Monday, April 18, 2016

45% of Americans pay no federal income tax

It is Tax Day in America. Yet, despite the myths, 45% of Americans pay no Federal income tax. The upper 20% of Americans pay 69% of the Federal taxes.

What we are seeing in America is the elimination of the Middle Class. The primary reason is now technical - there is no longer a need for most human labor. Computers and robotics and replace most human labor.

As such, the people who control the capital are becoming quite rich. Labor is now global and cheap. And machines can replace most pesky humans. Traditional economics of assuming labor is required is no longer relevant. So cutting taxes and increasing demand will not necessarily see the usual increase of the demand for labor.

Unless policy changes, we will continue to see more mega rich and more poor. The mass of humanity will live in Brazil like slums while the mega rich live behind gated communities protected by private armies.


  1. Hey Ramzpaul, I've been a fan of yours for a long time now and really enjoyed this video. Like you I've gone from libertarian to Alt Right and also believe in the citizen's income. My take on economics is probably a bit different though. I believe in the land value tax and associated Citizen's Dividend. Initially a lot of people find the land value tax alarming but when explained properly it makes a good deal of sense, honest! The idea is to make everybody a 'shareholder' in society. We all pay tax on the value of land that we occupy (which replaces the myriad of other taxes which are all very damaging) and in turn we're given 1 equal share in the value of the nation's rent. This is called the Citizen's Income.

    It would prevent people from being shut out of society by giving them a legal stake in it. It would also give them leverage when it came to employment too because they'd have a guaranteed income stream to fall back on and bargain with.

    Its a complex subject but well worth investigating if you have the time.


  2. Philip Jose Farmer wrote a famous SF story called "Riders of the Purple Wage". It was based on the idea that in the future most jobs would be obsolete, so the idea that there was a job for everyone, and you are just a bum if you don't work had disappeared. In the story working for a living was a privilege afforded to the minority who had won the genetic lottery and were the brightest, or had some marketable talent. Everyone else lived on a small guaranteed income called the Purple Wage, so-called because royalty born to the purple were entitled to certain privileges, and everyone born was entitled to this wage. It was kind of dystopian though. People who weren't lucky in the gene pool lottery and wanted more than the wage turned to crime, and the society was so overcrowded that people were living in shacks on the bridges that workers once used to drive to real jobs on.
    In the sixties I wrote an entrance essay for a high school summer workshop that speculated at some time in the future automation would eliminate most people's opportunities to work for a living so society would have to figure out a collective system for supporting a populace whose main job would be to have babies, some small percentage of whom would be the great achievers that kept progress going. I think the proctors thought that was pretty goofy.

  3. I think personally your pyramid is upside down(rightside up lol)because destroying the white race is bad business- all human societies inherently stratify into three groups - which aren't the rich the middle and the low- ECONOMIC capitalism theory...... but the Aristocracy the rich and the Broad masses (the right side up pyramid) there simply is an un-natural oligarchy who has eliminated the natural Aristocracy (French Revolution) Because it is un-natural it must retain power through LIES and DECEPTION...And most importantly spiritually- as A Jewish master race as the "glue"