Friday, January 8, 2016

What Is The Alternative Right?

An article I did for Return Of Kings that explains the Alt Right.

In 1969 my Dad and Mom loaded my little brother and me into the family station wagon and we took a drive to Boulder, Colorado. Our goal was to drive slowly through the University of Colorado campus. It was our cheap alternative to taking the family to Yellowstone Park to look at the bears. But instead of looking at bears begging for food, we looked at hippies sitting on the campus lawn smoking dope.



  1. Good article.

    How big a role do the neo-Nazi kostume klowns play in politics today, compared to, say, 15-20 years ago? These people are pretty much marginalised, largely through their own stupidity. Making an explicit effort to denounce them just makes our side look defensive and worried.

    There's a new kind of Far Right on the rise in Europe and US that pays neither attention nor homage to those people. They're irrelevant.

    Just keep on keepin' on, and keep your eyes on the prize.

    1. It is sad to see that Ramzpaul is still basing his okay-ness on supposedly being separate from some phenomenon (Hollywood Nazis) that hardly exists.

      Because that phenomenon hardly exists, Ramzpaul has to exaggerate the extent of it. Hal Turner? Sure he was an agent provocateur. The fact that Turner boasted of committing crimes was a giveaway that there was something false about him. But when did Hal Turner ever wear a uniform? When did he ever profess an ideology?

      The funny part is that Ramzpaul did a video a few months back palling around with a notorious "kostume klown," Harold Covington. Covington was actually the leader of two Hollywood Nazi groups, one that he inherited from Frank Collin in the early 80s and another that he formed himself in the 90s, and he seems to have a lot of support among NSM. J.T. Ready, for example, was a big supporter. It's the fantasy of future violence that Tubby peddles, that attracts such people.

      Tubby, for some reason, goes out of his way to try to associate himself with violence. He exploited the assassination-attempt on Ronald Reagan for publicity by trying to claim that John Hinckley was a member of his group. The Feds investigated and dismissed it, but Tubby still claims it.

      Incidentally, Tubby has a lot of associations with NSM.

      I think that, if you want to figure out which people to avoid, rather than relying on some stupid poorly defined stereotype that was furnished to you by mass-media it's MORE LOGICAL just to avoid people that seem to be encouraging violence and illegal activity. This is advice that George Lincoln Rockwell himself gave.

  2. I too Mr. Ramsey was raised in a fundamentalist family. Given where you reside, are you familiar with Rhema Bible Training Center? It's a Broken Arrow, OK bible school started by Kenneth Hagin, Sr. (now deceased). I attended that school for a year. I later obtained a bachelors and a doctorate. I've gleaned from your writings and videos that my evolution in thinking and beliefs has been much like your own.


  3. Ramz, I hope you'll read this take on yours because I think you're old like me and think of the NSM in this regard, when in fact it's a whole different thing out there now.

    Anglin makes a great argument.

  4. I'm just pro-White myself. Keeps it simple.

  5. For me, "Alternative Right" will always connote racially conscious White people who like to listen to the Smiths, the Cure, the Cult, Siouxsie Sioux, and (gasp) New Order.

  6. Ramz, you cryptic, genius troll!!

    After reading this article and reflecting on past videos, I think I finally understand the method of your madness.
    Your videos, interviews, speeches, and this article seem to be utterly schizophrenic.
    But, your tactics are a cross between Uber-Troll and Sun Tzu.
    You piss off "both sides" of a given issue, i.e., "neo-nazis" and "liberal" Anti-Whites. Post a video of a "Raving Hitler" (party fun-time rave) and denounce "Holywood Nazi" clowns in another.
    Sun Tzu recommends attacking an enemy with superior force strategically and retreating quickly, causing confusion in the ranks. An Uber Troll is most successful in pissing EVERYONE off in a for-or-against proposition by painfully jesting the flaw of argument For and then equally jesting the flaw of argument Against.
    Confusing the enemy is classic war strategy. In your odd interview with the marxist libtard you stated that you believe all people, including Whites, should have a homeland. Then, you blast in the nuclear "14/88" meme attacking it nonsensically which is pretty much what you just stated. If the "reporter" looked into what 14/88 means she's probably still scratching her head.

    Long live the 4th Reich, you piece of shit NAZI bastard!!!

    1. This comment should really be deleted. But, it's a reminder as to why I need a breathalyzer installed on my keyboard.

    2. perfectly demonstrated Madpiltzer. Now, which side is he on?

