Wednesday, January 13, 2016

RAMZPAUL Alt Right Response to the State of the Union

There was a State of the Union address. The original State of the Union was just a letter from the President to Congress. We should return to that tradition! But, for now, we are stuck with this vulgar dog and pony show.

Obama brought in some Syrian refugee boy as a prop. Because he is cute that means we have a moral obligation to swamp our country with Muslims. The Founding Fathers would have wanted that.

And then some woman have the GOP rebuttal. She pretty much agreed with Obama that the USA should we overrun with Third World hordes. Luckily, so far only 536 people have watched her response on YouTube. So no one really gives a shit what she had to say.

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  1. What's the deal with the MLP on your shelf? That seems like it would be an interesting story lol