Monday, March 28, 2016

Alt Right Objections - A Response

Below is a video by a Romanian who responded to an article I wrote about the Alt Right for Return of Kings. He raised a couple of objections that are quite common.

My article he referenced can be found below:

1. A Straw Man argument

In his video, he stated that the Alt Right notion that all Whites are the same is ridiculous. And if Alt Right people would just travel through Europe they would see White people have different cultures.

Of course, his argument is true. But the problem is that I never heard of anyone from the Alt Right make the claim that all White people are the same. So he is engaging in a logical fallacy called a straw man argument.

2. The individual exception invalidates the rule

This is the very common argument that we must look only at individuals and never at groups. And as long as we find an example of an individual that does not have the characteristics of the group, we morally can't make policy decisions based on group behavior.

But, in real life, groups do have a certain behavior. And the fact that every individual of the group may not exhibit that behavior is irrelevant. And part of self-determination is being able to exclude groups of people.


  1. ramzpaul, did you ever make straw man arguments against leftists ?

  2. Do you make straw man arguments against the left ?