Saturday, January 2, 2016

Three Predictions for 2016

Three Predictions for 2016.

1. Hillary beats Trump in a close election

The election will not be Trump vs. Hillary. It will be Trump vs. Hillary, Republicans and Mainstream Media. I hope this prediction is wrong. But I see the elite pulling every dirty trick possible to stop Trump.

2. The Death of the GOP

The Republican Party will never recover from this defeat on a national level. Eight more years of open borders will ensure that there will not be enough White voters for the Republicans to win the Electoral College. California has already flipped from being a Republican state to a solid Democrat state. Soon Texas will also flip and that will spell the end of the Republican Party.

The GOP will still exist - but as token opposition.

3. Rise of the Alt Right

By the end of the year the Alt Right will be seen as the only viable opposition to the Democrat/Republican party. The establishment will pressure corporations to censor dissident speech under "hate speech" rules.

So what are your three predictions for 2016?


  1. I disagree with some of the premises of Prediction #1. The demographic shift has been greatly exaggerated. Romney would not have won the last presidential election with 40% of the Latino vote. The problem Republicans have had is that they have under performed with the White, working blue collar class in the upper Midwest. States like Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are almost off limits to the GOP. Virginia has turned purple due to the prevalence of North Virginia. Ohio and Florida are both swing states. In fact, Obama took Florida in 2012 was a bit of an upset as Romney was polling well in that state. Trump does have some appeal to the White working class with his popularism. If Trump can pick up Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin, throw in Ohio and Florida and there is his roadmap to victory.

    1. You have a good point. Also, without Obama running, some blacks might vote for the GOP because many blacks are sick of immigration as more of the diversity pie is going to Mexicans, Muslims, and Asians than to blacks.

      I see the main threat coming not from 'diversity' but from elites. Elites will go all out to attack Trump. And Jews got lots of power.

  2. UK and US, the situations are similar.

    If we were to use geographical metaphors, Jewish power is like the size of the Soviet Union. In contrast, gentile power in the Conservative Parties is that of Iron Curtain nations.

    So, even though the GOP and Tory numerically have many more gentiles than Jews, in actual power in terms of of donations and media control, Jewish power is much stronger. Jews also have moral-spiritual aura of Holocaust Worship.

    When we look at cucky politicians in the GOP, they remind us of the Communist Leaders of the Warsaw Pact nations. What did the Warsaw Pact lackeys fear most? Soviet Union. They knew that if they didn't keep their people in line, the Soviets will come invading like they did in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. So, in Poland, the communist military cracked down in the 80s out of fear that if Solidarity grew stronger, the Soviet tanks would roll in.

    In the US, GOP politicians know that they can be made or unmade by Jewish power. Jews got the money, the media, and probably the scandalous dirt on all of them.
    The Warsaw Pact stooge-leaders claimed to represent international brotherhood of man and worldwide communist movement, but in effect, they were running dogs of the USSR. They had to go along with whatever the USSR commanded. Of course, in time the peoples of their nations began to notice how bogus it all was and began to grumble and even to rebel. When the people got unruly, the leaders of such nations felt they had to go hardline on the people cuz, if not, the Soviets Union would send in the tanks and replace their failed leadership with new leadership who can do the job.

    GOP cucks see GOP voters the same way. The Jewish donors have the power of the USSR. Cuck candidates and operatives are like the rulers of the Warsaw Pact nations. They talk about principles and ideals, but they are really all about sucking up to Supreme Jewish Power and pushing the Tel-Aviv Line. And their main role is to pacify the masses and keep them duped and dumb enough to go along with the lie that the GOP platform represents their aspirations and interests(when in fact it serves Jewish globalists just like the Warsaw Pact was really devised to serve the interests of the USSR).

    This is why cucks panic when they see the Trump campaign. Trump is acting like Tito and upsetting the Supreme Authority. If the cucks fail to control the conservative voters, they will lose their credibility in the eyes of their Jewish masters. The masters will look at them and say, 'you guys are weak and worthless; you can't keep the masses under lid'. And they will be replaced by new lackeys.

    Because the cucks are INSIDERS, they know the full power of the Jews. They know that Jews have the awesome power of the gods. They tremble in fear just like Warsaw Pact leaders(who'd been invited inside the Kremlin to receive orders from Soviet leaders) understood the danger of losing control of the masses lest the Soviet gods punish them. They feared not only the rage of the masses but the iron fist of the Soviets that would punish and replace them for the failure of keeping their people under control.

    Cucks have been appointed by Jewish Masters to control the conservative masses. They are not meant to represent the people or lead them. They were handpicked and groomed by Jewish Masters to control the conservative voters into useful idiots of sheeple. But Trump's Tito Moment is showing that they have lost their control over the conservative masses, and this means that Jewish Masters will lose confidence in them and choose others to take their place.

    That's what this is all about.

    Cucks fear the Jews like the generals in EMPIRE STRIKES BACK feared Darth. They know that unless they can do the job and deliver, they are dispensable and replaceable.

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  6. Jews/ degenerates/ ANTI-WHITES have lots of power and we have acidic influence! No, we are like the nuclear material in a major spill! They take huge measures against us, crack down, capture a lot, lie the masses that all is 'ok and safe' while even they know that we remain, are active, will continue to inflict damage with time and all their charade will eventually crumble do to us, the ones that are their growing system exposing error. They are going down, as the USSR did, despite all the insidiousness of the Red Kremlin and all the weapons it had that, when the time came to by used (as they were in Hungary and Czechoslovakia), no one really did use (or used as incompetently as in Afghanistan and the first Chechnya). The puffed up jewish/ degenerate/ ANTI-WHITE rulers are a charade of their own doing build on deception and rot that will, as usual, fail. :-)

    (where the hell is the edit function on those comments? X_X :-D )


    The dots are finally connecting. The final connection will lead to those who control Obama and Clinton. The Glob Masters.
    But Trump go that far to connect the final dots? No, but he is the ONE CANDIDATE who finally called attention to US’s role in creating the conditions that led to rise of ISIS.

