Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Donald Trump: The USA To Conquer England

The sad and scared little cucks in England have started a petition to ban Donald Trump from visiting their little island. They are too weak and scared to risk angering the Muslims that rape their children, so they are talking tough to soon-to-be President Trump.

As things have become grim on that isle, it is time that good people take a stand and liberate them from their Cultural Marxist mess.  It is the only Christian thing to do.

Please sign the petition below:

Given that:

1) The UK has been overrun with Muslim invaders

2) The English have lost the gene to defend their people

3) The English have an Orwellian Police State

We hereby request that our glorious leader, President Trump, do the following:

1) Invade and conquer England

2) Establish the House of Trump as the new Monarchy

3) Remove Muslims from the land

4) Require Americans to mate with English to remove the cuck gene


  1. Already signed!!

    First, England. Europe next.

  2. Charles Martel signed the petition! LOL :+)

  3. Trump v Hillary will look like this:

  4. All hail king Donald!

    With the Donald, all this could be ours again!

    "This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
    This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
    This other Eden, demi-paradise,
    This fortress built by Nature for herself
    Against infection and the hand of war,
    This happy breed of men, this little world,
    This precious stone set in the silver sea,
    Which serves it in the office of a wall
    Or as a moat defensive to a house,
    Against the envy of less happier lands,--
    This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England."

    William Shakespeare, "King Richard II",

  5. Hey RamZPaul, a word in your shell.

    This petition crap is all media driven BS. The UK Establishment are pulling out all the stops to rubbish Trump because so many British people believe he is speaking the truth. Sure there's a 400.000+ signature petition wanting him banned. Its been given saturation publicity on TV, i all the mainstream rags and social media. The pro-Trump petition doesn't get a mention, except on blogs and newspaper comments sections (btw Quick check -The Sun and Daily Mail comments are overwhelmingly pro-Trump. The Daily Telegraph and Daily Express have turned off commenting on Trump articles lol!) What the Establishment are doing is using this "petition" to manufacture the impression of majority UK anti-Trump sentiment. Nothing could be further from the truth. They've pulled the same stunt many times before, notably in 1968 following Enoch Powell's "Rivers Of Blood" speech. They, in cahoots with the idiot Left have the capability to manufacture outrage, we do not.

    Fair enough, the British public are befuddled, de-moralised and loath to speak out publicly about immigration and ethnic issues. Like most places there is a nurtured shame culture which makes it difficult. However in spite of this, most of us despise mass-immigration, PC and propaganda. That's why the Establishment and its vile media are working so hard to portray the opposite impression.

    PS. Your videos are very funny and informative. I check out your YT channel daily.

  6. Trump is playing the card that Andrew Jackson once played. Jackson wasn't part of the elite. So, he appealed to the masses of white males who'd been left out of the political process. He wasn't part of the ivory tower crowd, so he spoke in a way that the masses understood. In today's America, many white masses feel totally left out of the Jew-homo elite controlled process. They see Trump as speaking for them. (Trump is a phony I think, but his antics are messing things up, which is good.)

    Though respectability is good and decent, it is more a style than a substance. A conservative should try to be gentlemanly(when possible), but more important is his conviction.

    Core conviction is constant. Respectability is a matter of fashion. For example, there was a time when 'gay marriage' was a joke that NO ONE took seriously. No respectable person would have been for it. But today, with Jews controlling the cultural fashions, being for 'gay marriage' is very 'respectable' while opposing it makes you 'beyond the pale'.

    If you favor respectability over conviction, you will be a slave to fashion.
    Having core convictions means you will remain true to your principles and beliefs EVEN IF they are deemed un-respectable by the current powers-that-be.

    Respectability is a matter of shifting conventions depending on which group happens to have power over elite institutions and industries.

    True conservatism is about Core Convictions, not Corrupt Conventions.

    This was ultimately the problem with Bill Buckley. He was style over substance. He did have core beliefs, but he ultimately favored being respectable over being true to his core convictions. So, he sucked up to Jews and didn't take the fight to the homos. He betrayed Sobran and Buchanan.

