Monday, December 7, 2015

Trump - Stop Muslims from Entering the USA

It is starting to feel like 1989.

Expect a rise in Trump's poll numbers.

The Globalists (the Persians in the scene below) expect us to submit to open borders and the loss of self determination. As a token of this submission they want us to accept invaders.

Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham would be on their knees before this Persian. Trump is responding as


  1. Actually, the communism empire 'collapsed' because the elites wanted it too. It was an elite-led demise.

    Eastern European elites, even the communist ones, never liked living under the Soviet yoke. So, when the time came, they were happy to move out of the Soviet sphere.

    And the reason why the Soviet Communists called it quits was because they got tired of taking care of the people, especially those in non-Russian republics. The communist elites looked at how the elites were living in the West. They wanted it for themselves. But the communist system required Soviet elites to take care of everyone.

    So, by ending communism, the former communist elites could become the new oligarchs and become rich as hell and be responsible to no one.

  2. That is a very interesting correlation. A bit fun, but being a self-made man, Trump has fought his share of battles and he is not beholding to the political press or talking heads of any party. Cruz was my guy but I didn't think he could win against Shrillary. After eight years of a White House Wimp, people are drawn to a man who says what they are believing.

  3. Hail Trump! Put the leftards into FEMA camps and feed them bread and thin gruel. And make sure they serve their time with hardened criminals.

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