Friday, April 8, 2016

Bill Clinton, BLM and The Sister Souljah Moment

Bill Clinton "punched to the Left" as he criticized Black Lives Matter for ignoring Black on Black violence. This was similar to what he did in 1992 when he criticized the rapper Sister Souljah for calling for the deaths of White people.

So the idea that the Let never "punches to the Left" is nonsense. If extremists on your side are beyond criticism, your group, or movement, will always become extreme. And most normal people don't want to be associated with extreme positions.

For example, the idea that White people have the right to life and self-determination is appealing to many normal Whites. But the idea that we must call Jews "kikes" and "Christ killers" has limited appeal. Such tactics are designed to keep a movement in the ghetto and seen as a joke by normal people. This is the primary reason that the ADL has been active in funding various "Nazi" groups and personalities. The goal is to associate all White Identity and the Alt Right with Hollywood Nazism to ensure that such a movement does not become mainstream.

The sociological reasons groups become extreme was explained in this study:


  1. The whole thing about "punching left" or "punching right" is that people define the left-right spectrum in different ways. If you define it purely by racial loyalty, the diversity-niks are farthest to the left, while the 1488ers are farthest to the right. In that case, criticizing the hardcore White Nationalists is punching rightward.

    As a reactionary, I see the left-right spectrum differently. The left stands for egalitarianism while the right stands for hierarchy and order. If the 1488 WNs want some form of egalitarianism exclusively for Whites, then my criticism of them is punching leftward. If they're fine with liberal democracy and secularism in a White ethnostate, they are certainly not to my right. If they see an iron fist leader as an end to be achieved rather than (at best) a transitional step toward a more organic hierarchy, they are thoroughly pozzed by modernity.

    I'm not completely sure where you stand on these things, RamZPaul, since you often straddle the line between reactionary and paleoconservative. If I were you though, I'd reject the framing of the spectrum set by the 1488 crowd. Define the spectrum properly and the nutjobs can't claim to be truer to a set of shared principles than you.

    1. I'd be fully in the "1488 crowd" and see the left/right spectrum in the same way. You're just making shit up.

  2. According to Jim Donald, any theocracy with open entry into the priesthood inevitably falls into a holiness spiral. It takes a very well-established leader to say "we have gone far enough" and start purging people to his left.

    Any lesser leftist who attempted this would be immediately labeled a racist right-winger, purged from polite society, and permanently unemployed.

  3. Ramz

    I can't speak for Andrew Anglin or everyone at the DS but allow me to speak for those of my like mind there.

    What you're not getting about the Daily Stormer is that they aren't "Nazis". There are no 'Nazis" and there have been no actual Nazis since 1945. Yes, many agree with National Socialism at DS and yes, some probably want to "gas the Kikes" but that's because the 'Jews" and their cohorts are literally engaged in the REALTIME extermination of whites/Europeans- real Xians in our own nations. Some at DS may actually want to implement a National Socialist system in America and everywhere else too but pretty much everyone agrees that's about impossible today.

    You say you don't want to fit into the ADL's description of the Alt right being Jew haters who want to gas the Kikes. I get your point but you're still not getting that it's you who's really playing into their hands, not us.

    Allow me to explain.

    The ADL etc will continue to label YOU as a gas the Kikes Jew hater no matter what you do. No matter how nice you are, no matter how many Jews or blacks hands you shake, no matter what you do you will always be tar'ed and feathered with that label.

    So, the question becomes; how do we break the power of the "Jews" and the left to label us as jew hating gas the Kikes 14/88ers when almost none of of us are?

    Well, in a way, we don't.

    Why? We can't so we OWN the insult. You know, it's responding to them like "yep you got me. I'm a 14/88 Jew hating, gas the Kikes Nazi who wants to immediately lampshade and make soap of all them 'Jews". The DS does that.

    Another way to break theor control is to push a far right Jew hating narrative so as to change the direction of the Overton Window in OUR favor, the Alt Right's, and the DS does that.

    Another solution is to troll the left and all cucks to disrupt their anti white agenda, exposing them for all to see, and the DS does that as well.

    Another solution is to de-mystify the "holocaust" (that we all know is BS) because this, like their BS about slavery, exterminating the Indians etc is used by them to slander and alienate all of us whites so we can never gather in sufficient strength to oppose this ongoing genocide of us and the Daily Stormer does that too by "pretending to be real Nazis" and joking about their holohoax and the rest of their insanity!

    So while it's true that some, a few people at DS seriously want to gas the kikes, if we distance ourselves from them we are really playing right into the 'Jews" hands. And this in a bad way, not in a good way, because these "14/88ers" are the spearhead of what we whites must accomplish if we are to ever take back control of our nation(s) and survive as a people, and that is to force the 'Jews" out of our white nations back to 'Israel".

    Ramz, we will NEVER, repeat, NEVER gain control of our own lands, our own people and stop their genocide of us until the 'jews" are GONE and as Bill Murray said once "and that's a fact Jack!"

    Playing real Nazis, making fun of their holohoax, saying we want to "gas the kikes", whether we do or not, facilitates exactly that specific goal.

    In short and in summary, if we are guilty as charged by you concerning us "playing into the Jews hands", if there is any agreement with the 'Jews", the ADL etc and the bulk of the Alt Right exemplified by the number one Alt Right site on the internet, the Daily Stormer, it is this point above: We at the Daily Stormer want the "Jews" to get the f-ck out of our nations and run back to what they believe is their get out of jail free card.

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  5. Well, there goes that theory.