Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Roosh Hysteria Sweeps The World

The World has gone mad.

A year ago, Roosh wrote an article in which he discussed the potential consequences if rape should be legalized on private property. Note that nowhere in the article did Roosh advocate that men should go out and rape women. It was a "what if" type of article of what would happen *IF* the law was changed.

Obviously, the law will not be changed to allow rape on private property. So the whole exercise was what we used to call a "thought experiment."

In a free society, thought experiments are useful to help debate and clarify positions. We no longer live in such a society. We now live in a society that real gang rapes by Muslims are ignored or justified because people are scared to be called "racist". So instead they take out their rage on a safe target they know won't get them in trouble - a guy that wrote a "what if" article.

The article above now has resulted in world wide hysteria.


  1. 'lefty' gets sick of PC too.

  2. Off topic (but not much): I've just set up this aggregator for Alt Right webpages, allowing you to check the most recent updates in almost 100 Alt Right aggregated sites and blogs without having go to visit them individually, which is both convenient and time-saving: Give it a look guys and if you like it, feel free to bookmark it and spread the word.

    1. A great idea and looks a good site. The 'Drudge' of the Alt Right. Thanks.


    I say fight fire with fire. We need to define 'hate speech' in our own way and call for banning it.

    Ban Zionist speech because it hates Palestinians.

    Ban feminist speech because it hates white males who did most to free women.

    Ban rap music because it savagely hates civilized virtues.

    Ban pro-illegal-immigration speech since it hates the rule of law.

    Ban homo speech since it hates normality and true marriage.

    Ban PC since it hates the truth.

    Ban communist speech since it hates private property and upper classes.

    Ban anti-fascist speech since it hates fascists.

    Ban interracist speech since it hates racial solidarity.