Monday, December 14, 2015

Donald Trump - A Sober Stud

I have often looked at successful people and tried to figure out their secret. And Donald Trump is in that category. He is almost 70 years old but he looks 50. He is energetic and still has a passion for life.

Hillary Clinton is a year younger, but she looks like an old and frail grandmother.

So what is the secret?

The doctor of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he is in "excellent" health and has had no significant medical problems.

Mr Trump had been under pressure to release his medical history after several other candidates had done so.

The 69-year-old real estate tycoon would become the oldest president to be elected in US history.
However, his physician said he would be the "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency".
New York City-based physician Harold Bornstein said his physical strength and stamina are "extraordinary".


  1. I recall reading an article about Trump many years ago in which he said he only sleeps about 4 hours a day. The current Prime Minister of India is in the same boat. Very unusual physiology, if true. Perhaps genetic.

  2. Go for it. I knew I was "alcohol prone" in my teens, and stopped drinking. Didn't drink except for a drink now and then, very careful. I made it to about 50 and had a drink now and then, but when the bazonga hit the proverbial fan in our house, I drank wine - first while making dinner, then when I came home from somewhere in the evenings: feet up on the kitchen table, bottle and glass next to me, as I watched tv. I became a closet drinker: no I didn't drink the closet, but a secret drinker. I had a business, and I would think about a drink while at work! Long story short: I became suicidal - not overtly, just planning. Starting taking pills for depression. Go figure! Cancer. Surgery, radiation, and then right back. Got too close for comfort with the planning one day, went to see a counselor and she said, well, you're an alcoholic and if you don't stop, you'll be dead in three months. Disliked AA, but respect their work. Too stubborn. I'm here, many years later. What I learned was that I could stop cold turkey. Did it with cigarettes, then alcohol. But, it's a toughie, so good luck.

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  4. Last year I got up to an ounce or two of ethanol a night. That translates into two-and-a-half to five ounces of 80 proof. Early in April, my wife and I came home from a cruise and I just stopped drinking alone. With others, I've had about four or five ounces in beer and margs since then. I've lost weight. Life is good. Best of luck to you with your choice.

  5. I only drink when I eat, and not too much. That's the healthy way of drinking. And that is the reason why we, Spaniards, invented the "tapa", which is free in most of our bars: you mustn't drink with your stomach empty. Tapa culture is so rooted in my country, that I don't come back to a bar, tavern or restaurant that doesn't serve me a tapa with my drink.

    And I only drink liqueurs after eating.

    Of course, I sometimes drink with my stomach empty, but I try not to overdo it and I drink a little. I've been drunk five or six times in my life and it is not a pleasant experience.

  6. Good luck Ramz.
    I have been good for a year now. My secret has been never drink at home - the occasional social drink does not count.

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  8. Never trust a man who doesn't drink.

    Just saying.

  9. I cringed when I heard you mention mixing booze and Tylenol. Both are hepatotoxins and have a synergistic effect, like washing down sleeping pills with vodka. Don't ever do that again unless you have a spare liver in your deep-freeze.

  10. Couple of points to make. To me trumo looks to be about 50 pounds overweight. Most of it in the midsection. That is far more unhealthy than drinking moderate alcohol. Time and again studies have shown life expectancy in the following order from longest life to shortest. 1. Moderate drinkers. 2. Heavy drinkers. 3. Non-drinkers. That's right. Heavy drinkers live longer than teetotallers! Trump may have vitality but it's not from abstaining

  11. Trump is a Presbyterian and sobriety is a Presbyterian thing. I remember it from Sunday School.

    Personally I can take or leave alcohol, and I never had a bad hangover from those few occasions (at parties) when I did get drunk. In other words alcohol is not compelling for me. I don't drink the stuff very often mainly because it's expensive and I don't get any important benefit from it.

    1. Not sure why, but a lot of Presbyterians and ex-Presbyterians are prominent in the racial cause: Sam Dixon, Jared Taylor. William Pierce was an ex-Presbyterian.