Friday, March 11, 2016

Video Evidence of Trump's attack on Michelle Fields

The big news story the past couple of days has been the supposed attack on a Breitbart reporter named Michelle Fields.

It seems that Michelle has a history of becoming part of a story that she covers. Previously she claimed to be attacked by the police during a Occupy Wall Street Event. Then while covering another story she claimed Alan West sexually harassed her. She seems to be a very unlucky reporter.

In this current episode, she claims that Trump's campaign manager grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away from Donald Trump as he was leaving a press conference. None of the hundreds of other members of the media noticed the attack at the time. But later she took a pic of the bruises on her arm. She immediately went on Twitter and then started her media sob tour. As she was so busy with her social media work she forgot to call the police.

However, today she found time to make a police report that Trump's campaign manager assaulted her.


  1. I agree. But is Breitbart joining in on the Trump bashing now? Or is this just a woman thing and she's friends with the Fox bimbo?

  2. A room full of reporters, full of cameras. And no one noticed a thing. Nothing captured on film.

    You'd think they'd be setting up their fake smear attacks with a bit more attention to detail.

  3. Would bang.

    Again and again and again...

  4. It's called COMMON SENSE
    COMMON SENSE is not allowed anymore and may even be RACIST
    This is how far we have devolved

  5. It's called COMMON SENSE
    No longer allowed and may even be RACIST
    This is how far we have devolved
    Very sad