Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Feminism enables rape culture in Germany

A 1,000 Muslim refugees thanked their German hosts by going on a rape rampage on New Year's Eve. The female mayor responded that German women better learn to change their behavior. Feminists are silent. Any questions ladies?

Feminism does not give a damn about women. It was designed just to harm White families.

Below is a video on an eyewitness account. Due to current censorship laws this may be pulled. So watch it soon.


  1. Great vid, great comments, thanks Ramz.

  2. You hit the nail right in the head, Ramz. Feminists are cowards in real life and they are promoting what they are not. I see no "empowered" woman fighting against Muslim "heteropatriarchs". They see Muslims don't apologize, so they see them as powerful and fearsome. If Islam is established in Europe they will convert and submit willingly because they are weak and they NEED a man to rule over them. Or they will seek the protection of the white male heteropatriarch European. They won't fight for themselves. As always. They only brag when they are secure and defended by strong men or the estate.

    It is a progressive short circuit: men are raping women. But they are "multicultural" men. What do we do? Blame white men, of course. So you have demonstrations against racism. What the fuck?

    1. Feminists should be treated just like Islamic terrorists. This will easy, as in the coming war feminists will be siding with the Muslim side.

    2. We should look for peaceful selfdetermination, but if there is a war, they should be treated like what they are: traitors and destructors of the Western Civilization. And the punishment for traitors is death by shooting.

      At least, we should condemn them to exile.

  3. Feminism does not give a damn about women. It was designed just to harm White families

    Tell me about it.

    Ramz, did you hear about the African refugee in Sweden who cut the throat of his host family's 7-year old daughter?

  4. Not only feminists but another women too can rape not only culture. I've read about it on . You can try to read it too, I think if you know the problem you can solve it!

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