Monday, January 25, 2016

Hungarian Defends European Women

The video below demonstrates that feminists do not care if women get raped. They only care if the man is White. In fact, calling for the defense of European women is "RACIST."


  1. So tired of hearing leftists answer every problem with 'racist'. They are like broken clocks or some mentally retarded breed of parrot. Unfortunately for them, it has lost its power, yet they still try.

  2. A new term to describe naive whites innocently blind to what is coming at them. DITH or deer-in-the-headlights.

    So many diths in Germany.

    PS. Enoch Powell was wrong. Not rivers of blood. Instead, a mudslide.

  3. What a completely evil & ignorant way to answer such a serious question.. Just throw out the race card.

    1. True, very true , but remember, every time they use the racist slur it devalues it just a little bit more each time.
      In a decade the word racist will mean very little, if anything it will come to be a term used to describe realism because already on the minds of a great many people, the term 'racist' actually means 'realist'
      The days when people are frightened of that title are quickly coming to an end thank god.

  4. In contrast to France and Germany, Russia has been targeted for destruction. But...

    In some ways, the West's attempt to isolate Russia has been a good thing for Russia despite the hardships.

    Suppose Russia is welcomed by the West. Then, Russia might be open to Western-style policies, lower its nationalist guard, and adopt western ways that are proving to be so suicidal.

    It's been said that it was a great thing that Western European nations buried the hatchet after WWII and made peace. But, all that peace had a negative side-effect.

    Too much peace and brotherliness among European nations made all the nations overly trusting in unity and cooperation. It robbed them of their suspicions. A people that are no longer suspicious lose their survival instinct. (Corleones in THE GODFATHER had to always be suspicious and never ever trusting. To trust is to lower your guard. Trust culture is good within a nation/culture, but it should never be applied to outsiders. Corleone's share all the secrets in the family but never with outsiders.)
    It's like dogs raised to love and trust one another lose the keen instinct for survival.
    A wild dog or wolf is more wary, aggressive, and less cooperative, but it has powerful in self-preservation instincts. It sees everything as a potential danger. It takes no chances.
    But if you raise a bunch of dogs together and make them all be friendly-trusting-complacent, sure they get along together and that's all very nice. But the dogs become like deer in headlight. They don't know how to react to danger or respond to threat. They think everyone and everything is their friend. They lose all sense of danger and threat. They project their sense of safety and security on the entire world.

    And we see this in EU today.

    When Europe was more divided, competitive, and mutually suspicious, it's true that this sometimes led to terrible wars among Europeans. But on the other hand, each nation had very powerful survival instincts. Since they feared and suspected nearby nations, why would they trust the rest of the world? Such distrust among European nations led to wars but also passion for pride and survival.

    But after WWII, all the Western European nations got along famously. They became like tamed dogs. They were nice and friendly. And cuddly.
    It was good that Europeans were no longer killing Europeans. But with all that peace and prosperity, Europeans became less like fierce attack dogs and more like cucky-wucky neutered tamed dogs.
    They went from dogs that barked and growled at strangers to dogs that were no longer afraid of strangers. Since they were protected by master USA and since they all got along happily with the other dogs, they no longer barked at strangers. They assumed that strangers are just as nice as they themselves all are with one another.

    So, instead of 'Beware of Dog', European dogs hold up signs 'WELCOME TO OUR PLAYGROUND' as millions of invaders trample into Europe.


  5. Both Old Europe and new EU are double-edged swords.

    Old Europe was made up of mutually suspicious, even hostile, nations. The bad side of this was was and a lot of dead people in sometimes stupid and petty wars.
    But the good side of this was that EVERY NATION has powerful survival instincts. If Poles don't trust Germans, they are not gonna trust Africans or Muslims. If Germans don't trust the French, they are not gonna trust the rest of the world.

    The good side of New EU is that all nations get along together and live in peace and trust one another, mostly anyway.
    But, the bad side of this is that Europeans, in having come to live with one another peacefully, have lost their killer/survival instinct and have come presume the entire world could get along just as peacefully as post-WWII Europeans do. (Europe as St. Bernard to the world.) And such naivete assumes that EU is just a part of the world and the world is just one big EU.

    So, maybe it's a good thing that Russia is on hostile footing with the West. Sure, there is an economic price to pay, but it makes Russians suspicious and boosts their survival instinct. And that's better to have.

    No nation trust trust the global world order dominated by the likes of Soros.

  6. True enough, but where have all the ladies gone?

    While slutty women shouldn't be molested, they ARE tempting males to act 'bad'. I mean if you hold a piece of meat over a hungry dog, it will salivate and be tempted to act bad.

    Western Culture since the 60s have been trying to have it both ways. It encourages women to act like whores who bring out the animal nature in man. But men(or white men) have been told to act like nice guys who don't act on sexual instinct. This has been most effective against white males since they are the main targets of feminism.

    It has been less effective against black males since feminists are supposed to be ideologically united with blacks and people-of-color against 'privileged' white males.
    Also, black 'misogyny' in rap is supposed to be 'cool', 'empowering', and 'liberating'. Also, since PC promotes interracialism, 'progressive' feminists value rap culture for turning white girls onto the black men even if black men immersed in rap culture tend to be thugs and louts.

    Feminism tells white women to act like whores but also admonishes white males to act like dorks. It is a crazy contradiction.
    As for black males, who are NOT targets of feminism, they are allowed to flaunt their 'manhood' by acting like 'bad boys'. Much of US music culture is black guys saying, "suck my ----, bitchass skanky ho". Indeed, much of the rape in colleges are carried out by black athletes, but shhhhhh, to say so would be 'racist'. So instead, we are supposed to be outraged over fake rapes like the UVA hoax.

    Now, as for these men from North Africa and the Middle East. They have not been immersed in PC male-shaming that, btw, has applied mostly to white males than all males. (All the college rape awareness is about white males, never about black males or brown males raping in the 'hood. They are meant to scare white girls into seeing white males as rapists.)
    Migrant males are more like black males than white males because feminism has excoriated bad behavior white males but almost never among black males.
    These migrant males are spared from feminist shaming since feminism is officially supposed to be about white females united with noble non-white males as fellow victims of white males. Also, these migrant males surely got a taste of western pop culture in music, movies, and porn, and the message they got is "We white girls are sluts 24/7." Just look at the face of western culture: Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham who even gloats about how she molested her young sister as a kid.
    So, when these migrant males arrive in the West, they expect an Animal House scenario.

    It's also like so many American men acted badly in Saigon in Vietnam War because they were led to see Vietnamese women as a bunch of whores for the taking. Impressions do matter.

    American men are richer, so they can buy sex in the Third World. So, it's not 'rape'. But for poor migrant men with explosive bawalls(!!!), they go for the "poor man's orgy" which is mass molestation of girls in public spaces.