    Pat Buchanan is different. Agree or disagree with him, he is that rare conservative with a powerful sense of core convictions, and he will not sell them down the river just to be win respectability points.

    Control of respectability translates to a lot of power,and Jews know this. Their control of media and academia amounts to control of what is respectable and what isn't. As most elites and wanna-be-elites crave respectability, those who control the rules of respectability control the predominant 'values' and agendas of the elites. After all, unless you are deemed 'respectable', the path to success and power will be closed to you.

    For example, if 'antisemitism' is made un-respectable, then all the elites and wanna-be elites will claim to love Jews and condemn any trace of 'antisemitism'. If 'gay marriage' is made respectable, all those who crave power, privilege, and wealth will all praise homos to high heaven.

    Now, conviction and respectability need not be enemies. A people can have both conviction and respectability(if their core convictions are the dominant values of society). But if a conservative must choose between his core conviction and opportunistic respectability, he must choose the former is he is indeed a true conservative.
    But many people are not willing to go that route since there is too much to lose socially, materially, and politically.


    1. Trump is a phony, but to the extent that he's thrown respectability under the bus, he is a fresh voice. Trump lacks true core convictions but he has no use for phony respectability. He also knows, shook hands with, and made deals with many insiders and movers-and-shakers in politics and business, and he knows that all politicians and big donos, despite their veneer of 'respectability', are lowdown whores and weasels who will sell out their own mothers for a bigger slice of the pie. Peel off the mask, and all of government is a parliament of whores. He knows because he bought many of them with his money.

      And what moral value does respectability have today when it now amounts to having to support 'gay marriage', praise Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner, schmooze with rappers like Jay-Z, cheer political ads featuring homos making out, hysterically praise Israel(like North Koreans mindlessly praise Kim Jong UN), give Netanyahu a million standing ovations(like what Castro gets in Cuba), and nonsense such as BLM(a real joke since most blacks are murdered by other blacks)?

      Today's so-called respectability has no clothes. We need a new emperor.

  7. And there's more from the UK RamZPaul.......In one of our leading zio-rags, the Daily Mail, they've run an article telling us that there's yet another UK petition calling for Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated which as it stands has received 448,153 signatures.

    Here's the link to the Daily Mail article.....
    Petition the BBC didn't tell you about

    And the petition itself......
    Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated

    Thank your King Donald for his fraternal concern, but to hold his legions in check for the time being.

    We remember the words of Olly Cromwell

  8. The problem isn't fascism but Koshism or Koscism.

    'Americanism' now has to follow the dictates of kosher supremacism.

    Kosher is American, American is kosher.

    America is ruled by Adolf Koshler.

  9. Neoconservative Jews will choose Jewish power over conservative power.
    (And their goyboy whores, such as Lindsey ‘my entire cabinet will be Jewish’ Graham, of course concur with this.)

    So, from their POV, they win regardless of which side wins.

    If Democrats win, Jewish power wins.
    If GOP wins, Jews(neocons) win.

    If Auslin had to choose between Buchanan and Obama, he will go with Obama.

    Jews are pissed with Trump not so much because his antics and vulgarity.
    It’s because Trump has aroused a degree of white consciousness.

    Trump is very pro-Jewish, but he doesn’t place minoritarianism over majoritarianism.
    This is what worries Jews.

    Because Jews are the ruling minority elites, they demand that minoritarianism always take precedence over majoritarianism, and Jews demand that both parties adhere to this ‘principle’.

    Trump won’t play this game. Jews see signs of Putinism in him. Putinism curtailed Jewish-globalist supremacism. Jews support Soros-ism that seeks to make all gentile nations more diverse so that Jews can play divide-and-rule.

    Jews fear a majoritarian fascism that challenges Jewish minoritarian fascism.

  10. Paradoxically, an intelligent immigration policy should sometimes discriminate AGAINST intelligence.

    Jews are more intelligent, so Jewish immigration led them to taking over elite institutions.
    With their great power, Jews promote minoritarianism, of which homos, angry blacks, and Muslims are a part.