    3. @ Unknown: I don't know the guy personally. He's made it clear he identifies as Alt-Right.
      If you're suggesting he's a leftist Troll, or, he's been caught with his pants around his ankles banging an underage hooker in Hungary, I don't see it.
      Everyone has flaws and we can't all agree on everything.
      The trick is working your flaws to your advantage. In Paul Ramsey's case, he relishes in attention. This method of Trolling satisfies his fix while getting his beliefs across to others. Agree or disagree, it's effective. Here we are typing away about what he's written and said. Effective.

  7. Before I submit this post which is intended to be constructively critical of some of the assertions you made in this last video about Hitler, I would like to say that I am a great admirer of your work in general. Even though it is not your style to acknowledge such things, you are one of the most influential satirists currently producing material. Whether you like the moniker or not, there is a reason the SPLC has declared you a public enemy.

    I would like to support one previous commenter’s observation that Andrew Anglin’s recent article posted on the The Daily Stormer does an excellent job of presenting some sound counter-arguments to some of the assertions you made in your video. I would refer your viewers to this video, and I will try not to needlessly duplicate its content, because he does a pretty job.

    I would simply like to emphasize that there are a number of similarities between the abuses of jewish power currently occurring in nations of predominantly white European descent worldwide to similar abuses which occurred in Germany between World Wars I and II. For this reason alone, discussion of the environment to which a great leader such as Hitler responded, and the consequent renewed interest in him as a leader is constructive and not surprising. In most cases this it is not some cultish obsession, as you seem to suggest, but rather an attempt to correct a distortion of history fabricated by cabalist propagandists to further their interest and to acquire and maintain their own theocracy (Israel). Rational discussion of these topics is occurring without the requirement to wear German uniforms.

    As others have pointed out, many of these “uniform wearing Nazi’s” have been shown to be subversive plants installed for the express purpose of discrediting any movement which might challenge the established narrative regarding this period of history.

    Without debunking the established Holohoax narrative through honest discussion of the truth about Hitler, WW II, and the environment he needed to address to defend his people, it is not likely that we can break free from the destructive choke hold that jewish influence currently has on our societies. Dismissing the interest in Hitler, the National Socialist Party (dubbed Nazi by it enemies), and the historical significance both had in the fight against jewish tyranny as a cult; as your video seems to do; is counter-productive to the interests of truth.

    Since you have reliably been a supporter of the pursuit of truth and its implications, this piece was not up to your usual standard.

    This said, keep up the great work.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. "As others have pointed out, many of these 'uniform wearing Nazi’s' have been shown to be subversive plants installed for the express purpose of discrediting any movement which might challenge the established narrative regarding this period of history."

      I am aware of exactly two instances of that, both OBSCURE: the "Gutmann" charade by Mordecai Levy and the spam-fuehrer of 1999, Davis Wolfgang Hawke.

      Brian Holland was an informant but he didn't create the NSM, and I don't see that he has particularly discredited NSM, as if NSM had some credibility to lose.

      Frank Collin seems to have been more or less sincere, and there is no evidence that he was a "plant" although as a half-Jew and a pervert his net effect was negative. I think that Bill White has some Jewish ancestry, and he's nuts and a backstabber, but I don't think that he was a "plant" either. Extreme dramatic posturing, such as wearing a brownshirt uniform in public, in itself tends to attract some people who have a screw loose and others who aren't really serious but just want to raise hell.

      George Lincoln Rockwell was the father of the whole uniform-wearing "Nazi" phenomenon in the USA, but it was only supposed to be a gimmick for attracting attention. It seems clear that he did not anticipate how it would turn out. It turned out that the kinds of people attracted to brownshirt spectacles, which were only supposed to be a temporary device for getting publicity, would not allow the movement to advance beyond that stage. I gave a two-hour talk about him a couple of years ago.

      Anyway, Ramzpaul is PRETENDING that uniform-wearers are the main source of harsh criticisms directed toward him, and it simply isn't true. At least, I haven't seen it. If he would give the names of those critics, I think it would be obvious that he is mischaracterizing them.

      And if you think that the tiny faction of Hollywood Nazis are the only element of White racial activism that is subject to Jewish infiltration, you are just wrong.

  8. Great to see the alternative message starting to get some traction in the wider internet culture. There is a degree of cross over between the 'red pill' crowd and the alt right crowd that could be very fruitful.

    More power to your elbow!

  9. I for one welcome a new counter culture to counter the old hippie counter culture!