Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Blaze - Feel Guilty!. Alt Right - No Guilt

Glenn Beck is having a complete emotional breakdown. His on-line magazine, The Blaze, is in financial turmoil.

Matt Walsh, some SJW looking journalist, went on a rant blaming YOU for the conditions in America. That is strange. I don't remember Americans voting to have our country flooded with Third World people. I don't remember Americans voting to ship our industry and jobs oversea. I don't remember Americans voting to turn America into a Third World shit hole.

But the ruling class is now wagging its finger at us and telling us that we are guilty and it is all our fault. And we need to grow up and vote for an establishment candidate.  Maybe someone like Rubio who will continue unlimited immigration. But we certainly need to stop supporting Trump!


  1. From Revilo Oliver's "What We Owe Our Parasites"

    "For I am convinced that we shall never be able to think rationally about our own survival until we have the courage to say, in our own minds: We are Americans, White men of the West. This is our country because we took it from the Indians. And we have an unquestionable right to this country so long as we have the power and will to defend it."

  2. I hope you can hear the applause from OKC! Thank you! Thank you!

    Bob "not an ounce of guilt" Manley

  3. 'Cuckservative' is killer. It's effective like 'racist', 'antisemite', and 'homophobe'.

    What words can we come up with to shame blacks, Jews, and homos?

    What word can accuse and condemn blacks of savage hatred of civilization?

    What word can accuse and condemn Jews of venal subversion of white race?

    What word can accuse and condemn homos of decadent degeneration of social values?

    A killer term is so effective.

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  5. Fuck those traitorous pricks.

    They know they're guilty.