    Soros and NYT say we need to take in more Muslims.

    “Even when hundreds of millions of pious followers of a faith believe that waging jihad against Christians, Jews, and unbelievers is a sacred duty.”

    Lots of Muslims have enraged attitudes.

    But is it less so with Jews?

    In polls, many Jews say they prefer Muslims over Evangelicals.
    European Jews call for open borders and abolish-ment of Europe.
    The Newsweek cover of commander Obama was done by Jews.
    Jews gloat that whites are demographically finished.
    Tim Wise and his tick tick tick. No wonder Jews love clock boy.

    Muslims may want to kill some whites, but many Jews wanna destroy the white race.

    Muslims see whites as infidels.
    Jews see whites as the race that oppressed and mass-murdered Jews.
    Both groups are in revenge mode.

    Btw, given American attitudes about Muslims — invade their lands, bomb them, take their oil, cheer when Israel occupies and destroys Palestinians, starve them through sanctions, etc — , it would even more sense for Muslims to ban all Americans.


    Trump is a circus master and circus clown rolled into one.

    But Noonan is overlooking the fact that he is leading precisely because of his 'indiscipline'. He's doing the "I'm fed up" act from movie Network.

    When so many politicians act like well-heeled dogs and timid pussycats, a segment of Americans are fed up and going with what looks like an alpha wolf or roaring lion.

    I think it's all just an act, but terms like 'respect' and 'discipline' mean nothing anymore.

    How can one be respectable in a national culture that made 'gay marriage' law of the land and financially destroys those who don't bake 'gay wedding cakes'? How can we talk of respect when Obama praises Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner for his courage or invites a scum moron like Psy(Korean rap pimp) to a white house Christmas gathering(2 yrs back)?
    What kind of a nation of respect has HATEFUL EIGHT or some other Tarantino trash as big release on X-mas day? In the US, rap music is now the national music.

    Respect means nothing anymore. This is a porny ugly nation from top to bottom. Elites have been promoting the likes of Lena Dunham. These are Ivy League graduates disseminating junk culture. College professors assure us that rap music is 'poetry'.
    Romney once appeared on stage doing 'gangnam style'. Every politician appears on late night talk shows that celebrate sleaze, obscenity, and filth.
    We have new cold war with Russia... cuz Russia doesn't allow 'gay pride parades'.
    US supporting Solzhenitsyn was one thing. A new cold war based on the fact that Russia won't bend over to globalist homosexuals? Now, I've seen everything.
    TIME, so-called 'respectable' magazine, chose Merkel the traitor to her nation as 'person of the year'.

    College professors quit their jobs out of fear of the angry mob.
    Anyone who talks of 'respect' in this nutjob nation is being dishonest.

    As for 'discipline', who needs in the age of PC and 'micro-aggressions' when everyone is triggered by everything and everyone? In colleges, government, and institutions, 'discipline' means you better to conform to PC or be destroyed. Things are far worse now than during the 'McCarthy Era'. Remember that Mozilla CEO guy who lost his job because he once supported true marriage. He was 'disciplined' alright.

    Trump is a sleazy clown, but I like his middle finger to the corrupt phonies who talk of 'respect' and 'discipline'.

  12. The progs play dirty when it comes to national debates.

    They often declare victory by saying 'We won the debate' or 'debate has been won'.

    But this is all bogus. Progs 'win' debates by simply ending them.

    Ending the Debate is Winning the Debate.

    It's like Mao ending the Hundred Flowers Bloom Campaign and declaring victory for Mao-Marxism.

    For example, Michael Kingsley said the progs 'won' the debate on 'gay marriage'.

    But where was the debate? Anyone who openly opposed the homo agenda was either suppressed by the media(controlled by Jews) or shut down(and threatened with destruction). And the Jewish-Homo-run media made the Westborough church the face of 'opposition to gay agenda'.

    WB church, of course, offended both homos and patriots by protesting against military funerals.

    So, the debate was ended and then declared a 'victory'.

