Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Colorado's delegates were decided, 10 seconds at a time

People seem surprised to learn that their vote really does not matter in the primary elections. The political parties choose the candidates, not the voters In practice this means that the rich doners determine who will represent the Democratic and Republican parties. And come November you get to choose between globalist candidate #1 or globalist candidate #2.  Heads they win, tails you lose.

Oh, they like to put on a show of elections. But that is all it is - a show. It is to give you a warm feeling that you somehow matter in the political process.

In a theoretical sense, allowing the political parties to choose their own candidates makes sense. After all, I doubt that the Libertarian Party would like non Libertarians choosing their candidate. But the problem is that the Democrats and Republicans have a virtual monopoly on the media and government. Yeah, you can create your own political party, but it will always be a joke.

Democracy, in practice, is nothing more than rule by the rich.


  1. You're right about the political process being a joke and totally controlled but that is the best thing about Trump. Trump is exposing this Jewish, otherwise known as the "Establishment" control of both parties.

    It's pretty much a given the GOP's "Jews" and their traitor cohorts won't allow Trump to become their nominee. But in doing so, just like they did in Colorado, a massive amount of people will join the Trump train due to these bozos naked hubris.

    Trump I'm sure will leave the GOP and run as an Independent probably under the Reform Party. In doing so the GOP will be left with only the "Jews" and the cucks in the GOP who will then give their support to "Jew" controlled Hillary or some pathetic loser like Paul Ryan they propped up. This will leave the process completely split between patriots on the outside and traitors in the two parties on the inside.

    Some have suggested that Trump and Bernie should join forces but I don't think that is a good idea. When Bernie loses to Hillary he will probably run as an independent too, that is if Trump does which again will show that Bernie is only doing so to try and steal support from Trump to help Hillary defeat him.

    Either way, no matter how this pans out, we will win this and by that I mean that when all is said and done it will be plainly evident to anyone paying any attention that in true reality, the whole process is controlled by the "elites"- those with a little more intelligence will see "Jew", and they are all on the same team to GENOCIDE whites/European-Xian Americans; the founding stock.

    This is an absolute must to happen event because without them being exposed for who and what they are, like what happened in Colorado, we have no chance to awaken in our people in sufficient numbers before it's too late.

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