Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is it wrong not to feel sad about the Holocaust?

Today was Holocaust Remembrance Day. And while I am opposed to any mass killing, I am not sure why we are supposed to feel guilt or sorrow for people who lived before we were born. Do the same people who lament the Holocaust demand that we also remember the Holodmor? And why do we forget the 40 million killed by Genghis Khan?

The answer to these questions is that the Holocaust is used as a justification to prevent White self-determination. But, based on that logic, the Holodomor should preclude ethnic Jewish nationalism in Israel.


  1. Holocaust Denial is bad but so is Holocaust Coercion.

    Free speech is best. Holocaust Enforcement is not the way to go.

  2. Another great vid, Ramz.
    An objective non-partisan look at the holocaust/domor that explores emotional hypocrisy as used for political ends.
    P.S Like the David Irving in the background :)

  3. I remembered it. How could I not? Yesterday I saw a grizzled middle-aged Jew with a leather jacket and a skull-cap behaving erratically. Never fails.

  4. It could have been a lot more than 40 million. The Khan had promised his followers that once they had China he would exterminate the population, which was then 200 million, and raze every fence and structure so that his followers would have a pastureland for their livestock that would be warmer, greener and wetter than the steppes. I think Genghis phrased the result as being able to ride a blindfolded horse through China without stumbling.
    I don't remember the name of the fellow from my history books, but one of Genghis's Chinese advisors gently convinced him that it would be better to rule over China and take advantage of the loot and goodies that an intact China could continue to supply.

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  6. It is brilliant to give the horror back on to the Jews of what THEY did in WWII- but I guess that doesn't count because they are god's master race.
    However WWII ended Nationalism ..Even So Globalism Is premature..I am for Continental ism- who,s time has come...After all Races are continental manifestations = Eurasia for Aryan,s

  7. It would be unusual if you did feel sad about the Holocaust I think. While one can appreciate the suffering & sympathise with the people who suffered under it would not be normal to feel much emotion, this is the proper human reaction for someone who was not involved & only heard about it at a distance. In truth only survivors & friends & relatives of those who suffered would be the ones to feel any grief about it.
    There is a lot of ersatz grief about these days in this era of increasing sentimentality. A prime example, apart from Peaches Geldof, was the death of Princess Diana where total strangers, ordinary members of the public, people who had never known her in life, were sending in messages of condolence, flowers ,teddy bears etc. & even trying to bully the Queen of England into public grieving, which she was not doing. Nowadays the world is so degenerate that one is looked upon as an insensitive, hard hearted monster if one does not appear to openly & incontinently pour out feelings for the misfortunes of someone half a world away whom one has have never known, met or communicated with in one's life & who is nothing but a name or picture in a newspaper or on TV.

  8. This is not a good argument that you are using.

    To say that modern-day Germans have nothing to do with the Germans of 1939-1945 is an individualist argument. You are negating the importance of race and nation when you say that. If we believe in the importance of race and nation then the Germans of today have everything to do with their recent ancestors.

    As for the comparison to Genghis Khan, do you know who else compared Hitler to Genghis Khan? The US War-Department's "Why We Fight" propaganda-films make that comparison. Way to shit on the Germans there, Ramzpaul.

    Holocaust Relativism, which means trying to downgrade the importance of the Jewish Holocaust story by citing other instances of mass-murder, is a weak approach to the issue. The problem is that you are trying to compete with the Jews on their own terms, and you can't beat them that way. They have a lot more media than you will ever have and they will always be able to make their Holocaust much more important than your Holodomor because of that -- if you don't actually attack their Holocaust.

    The great advantage to exposing the Jewish Holocaust as a lie is that it turns their myth into something that they can't use anymore. It also, as Deborah Lipstadt has complained, exposes Jews as liars. The effect of Holocaust Revisionism is that instead of sympathy they get jeers for trying to manipulate people with their lies. Consequently Revisionism does not have to outgun Jewish mass-media in order to be effective. Holocaust Revisionism is very dangerous for Jewish power, which is why it has been outlawed in a number of countries.

    But congrats at least on advocating freedom of speech for people who want to say these things.