    And we see how 'debates' are carried out in college. A climate of fear and intimidation is created and enforced for anyone who think differently.

    Remember the Chuck Hagel confirmation thing?

    Jonathan Haidt demonstrated at a high school recently that many students say nothing out of fear.

    How can there be any debate when one side feels such fear and when kids, from a young age, are inculcated with the nonsense that Jews, blacks, and homos are holy and must NEVER BE challenged?

    Or look at the black style of 'debate' in colleges. At official debates, they dance, holler, wallop, dance, and act like lunatics. They act like chimps and baboons trying to intimidate one another by show of wildass force. How can anyone win a genuine debate against such lunacy?

    And consider the ghastly negress at Yale whose idea of debate is screaming "YOU ARE DISGUSTING. SHUT UP!!!!"

    But I'm sure progs will tell us that she 'won' the debate because she ended it.

    Ending the debate is now 'winning the debate'.

    How convenient for the Proglies.

  13. Muslims are awful nutty, but the GayGB has done to ruin our values and freedoms.

    A secret police of homos are all over the place.

    And they are not only after Eddie Murphy.

  14. This is where Trump really fails.

    He makes Muslims out to be bad guys and gals.

    Well, maybe Muslims are.

    But he doesn't ask WHY Muslims are so angry.

    Instead of calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration,
    he should call for a moratorium on Western intervention in the Muslim world.

    He should talk about the destruction of Iraq, Liyba, and Syria. He has said that he opposed the Iraq War, but that is not enough.
    If memory serves me right, he was happy about the fall of Gaddafi.
    Well, how did that turn out for the Middle East.

    What I find most offensive about Western leaders who put on the 'we are so tolerant of Muslims' shtick is the fact that they fully supported the very Zionist-led policies that led to the wreckage of Iraq, Libya, and Syria.
    If they love the Muslim world so much and if they hope for more secularization of the region, why didn't they challenge the US-Zionist policy of destabilizing the entire region that led to the increase of crazy Jihadis? Why did they support the Zionist foreign policy that especially targeted secular regimes like in Iraq, Libya, and Syria?

    Trump calls for moratorium on INVITE, but he should really call a moratorium and discussion on the INVADE.

    Why did the West have to invade and mess things up so badly over there that drove so many Arabs/Muslims to want to flee the region?

    Obama and Hillary take no blame for Libya and Syria, but they pompously pose as 'compassionate friends of Arabs and Muslims'. Well, if they care so much, why did they turn entire nations into unlivable hellholes?

    The establishment politicos are putting Trump on the moral defensive for his remarks about Muslim refugees and immigrants.

    Trump should put the establishment figures on the moral defensive by making a big fuss about how Western elites carried out a foreign policy that destroyed the Muslim world and radicalized many Muslims there.

    Call for a moratorium and total investigation of US and Western foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa.

    If the Establishment put Trump on the moral defensive for his saying NO to Muslim immigration, Trump should put them on the moral defensive for their policies that ended up killing so many Arabs and Muslims(as well as Kurds and Christian Arabs).

    But no one goes there because Western Foreign Policy in the region is really Zionist and Jewish.

    It's sickening to see Jews and their minions cold-heartedly and ruthlessly destroy the Middle East and ruin millions of lives OVER THERE but then pose as compassionate and welcoming people with open arms in the West.

    Thug there, Hug here.

  15. No need to worry!!! Miss Hell Obama will save education!!!

    Black Minds Matter, you see. (Btw, how come Black Lives Matter wasn't called African-American Lives Matter?)

    Get a load of this video:

    Dang, she be rapping and shit. Mind be a terrible thing to waste!!!

    Academia be saved now. Blacks all gonna be geniuses now.


    Here's the great irony.

    We've been told a million times that D.W. Griffith's THE BIRTH OF A NATION is 'racist' and evil.

    It depicted blacks as childish, wild, infantile, ugabuga, jiverish, overly sexual, primitive, and etc. It said IF blacks are not restrained by forces of white civilization, they're gonna revert to their jungle nature.