    The media didn’t do it even though it is their job.

    What does it say about America that a blowhard political showman is willing to go where the media are supposed to but haven’t.

    Btw, I wonder if Trump is really getting pissed for personal reasons.
    When he entered the race, maybe he was looking for some fun and publicity. He didn’t mean to be so hard on a lot of people.
    But as he’s come under attack after attack, the thing just got personal. Politics is a game where you cannot be aloof and impersonal for long.

    It’s like any sports game. You think you’re gonna play just for fun, but as the game drags on, it becomes more and more personal and a matter of pride.

    It’s like the yankee defense lawyer in Robert Redford’s THE CONSPIRATORS. Initially, he just took the job because he was ordered to do so. He has no personal stake in it. If anything, he hated the idea of defending a southerner.
    But in that role, he came under attack by the prosecution and powerful folks, and he begins to take it personally as a matter of pride. Intellectually, he’s with the North but emotionally he begins to side with the accused. Not only out of growing sympathy but because he’s angry that others are treating him with such hostility and disdain.
    He believes in the cause of the North, but in the courtroom contest of politics and power, he realizes that the conflict isn’t merely about ideas and values but about reputation, honor, and self-worth.

    I think Trump initially didn’t mean to get so hotly involved in a lot of issues, but as so many are attacking him, he’s taking it personally and attacking with fury. The game caught the flame. He didn’t mean to be this hostile about the Clintons, but as they’ve trashed him, he’s trashing them in no-holds-barred manner.

  8. 1. Trump will be elected President.

    2. A high-profile European politician will be assassinated.

    3. The EU will start to crumble, with one or two states leaving the union.

    4. Nationalist individuals and/or groups will begin to resort to organized violence against migrant-invaders and their domestic enablers. The rumblings of civil war will be felt.

    5. Black Lives Matter will face severe opposition and lose their nerve.

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  9. Your prediction that Trump will lose having been forced to run against Hillary, the press and the GOP is not only likely - but necessary.

    If Trump wins many in the Alt Right will sit back assuming The Donald will do all of the heavy lifting. He's used to making deals so if the only ones dealing are the left he will be forced to drift left.

    This is pretty much what happened during the second Reagan administration...and what happened to the Governator after he lost on a handful of referendums. A Trump win means 6 months of pullback, 18 months of placating the powers that be.

    The Alt Right needs to grow, organize and make its present felt. A loss will force commitment and action.

    If Hillary wins the Alt Right will explode. That should be our goal.

    Either the press, the GOP or the Dems have to be destroyed for the Alt Right, or for even Trump to govern effectively.

  10. The more compelling theme of alt right seems to be INHERITANCE than IDENTITY. Identity connotes choice, i.e. "I identify as...", and that seems to be the buzzword in the globo-narcissistic world where one's identity is a choice and option like a fad or fashion.

    In contrast, inheritance is about legacy and continuation of something that goes back 'to the beginning'. One doesn't have a choice if one is a patriot(or matriot). One has received the genetic, territorial, and cultural inheritance, and one's obligation is to preserve it, defend it, develop it, and advance it.

    While we 'identify as', we don't 'inherit as'. We simply inherit because of who our people were. Indeed, what-we-are is determined by what-we-inherit. It's not a matter of option but obligation.

    We are like Hamlet whose father has been murdered and whose inheritance has been taken by others. And we are like political orphans because no one will have us. But that's okay because we can and we must reconnect with out true fathers and mothers since time immemorial. We must insist on our rightful inheritance and declare it to be ours. Then there will be power. First in the heart, then in the mind, then in the fist.
    Time to be inheritants.

    To be or not to be.... it is no longer an individual question but a national and racial one.

  11. I am not convinced Hillary will be the nominee. He health is not good and I suspect the Obama administration hates her so much that they will leak additional damaging information about her in the coming months.

    I suspect the Dems might have a brokered convention, picking someone who is not even on the political radar at the moment.

  12. Ah I see. 2016 will be the last hope for the nation ..but we can look forward to lots of mildly funny, snarky videos from Ramzpaul. And this is okay. Pathetic.

  13. To be sure Trump has many personal and institutional challenges, but if a week is a life time in politics, what is 11 months?

    As for the alternative right, it is merely the wish for an alternative at the moment, not a real alternative. Perhaps if they stop guffawing at hangings, gassings, and tossing dissidents out of helicopters or reminiscing about how wonderful Hitler's contribution to our present situation was they could be treated as anything other than dangerous lunatics (like Trump?).

    The real alternative is the Partition of the United States along racial and sectarian lines. Even in failure, this project would legitimize and invigorate the reclamation of Europe as a white homeland beyond the stalwarts of Russia and its adherents. It will certainly leave us better off and happier, and may even benefit the other side, though that is not a pressing concern of mine.

  14. 1) Trump will be elected. Massive migration of 3rd world peoples will continue to flood in the U.S., only "legally".
    2) We will invade Iran in a bloody war (for Israel).
    3) The police state will go into full force.
    The people will cheer and be happy content with it all.