Saturday, January 23, 2016

A German Girl's Cry For Help

The video below is heartbreaking. A 16 year old German girl created a video asking us for help. The Muslim invaders are attacking German women and the German government is doing nothing. Well, the government did do something. The German government working with Facebook deleted her page and video. I am sure they will attempt to censor the video I have linked, so please make a copy and upload it when you can.

The people who caused this include this ((German )) politician who is openly advocating genocide of a people. Hopefully, these people will one day be made to account for their actions.


  1. already tweeted both videos and downloaded the one with the 16 year old in case it gets deleted. Thanks Ramzpaul!

  2. I posted the video at one of my health/nutrition blogs. I may get criticism since that's not why people read me.
    But you know what? ZFG.
    This issue is too important to ignore.

  3. Are Germans so amnesiac?

    If Germany had gotten off Scot-free in WWII,I can understand the guilt.

    But Germans paid a horrible price.

    10 million dead.

    Entire cities incinerated.

    2-3 million women raped in the most horrible manner.

    9 million expelled from former parts of Germany, 1 million dying in the process.

    Huge loss of territory.

    A nation divided. East under communist rule.
    West under US occupation, even to this day.

    Destruction of arts and treasures.

    Darkened reputation around the world.

    Huge reparations to Jews and other groups.

    And then think of all the great things Germany has done for the world by offering generous loans, technical expertise, economic advice, etc. since the end of WWII.

    Also, German contributions to humanity over the many centuries have been incalculable.

    But for some reason, none of that matters.
    It’s like Groundhog Day all over again, and Germans are 100% guilty and must atone over and over all over again.

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  5. This is really sad and frustrating. Imagine, the country that was supposed to be protecting your right as a citizen are the ones who leads you to your death. I've read similar stories via buy essays online cheap and I must say, it's really disturbing.