Saturday, January 16, 2016

I'm With Him | RAMZPAUL

The Sea Hag (aka Hillary Clinton) created a YouTube video demanding that gun manufactures be responsible for gun crimes. The only way I figure that this is possible without banning guns is for the gun manufactures to put some trigger guard to prevent the wrong people from using guns. Based on crime data, African American fingers are most likely to pull the trigger in an in appropriate situation.

Luckily, we now have the science that can differentiate White fingerprints from Black fingerprints. This will allow gun manufactures to allow only White fingers to pull the trigger, thus drastically reducing gun crime in the country.


  1. Most "Hispanics" would be classified as Black if they did not happen to have the Spanish language in their family's history.

  2. The politics of whiteness is so screwy. Even if your ancestors had nothing to do with black slavery and were among the biggest victims of the Nazis, you have to share in the 'white guilt'. It's like Poles never had anything to do with slavery. And Poles were killed in huge numbers by Nazis and then had to live under Soviet occupation.
    And before WWI, Poland had been wiped off the map and divided among the great powers.

    But Poles in Poland and America must suffer for their supposed 'white privilege'.
    Merkel is telling Poles to accept huge numbers of 'refugees' to atone for WWII and Nazism. Huh? Poland must allow itself to be demographically invaded and wiped off the map(again) to atone for what the Germans did during the WWII era, when indeed Poland was the biggest victim nation after the USSR? Wow!

    And Polish-Americans who arrived in the US and toiled in factories and farms( & in homes trying to screw on lightbulbs) must be discriminated by colleges and companies because of their history of 'white privilege'. Arriving as poor immigrants who had to work long hours in farms, factories, and sweatshops is privilege?

    Who came up with such crazy moral logic?

    But such crazy mentality is everywhere in the Western World.

    Take the Swedes, who are now even dumber than the Polacks.

    Swedes are so dumb that they've been fooled by the GLOB that Sweden is crypto-Nazi and must change its ways. Now, you'd think this means Sweden is filled with all sorts of neo-Nazi gangs and organizations. If indeed such creeps did exist, of course, Swedes should do something about them.

    But that is not what the GLOB means. When the GLOB talks of 'Nazis', they mean that the Swedish DNA itself is geno-Nazi, indeed even when belonging to the most Liberal and 'progressive' Swedes. How is that? Because Swedes are Nordics, the people Hitler admired most.

    So, if some people were seen as guilty-by-association during the McCarthy Era, the GLOB tells Swedes that they are guilty-by-admiration(by the wrong people).
    So, even though Swedes were neutral during the war and didn't participate in either Nazi or commie horrors, Swedes must feel loathing for themselves because they have the genes that were most admired by Hitler and his gang.

    Even if you're not an ideological Nazi, you are infected with Nazi-itis IF you happen to have the looks that the Nazis admired most. Using this logic, 'Aryan' looks are ur-Nazi and must be 'cleansed' by being mixed and muddied with other races.

    But the great irony is that this kind of mentality isn't all that different from Nazi ideology. Nazis said Jews have this filthy gene, and it is so intrinsically a part of Jewish make up that it cannot be fixed or solved. Jews must either be expelled to some far-off place or even exterminated.

    The GLOB logic doesn't call for expulsion or extermination of Swedes, but it does say that Swedes shall remain infected with filthy Nazi-genes unless they mix with other races and lose their filthy 'purity'.

    And dumb Swedes have fallen for this. They are dumb because they take advice from globo-Zionists who jealously guard the genetics and boundaries of Israel.

  3. Jews used intellect, critique, and reason to bring down the old gods, legends, and myths of white power.

    But once they gained the power, they didn't want their power to be challenged by intellect, critique, and reason.
    So, they erected new taboos, hysterias, manias, and faiths. The rational and critical mind chisels at the monuments of power.
    In contrast, the spiritual side of man gets down on his knees and worships and obeys the prevailing gods. The idea of the sacred comes with taboos. Taboos are seen as profaning what is holy and sacred, therefore taboos must be enforced.

    Jews knew that white power was protected by its holy images, symbols, icons, and narratives
    Jews had to deconstruct, demoralize,and finally degrade the white gods into something to mock, ridicule, and destroy. Look at all the Confederate monuments that are being torn down like Lenin statues all over Eastern Europe after the fall of communism.
    To denigrate and desecrate the holy, one uses reasons, mockery, and satire, thereby showing the emperor has no clothes.

