Friday, March 25, 2016

Ted Cruz Sex Scandal

The National Enquirer broke the story about Ted Cruz having five affairs. Years ago, the National Enquirer was more of an "I AM HAVING AN ALIEN BABY" tabloid. But over the last 20 years it has become more of a celebrity gossip rag that has been somewhat reliable. They were the first newspaper to break the John Edwards affair years ago.

I really don't have an issue with his affairs personally. I figure it is none of my business. And  most powerful men have had mistresses throughout history.

But the initial issue was how Cruz presents himself as the ideal Christian man and Trump, and his wife, are wicked sinners. A pro-Cruz PAC released this ad to the Utah voters.

Of course, Cruz was not directly involved with this PAC. But Donald Trump was upset at Cruz and implied that Cruz was involved on a "wink and nod" basis. Knowing Cruz's sleazy history, Trump was probably correct.

When the National Enquirer story broke, people on /pol/ were quickly able to determine the identities of three of the women. This made the rounds on Twitter.

One of Cruz's alleged mistresses, Amanda Carpenter, was Cruz's communication director. She was also connected with CNN.

In Iowa there was a political scandal when CNN reported that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race.  CNN and the Cruz camp both pointed the finger of blame at each other. What is interesting is that Amanda has a foot (and other parts) in both camps.

Another alleged mistress, Sarah Isgur Flores, was not involved with the Cruz camp. She was the campaign manager of Carly Fiorini, a competitor of Cruz.

What is strange is that the Cruz PAC gave $500,000 to his opponent. The Washington Post commented at the time that this seemed very unusual.

But could have the $500,000 gift have been in exchange for sexual favors?

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  1. With eight billion dollars Trump must have an hell of an intelligence network. I'll bet he knows enough to destroy the Hildebeast. Let's see what happens.