Friday, April 15, 2016

NASA Fights Climate Change Deniers on Facebook

The NASA that got to the Moon was overwhelmingly White and male. The new NASA is quite diverse. And while the new diverse NASA can't conduct space travel, they are good at fighting people with bad opinions on Facebook.

I had the pleasure to meet Paul Kersey, who runs the blog Stuff Black People Don't Like, in Washington DC. Later Paul asked me if I would review is book, "Whitey On the Moon."

I enjoyed the book but it was depressing to see how far we have regressed. As humans, we evolved from the jungle to travelling to the Moon. Now we can no longer conduct space travel. And many of our cities are headed back to the savagery of the African jungle. This book documents and explains the demise of the American space program.


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    1. Wow. Great stuff. One of your best yet. I was 12 when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Like you said, it was just assumed, based on the scientific progress we were making and our zest for excellence that we would be driving Buicks to the moon and have cities on Mars by now. Unfortunately, the Commies and the looters screwed it all up and now we are left with nothing but the memories. Those were glorious days, even if short-lived. Someday our people will go back to the moon - and beyond, far beyond. The Commies and the looters, they will never slip the surly bonds. They don't pack the gear for the jump and it burns them up. And nothing can ever change that. Those who can do. Those who can't protest and attack, but eventually they always end up back in their mud huts infested with parasites. It is the natural cycle of things. God bless you RAMZPAUL.

  2. We can still travel in space ... we just have to pay the Russians.


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