Monday, March 21, 2016

How to make more babies!

One of the justifications for flood Germany with Third World immigrates is to increase the birth rate. Of course, this will just lower the native birth rate and White Germans will not want to bring children into a world in which they will be subject to attack. The end result will be the genocide of the German people.

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  1. When I was in public school back in the 1970's we were being told that overpopulation was the most pressing issue facing the planet (kind of like global warming is now). We were told that we needed to lower our birth rates to avoid overpopulation, so we did.

    Fast forward a generation and now we are being told by the very same establishment that campaigned so hard to lower birth rates that DUE TO LOWER BIRTH RATES we must now import massive numbers of third world immigrants.

    I for one still believe that the warnings about overpopulation were legitimate. Not only is the planet as a whole becoming overpopulated, but even within the USA and other nations, we need to find a stable equilibrium to maintain our quality of life. So lower birth rates in and of themselves are not really the problem, although there is a point at which you need to regain high enough birth rates to maintain a stable population (I've always been told that this is about 2.2 children per couple).

    What is wrong with an America, or a Germany, or a UK with a smaller population? Shouldn't a smaller population mean more room, less congestion, a lower demand on resources and in the end, a more sustainable society? Well yes, it does mean all of those things UNLESS:

    Unless we continue to maintain this system of usury and debt based money that collapses without perpetual growth. That is the real driving force behind open borders in the US (as well as Europe).

    You don't have to be a genius to understand that perpetual growth on planet with finite resources is simply not sustainable over the long run. Within the current usury based economic model, perpetual growth is not even possible over a medium term.

    We maintain this insane usury based system for one reason only...It is good for the Jews. There, I've said it. Now what?

    Oklahoma, USA