Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How to deal with reptilephobia?

No political vid tonight. Just thought I would rant a bit about some of my ignorant tenants.


  1. It Sounds like you should require mandatory sensitivity classes for those bigoted, xenophobic, speciest tenants. SNAKES ARE PEOPLE TOO DAMB IT!!!! IT"S 2015 FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!

  2. They are snake refugees; they are fleeing from evil eagles that eat them. Snake refugees, welcome.

  3. Herpetophobia: fear of snakes, lizards, and turtles.

    Sounds as if the snakes left you a bit rattled.

    When I was a little boy, I kept a collection of snakes and toured local schools giving presentations on how helpful snakes are in keeping down the rodent population.

    I almost stepped on a rattlesnake when I was a little boy in the early 1970s in Southern California. I've seen many other snakes here, but I have yet to see another rattlesnake.

  4. Saw this yesterday and laughed and laughed. Of course it was a parable!!!!! We vet snakes all the time in the sticks where I live. Also the cows, goats, turkeys, etc. Great vid. Thanks.

  5. Snakes bleed red too, Damn those Pythonists.

  6. Look, a sneak peek from the new Star Watermelon, I mean Star Wars, movie.

    Here is the black hero Finn:


    Make the chef commit harakiri!!!!

    Btw, Japan has pizza with corn and mayo.

    Should we nuke it for crime against pizza?

  8. Why can't we all just get along. Cuddle a rattle-snake today.


    Hitler has been defeated in the galaxy. The Jewish and cuckeral critics are having orgasms about the new Star Wars. They love it to death.

    It's been turned by Jews into the story of Ann Dunham and Obama Sr. The duo are sure to give birth to a mulatto who looks like Obama.

    This movie is like the Obama presidential campaign redux. White women and white cuck boys are going nuts over it.

    It is to sci-fi fantasy what BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS is for kids' programming.

    Jews are celebrating. They not only took over the once wasp-ruled Disney(at odds with Jewish-ruled Hollywood), but they took over STAR WARS, the biggest cultural phenom in the past 50 yrs and turned it into JUNGLE FEVER IN SPACE. And it will be the biggest hit of all time, and there is two more to come.

    A whole new generation of kids will grow up associating the force with the ideal of a white chick choosing a Negro mate and hatching mulatto saviors of the universe from her womb.

    If Matrix says white boy needs to be apprenticed by a Negro, the new Star Wars goes all the way and says that it is a galactic truth that white girl should choose a Negro for a mate.

    With millions of black African males invading Europe, the message is clear. For the world to be saved, white girls must mate with the Negro males, and the mulatto kids should rule Europe like Obama, with support of Jews and homos, rules over America. It is the Soros-ization of Star Wars.

    The main reason why critics are slobbering all over this movie is political. They like its anti-white-male message.

    Jews have turned SW into Cuck Fest, and so many white boys are slobbering over it like cucks slobber over negroes banging their wives or girlfriends.

  10. Trans-gender.



    How about Trans-class?

    If you got nothing but say that you are upper-class, then you are upper-class.

    If you got a lot but say that you are lower-class, then you are lower class.

    And one would have to be transclassophobic to deny this.

    So, if billionaire Jews say they got no privilege, we must believe them. And if they say southern hicks living in trailers got all the privilege, that must also be true.