Saturday, February 6, 2016

Superbowl 50 - Sportsball is the opium of the people

Marx claimed that religion was the opium of the people. This statement might have been true in the 19th century. But in the 21st century, sports have become the opium.

Rooting for a sports team in the last acceptable form of tribalism that is allowed for White people. You can wear your team's colors and scream and yell at the television. Grown men end up HATING people who root for the opposing team. At times this hate can result in violence.

The government and media push sports viewership as a way to defuse natural ethnic tribalism. They are quite happy for you to spends hundreds, or thousands, of dollars attending games and buying team jerseys. They love for you to "talk trash" to people who root for the opposing team. For this hijacks your biological need for tribalism. As you root for the Denver Broncos, they become your tribe.

Without sportsball, people may start diverting this natural tribalism into their own people. Obviously this frightens certain people who want to push multiculturalism down our throats without objection.


  1. Sports might be a opiate in America, but I don't think European football fans have forgotten their ethno-national loyalties. Football hooligans may be Europe's only real defense against the Mohammedan hordes.

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  4. It was bread & circuses' & now its Doritos & watermelon. White people engaging in Negrophilia & being nigger boarded via Jew tube sports shows while the future of White children is in doubt. The tribe of Merchants r loving it.