Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Disney's H1-B Visa Scam

The endorsement of Donald Trump by two former Walt Disney World employees, who say they lost their jobs and were forced to train their H1-B visa foreign replacements, has brought into sharp focus how this capitalist establishment scam works.

The two former employees—Dena Moore and Leo Perrero—appeared at a weekend Trump rally in Orlando, where they endorsed Trump and said that they had been betrayed by Trump rival and Florida senator Marco Rubio.



  1. I'm glad you mentioned Ben Shapiro. I have listened to some of his speeches & interviews on YouTube & I did not like what I heard. He is a right-wing anarchist & psychopath. He is a spoilt, rich middle class brat who needs a good trip to the woodshed. He believes in total unfettered free market capitalism which he, for some mysterious reason, believes will eliminate racism, sexism etc. He does not realise that in unfettered free market capitalism the pace is set by the most unscrupulous & so some sort of regulation is necessary as we are continually finding here in the UK.

  2. (((Disney))) This H1-B scam also trickles down to smaller businesses too. To compete in their market, they elect to farm out their tech work to foreigners. The work is done and sloppy at the least. Very sad to see us Americans get screwed over. This madness needs to end.

  3. OT:
    How many words and useful phrases does one need to master to integrate into a E. European nation?

  4. Ramz, I've worked in industry from 81 - present, major corporations, engineering, this has happened time and time again. We were training workers from India in the 90's for Engineering jobs to replace - ourselves.