Monday, March 14, 2016

Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro - The Big Lie

Conclusive video evidence proves that Michelle Fields lied about her attack by Trump's campaign manager. Fellow collaborator, Ben Shapiro, has been running with the narrative that Trump's thugs physically assaulted the poor woman. This is in line with the media's propaganda smear that Trump encourages violence.

My prediction - they will continue to double down on the lie and accused anyone that questions their story of being a "woman hater" and an "Nazi". They will continue to repeat the lie over and over (ignoring the evidence) until the general public believes the narrative that Trump's violent thugs attacked an innocent reporter. Ben Shapiro will be portrayed as a heroic Jew that was forced to leave Breitbart due to his defense of the poor women.

Here was a story that explained this mess. (It was later deleted but it is still archived.)


  1. I knew I was right about Ben Shapiro. Thanks for exposing him.

  2. This is such a non-story. I cannot for the life of me understand Shapiro's payoff. Breitbart should have known better than to hire such riff-raff.