    But that isn't enough if you want to keep the power.

    Jews brought down holy white symbols with their use of critique, reason, and satire.
    But then...
    Jews came to fear that whites and gentiles might use the same ploy to bring down Jewish power.

    So, Jews had to erect new holy gods: Holocaust, MLK, and rainbow-homo-worship. After all, the Jew-run media censored all satirical mockery of Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner.

    Jews used rational critique to bring down white gods but then erected new non-white gods to suppress white rational critique.
    Jews used Jewish reason/critique to destroy old taboos and now use new taboos to suppress white reason/critique.

    According to PC -- the witch-hunting dogma of the Jew --, the debate is OVER on 'gay marriage'. You better just obey and worship the homo. And it isn't enough to acknowledge that King did some good things, and also some bad things. No, you must totally worship him and believe that his memory is holy and that ANYONE who disagrees must be banished from society.


    Free Speech may be endangered but not FEE Speech.

    Speech, the accepted way of bribery.

    Since outright bribery is illegal, make it legal by inviting someone to spout off cliches before the members of a powerful institution or rich industry.

    Since the money was given for a 'service' or 'presentation', it wasn't bribery but just a fee.

    Rule of lawyers than Rule of Law.

  5. Maybe Bernie Sanders is sincere or maybe he isn't.

    But isn't it rather odd that we have a Jewish socialist running against the Rich and Greedy?

    It's been reported that Hillary's top ten donors are all Jewish.

    And Jewish donors are big in the GOP, which is why so many cuckeroos are making a lot of noise about Russia and Syria. I mean who really cares about those nations but globo-Jews(who want to take control of Russia and want to weaken Syria-as-an-ally-of-Iran?

    So, we have to address the issue of Jewish power and money.

    It could be that, relatively speaking, Sanders is a principled person standing for the little guy.

    But his overall impact on politics and social discourse may actually aid the oligarchic class.

    Why? Because his campaign associates Jewish identity with the little guy and with socialism, thereby duping us to overlook the far more important fact that the bulk of Jewish power is with the oligarchy that is saturated with Jewish interests and concerns.

    There was a time where many Jews were indeed on the real left and stood up for the little guy(though some went too far with communism and that crap).
    But Jewish power is now mostly oligarchic and elitist. And that aspect of American economics and politics must be addressed. After all, rich Jews use their financial muscle not merely to serve the interests of all the rich but of the Jewish rich and Jewish community(and Israel) in general. A rich Jew will identify more with a middle class Jew than with a rich Russian, Chinese, or Iranian. Class interests exist but do not always ethnic boundaries. Whom does Sheldon Adelson care for more? Poor Israeli Jews or rich Palestinian Arabs? Even rich Jews identify more with poor Jews than with rich gentiles. (Of course, the Zio-Glob urges the gentile rich to identify with fellow globo-rich[especially Jews] than with the poor folks of their own kind. Zio-Glob also says that if gentiles elites must identify with the people, it should be with minority masses of another race than with the majority masses of their own race. So, rich whites should care more about Mexicans illegals and Muslim 'refugees' than about the white working class.)

    Anyway, whenever people see Bernie Sanders, they think Jewishness = socialism for the little guy.

    And isn't it amusing that MSM will happily notice and mention the Jewishness of Bernie Sanders but generally won't mention the Jewishness of guys like Soros, Saban, Wynn, and etc.

    When some socialist claims to stand up for the little guy, let's notice and even praise his Jewishness. Let us believe that Jewishness is about the struggle for justice and equality.
    But when super-rich oligarchs buy up media and politicians to control much of America, let's not have a discussion about their Jewishness. Let's just pretend that it's all about money and nothing else. Or maybe it's about 'white privilege' or 'male privilege'.

    But in truth, power isn't just about the econo but about the ethno. Jewish power is about ethnonomics. Rich Jews use money to serve interests that favor Jewish power here and abroad, especially EU and Middle East. It's not only about class interests. It is about racial interests.

    Why should that be controversial?
    After all, the (Jewish-controlled) media have often raised concerns(even fears and alarms) about the role of big money of the wasps, Saudis, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, and etc in American society and world politics.


    1. If the ethno doesn't matter, we should ignore the ethnic origins of ALL big money. If Chinese spend a lot of money to influence American policy, we should overlook the Chinese part and just focus on the money. Or if Saudis spend lots of money in the US to influence politics, we should look at the dollars but not the ethnicity of the hands delivering the cash.

