Monday, February 22, 2016

Donald Trump's rise is a scary - a response

The greatest cause of Antisemitism is not "neo-Nazis", or whatever, but Jews. And as a man that likes all races, I must admit, sadly, that much of the antisemitic vitriol is fueled by videos such as below.

Jews makes up approximately 2% of the population in the USA. However, I was not really surprised when I saw the creator of this Trump attack video, Erza Klein, was Jewish. Of course, Jews are smart and successful people, so maybe that explains the over representation.  But the hard thing to swallow is how he attacks policies for America that he supports for his own people.

Ezra is worried about the fate of Israel. He hopes that his people can always have self-determination. That is a noble sentiment. However, if White people should want the same thing, he slurs us as "dangerous" and "Nazis".

Hand waving and name calling can only work so far. People are starting to NOTICE.


  1. The anti Trump video has encouraged to register and vote for Trump.

  2. The anti Trump video has encouraged me to register and most likely vote for him.

  3. My guess is Ezra knows what penis tastes like.

  4. They are intelligent but intelligence doesn't explain how a group of people dispersed amongst hundreds of countries never integrated with those country's populations and remained a separate ethnicity in every country they have settled in, even after 2,000 years. Whether it's the large cities or small towns, Jews remain separate. And in virtually every country they have lived in, they have angered the non-Jews they lived among. They are racist. They pursue their owns interests which are almost always against the interests of the country they have settled in. When Jews founded the Soviet Union they dominated the secret police and they were responsible for tens of millions of deaths, outlawing Christianity, burning down churches and raping nuns and murdering priests. Many people, including Churchill (a great friend of Jews), Solzhenitsyn,Putin and many Germans have written or commented about Jews dominating communism, while the Jewish media in the west has never said a word about it for 100 years.

    Vladimir Putin - 80-85% of the Soviet gov't was Jewish

    Josef Goebbels commenting on the mass murder Jews were carrying out in the USSR - 1937

    By the time of Goebbels' speech, tens of millions of Ukrainians had been starved to death in the Holodomor and mass murder of many Russians and others had been committed too. While the German media reported on this humanitarian nightmare the Jews caused, it was completely hidden from people in Britain, France and the USA - the countries that would attack Germany in WW II. Jewish influence kept these facts out of those countries medias.

    Jewish racism is evident in many ways. That is why Jews now dominate America's Ivy League schools. Jews, which make up 2% of the US population outnumber whites (65 to 70% of the American population now)in all the Ivy league schools and studies show this is because Jews with inferior scholastic records are getting into schools ahead of whites that are better performers. Whether it is school, business or any area, Jews will always promote themselves ahead of others, regardless of who is better qualified. It is racism and they are largely racists. I use the term racism, because these are the exact conditions under which they accuse whites of being racist. All the Ivy league schools used to have quotas on the number of Jews admitted and Jews decried these policies as "anti-Semitic", but as in everything else, once the Jews are treated equally their masked racism becomes evident. In every field they partake in this becomes evident. From 1970 to 2016 every Federal Reserve chairman has been a Jew, except for one Fed chairman that served for one year under the Carter presidency.

    Mahatma Ghandi's grandson on Jews - "You don't befriend anyone, you dominate them" Fired from his job as head of a peace institute for criticizing Jews.

  5. Every once and a while the media will try to equate "THE DONALD" with Hitler or even Mussolini for god's sake!

    Actually, "THE DONALD" is the white community's Fidel Castro.

    Castro has been vilified by the Western media ever since he gained power..........57 F'ing YEARS AGO!

    GO DONALD! I hope you get elected.

  6. I cannot really believe that Donald Trump won the Presidency. But let's us all hope that despite the negativity something good will prosper or else we might end up suffering the consequences like the ones from who voted for the wrong guy.