surrenders sovereignty in exchange for more 'free trade' since it may increase profits for the big business class. But using this logic, a prostitute who sells her body is better off than a honest woman who refuses to sell hers because the prostitute is richer. Globalists put money before pride and honor, nationalists favor pride and honor over money.
      As for culture and values, globalism offers Pop Culture(of the degenerate American kind with the likes of Miley Cyrus, gangsta rap, and endless porn) and Political Correctness that forces people to accept 'gay marriage' and call Bruce Jenner a 'woman'.

      What the world really needs is nationalism and internationalism. When every nation feel secure and safe via nationalism, it is more willing and more able to get along with other nations.
      If anything, nationalism serves internationalism.
      In contrast, globalism and 'diversity'-mongering creates more division and distrust all across the world, and then, there are more problems.

      Separation is better for unity. When nations remain separate and secure from one another, they respect one another more and trust one another more. They can do trade and travel.
      It's like individuals in a community get along if they have their own private spaces. When each person has his/her own space and privacy, he/she is more likely to trust others than if everyone has to share the same space all the time.

      During the Great Leap Forward in China, Mao's commune system sought to make everyone do everything together almost 24/7. For instance, while Chinese people worked together in the fields, they usually ate meals with their own families. But during the Great Leap, everyone in the community was made to eat together, and this just got on everyone's nerves and made people trust each other less.

      Nationalism means political privacy for each nation. When every nation has its own privacy respected, it will get along with other nations in the public space of international trade and cooperation.

    2. With so many lengthy posts, you should consider setting up a blog of your own and simply posting the headline and link on other people's blogs. People tend to see such long "comments" and just zip past because the rule of thumb with wordy posts is someone who has little to say but seem to need a thousand words to say it.
      Great insight. So, don't take it as negative criticism.

  14. I despise her uptalk and the way she separates clauses by saying eeeeeeeeeeyand

  15. Interesting interview . She does try a bit of twisting.