      And if white Christian Conservatives donate money to a certain cause, we should focus on the money and totally ignore the Christian and Conservative origins of that money.

      But money isn't just money. Money is used to serve the interests of either individuals or groups.
      Also, even people who donate money as private individuals are not ONLY individuals. They are individuals of a certain ethnicity, religion, national origin, and etc.
      A rich Greek-American is more likely to support pro-Greek policies, and a rich Turkish-American is more likely to support pro-Turkish policies.
      So, the money they donate is often pegged to their ethnic or national interests.

      In the US, so much of money power is about Jewish-ethno-oligarchic control over the rest of us. For us to notice the color of money but not the color of those who doling out the money is foolish.
      I'll bet if Mormons and Amish were the richest and most powerful people doling out big bucks to politicians, Jewish critics wouldn't only notice the money but connect it to the ethnic or religious interests and agendas of Mormons and Amish.

      We need to discuss the power of Big Jewish Money, but Sander's campaign has created the illusion that Jewishness is all about socialism for the little guy.
      Jewish oligarchs may not want Sanders as president, but they must enjoy the positive spin he is giving to Jewish Image.

      Do NOT notice that so many rich oligarchs in the US are Jewish, but please DO notice that Sanders the socialist is Jewish.

      It's like ignoring the fact that so many criminals are black but noticing that some policeman is black.
      Or it's like all those TV media reports that conceal the race of the perpetrators by calling them 'teens' or 'youths' while presenting a clean-cut Negro or Negress as a concerned TV reporter on crime.
      Don't notice the blackness of crime but do notice the blackness of those who seem so concerned about crime.

  6. The West is confused because it is so fixated on 'values'.

    But life isn't only about values. A nation isn't only about ideas.

    Important decisions must be made, indeed are made all the time, on other considerations.

    Consider two individuals who have exactly the same social and political values.

    Suppose one is a man, another is a woman.

    Their minds agree on social, political, and philosophical issues.

    Suppose the woman wants to marry the guy and live in his house. Suppose she wants him to accept her as partner, co-resident, and spouse.

    Suppose she believes that since they have exactly the same values, she should have the right to barge into his house anytime and demand attention and sex from him. And she should have access to all his property and money.

    After all, they have the same values.

    But suppose he doesn't want to marry her. Suppose he finds her unattractive and unappealing physically and personality-wise. Suppose he doesn't want to share his life with her.

    Now, choosing whom to live with and whom to marry is a very important decision in life. But almost no one makes such decisions on values alone.

    Humans are not only about values. We do judge people by looks, personalities, attitudes, and etc. If such is discriminatory, too bad.

    If values should determine everything, everyone should be open to everything on the basis of values. And a man should always choose for wife an ugly woman who shares his values over a beautiful woman whose values diverge from his. But a man may prefer the latter, and of course, we all understand why.

    Some may say he is evil because he's discriminating against the woman who shares his values on the basis of looks and favoring a woman with different values on the basis of looks. But the fact is looks do matter because we are visual creatures and judge the worth of people and things not only on the basis of values but of looks. It' s like a German communist may still feel closer to a German rightist than with a Chinese or African communist.

    Now, no one says it is wrong for a man or woman to accept or reject someone on the basis of looks. No one says friendship, love, and marriage must ONLY be about values. We all understand the importance of looks in a man or woman choosing to reject/discriminate against some people while accepting/welcoming others.

    If looks matter to individuals, they also matter to nations.

    A nation is defined by a certain look of its race. People identify each other on the basis of looks. A nation may define itself as 'white', 'asian', 'african', or 'arab', and there are prevailing physical features among all those groups.

    So naturally, the people of a nation want to maintain the look of their own race and control immigration to preserve that look.

    Even if two nations have the same values, they may have different looks, and each nation may want to preserve its looks.

    Likewise, two individuals may have the same values, but they may have different preferences in looks. Just because they have the same values doesn't mean they can barge into each other's home at any time and demand sex.

    But what is really messed up about the West is it is opening up to countless hordes who don't even share the same values as the West. They look different AND have different values.

    West is nuts.

    Anyway, if it is fine for individual persons to accept or reject others in the sphere of friendship, love, and marriage on the basis of looks --- and we know EVERYONE does this --- , then it is fine for individual nations to accept or reject others in the realm of nationhood, citizenship, and cultural community.

    Israel certainly accepts only those who are part of the Jewish family.