Monday, January 18, 2016

Amy Schumer butthurt over teen's twitter joke

If you are a vulgar comedian who makes a living by being "edgy" and "insulting" you need to learn how to take a joke. Men typically are funnier and can take jokes better than women. I think it is because we men have a tradition of insulting each other in a friendly fashion. We learn to toughen up and give it back. Women like Amy get butthurt and offended.

Movie critic Jackson Murphy, who is only 17 years-old, tweeted out an obvious joke Monday morning, and a joke that is very much in keeping with Amy Schumer’s bawdy brand of comedy. Proving that with unearned fame comes a brittle diva attitude, rather than laugh along or ignore it, Schumer chose instead to publicly humiliate the teenager.

Kid started out pretty funny.

But then apologized.


  1. Yes, Amy. You are a whore. And you aren't even funny. Just like Sarah Silverman. I don't get why those female "comediennes" get so much attention. I don't find them funny. Women are not funny.

  2. What's the old saying?
    "You treat a whore like a princess; and, you treat a princess like a whore".

    Another saying rings loud here: "The truth hurts".

  3. She's an entitled bitch but he is a pathetic pushover. We seem to be breeding a generation of cucks who don't know how to stand up for themselves.

  4. Not only isn't she funny, but she's seriously unattractive, with a face that increasingly resembles that of John C. Reilly.

    Jackson's tweet was pretty funny. Well done, kid. But don't apologize.

  5. Victim culture has led to something like an aristocracy.

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    Well, that kind of aristocracy is long gone.

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    1. In America, not only blacks with slave ancestry get to play the aggrievtocrat but even black African immigrants whose ancestors captured and sold slaves to whites. Obama hasn't any black American slave blood --- his father's side is Kenyan --- , but he talks like any other black aggrievtocrat.

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      So, even the likes of Jordan Befort and Anthony Wiener think they have some right to feel superior to the rest of us.

  6. Idk who this Jackson kid is, but if he wasn't such a cuck, he could easily pass for ramzpaul's illegitimate son.

  7. Funny joke, Ramzpaul. Most Hollywood actresses would need it explained to them.

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  9. I hope they were able to settle this small issue on a more personal level. This is one of the negative effect of social media, where people have different humor and perspective. That's why students from are being reminded all the time how to be responsible in using social media.