    This was thought to be sooooooooooo bigoted and prejudiced. They even came up with a term for such thing: 'racist'.

    How dare anyone say such things about Negroes? But what about Jack Johnson? Oh, never mind him.

    Because of the stereotype of the wildass Negro in BOAN and other such cultural works, progressives de-sexualized the Negro. Negro was said to be dignified, gentle, kindly, and etc. Negro has no sexual thoughts when he sees a white ho.

    And Negresses be kind and generous and full of dignity.

    But racial nature being what it is, it couldn't be held back for long. So, there was Ali in the 60s with his big mouth. And there were loud black musical acts. And there were riots and crime.

    Even so, the progressives and anti-'racists' were able to explain this.

    You see, Ali was speaking out because he was fighting the uncle tom stereotype. He was just being proud.

    And black rioting and crime was just due to poverty. Once blacks get equality, they'll improve and stop acting crazy.

    And even though black music got more sexual, it still wasn't porny in the 60s and 70s, at least not blatantly.

    But now, 100 yrs after BOAN, it's as if mainstream culture has confirmed every racial stereotype in BOAN. And there's not even any attempt to justify black raunchiness and craziness. We now accept it as natural to blackness, but it's okay since we are now supposed to admire blacks for their craziness and wildness.

    New feminism has slut pride, black culture has savage pride.

    Feminists no longer say, 'we are not sex objects; we are souls with minds.' They now say we got vaginas and we worship orgasms and we are proud to be sluts.

    Blacks no longer say, 'we are civilized and dignified just like you respectable white folks'. They now say 'we are loud, proud, crazy, and wanna mess you up and fuc* everything in sight.' They feel pride in their savagery. And white Libs quietly agree.

    Now, if in 2008, the GOP had made fun of Michelle as a rappin' fool, it would have been attacked as 'racist'. But look at Michelle now. Shameless, trashy, infantile, and etc.

    And she looks natural doing it. Some first lady.

    When she tried to sound smart and educated in 2008, it sounded so phony.

    But her jungle act seems real. She's finally being herself.

    When we survey rap culture, ho culture, and other manifestations of black culture, Griffith and Woodrow Wilson were right about the nature of blacks.


    1. And look at Black Lives Matter. It's more like Black Jives Matter.

      And we see interracism all over, with Negro men dominating over white males who've been turned into cucky wussies. So much for equality.

      The two most reviled directors in film history are Griffith and Riefenstahl. Film scholars give them credit for their innovations and talent, but the filmmakers are seen as peddlers of lies(Griffith) and aesthetic dead-ends(Riefenstahl).

      But look at racial culture today, and BOAN was the most prophetic movie on race.

      And look at Hollywood blockbuster aesthetics, and it appears Riefenstahl's fascist-style-spectacle had an aesthetic future, indeed more than any other style.

      So many Hollywood movies feature fascist-like imagery of grandeur, mega-spectacle, and ubermensch heroism.

      And even when the fascist-like forces are supposed to be 'evil', they are made awesome and magnificent.

      And even anti-fascist forces and heroes are imbued with fascist charisma, like the warrior-goddess-heroine in HUNGER GAMES. She is not a humanist character but a super-badass ubergirl ass-kicker not much different from the hunter-killer-goddess of RESIDENT EVIL. She is mythic than mortal. She is stylistically fascist even if politically anti-fascist.

      300 is really about Persian fascists vs Greek fascists.

      Two artists whose visions cast such a long shadow on culture but never given full credit.

      The Michelle Rap video was meant to inspire black kids to study more and look forward to college.

      But the underlying implication is that blacks are dumber, more childish, and idiotic.

      The logic of the video seems to be that blacks are so moronic and infantile that they need to be goaded to study and hit the books with song and dance and jive-ass rhythms and rhymes.

  16. The petition ban came from Scotland, as most of the kvetching about Trump, and the banning and dehonouring from a Scottish University. Outside of a few Guardian journalists, England generally doesn't care about Trump. Unfortunately, like most burgers, you're unable to tell the difference between Scotland and England, because you're stupid.